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Will Australians Boycott Bali After John Howard Seemingly Sells Out?

Will Australians Boycott Bali After John Howard Seemingly Sells Out?
By John Bambang Yellow Turncoat Howard
May 22, 2006, 08:49

It is perhaps amazing and yet at the same time perhaps not when you search Google for the keywords "australia indonesia 344.3 million" you will find Australian government web sites confirming they are going to provide the Indonesian Government with AUD 344,300,000 from the state budget, a report of this on Xinhua (Chinese Online News), but not a single mention can be found it seems on any Australian or even western media site! In what looks like a cover up by John Howard and co with the press hacks of the world, it also seems like Australia has sold out to the Indonesian Government over the Papuan asylum seekers fiasco. Because in apparent tune with this record state aid to Indonesian government departments comes the news Mr. Howard is looking to sign a security treaty with Indonesia which affirms Australia's recognition that West Papua is absolutely Indonesian and that perhaps any further asylum seekers could be processed differently next time to take into account Jakarta's feelings!

Dialogue? Howard: "Do you think anyone heard that sucking sound Susilo?", Yudhoyono: "Me not care, me and papa Suharto got the money man!"
Oh, but it gets worse for any true blue Aussie out there. In addition to the massive 344,300,000 AUD State budget aid for the financial / tax year 2006 / 2007, Canberra have also announced an almighty 2,950,000,000 AUD development assistance aid program for the same year, plus approximately 42,000,000 AUD scholarship aid for Indonesian students (around 700) to attend Australian universities; hope no aspiring Australian nationals praying for a scholarship themselves are unlucky! That means a whopping AUD 3,336,300,000 is going to be paid out to Indonesia in 2006 / 2007 which, based on an Australian population of 20 million, means every Australian man, woman and child is going to be paying 167 AUD each this forthcoming financial / tax year to the Indonesian Government! We specifically stated "financial / tax year" year because, of course, that is where the money comes from, Australian taxes; that means an Australian family of four will see (or not) AUD 668 of the tax taken from their family income go to Jakarta! Of course, as every Australian will tell you, Australia reportedly has the most aggressive and efficient tax department in the world. Seems a shame what Australia works so "diligently" to collect from their own people is to be seemingly squandered on ungrateful Indonesians! AUD 668 is about the cost of a low cost family holiday to Bali isn't it? How ironic Australians have to pay twice!

We said above "ungrateful Indonesians" as it appears the bulk of this fortune is going to the Indonesian Government themselves, who we can find no record of thanking the Australians for their "generosity". Plus we also believe that as much as 75% of this money, if it is given to the Indonesian Government as it has been stated and not to accountable non-governmental organizations, will be siphoned off by one corrupt official to another; that means AUD 500 per Australian family going to bent Indonesian officials. Perhaps many an Australian working father and mother would like to reflect on what that AUD 500 per year could do for their family instead of lining some corrupt Indonesian's pockets who is probably anti-Australian to boot.

Meanwhile, Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been telling the media at home that his government is now confident they will be able to pay off their 7.8 billion USD loan from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) within 2 years; spot the possible connection anyone? So maybe Australian tax payers will now hear voices with foreign accents in their dreams saying "Ha, suckers!", "Thanks guys, at least we are getting our money back!" and "Salamat Datang, blessings upon Allah for getting someone else to fund our government projects so we can repay the International loans it is believed Suharto defrauded". Speaking of which, see our article entitled President Yudhoyono - Mini-Me Son of Suharto about what he just did for Suharto and his family regarding all the money they are said to have stolen (from their country and from International aid / loans; the later means westerners' tax money)!

Bali BS believes the size of aid is all to do with the Papuan climb down by John Howard's government by simple reference to this fiasco's timeline;

15th February - Indonesia refuses to let Australian / International observers into West Papua
23rd March - Australia grants temporary visas to 42 Papuan refugees
24th March - Indonesia recalls ambassador and threatens letting illegal immigrants from other countries using Indonesian territory / waters through without notifying Australia.
7th April - Indonesia bans imports of Australian grapes; seen as retaliation over Papua
8th May - Indonesia blacklists staff of Victoria's Deakin University because of their interpretation that two members of the university staff were supporting Papuan Independence (substantially denied by the staff members involved)
9th May - Indonesia blacklists RMIT University after it alleges someone flew a Papuan Nationalist flag on the campus there, an event the university says it has absolutely no knowledge of.
10th May Australia announces aid package including 700 scholarships for Indonesian students to the press in China!
20th May - Australia says it hopes to be able to process asylum seekers differently in the future to appease Jakarta.

We added the part about Indonesia refusing to allow observers into Papua after worldwide concerns, echoed by the human rights organizations, that wholesale atrocities were and are being committed by Jakarta. Remember, Australia has an International obligation to grant asylum to anyone whose human rights would be in danger if they were returned; by all accounts, just making the trip to Australia is reason enough for the henchmen of Indonesia to reek their inhumanity on these people. Understand also that the UN mandates every people's right to self-determination, so if Papuans want independence from Indonesia (who, let us not forget forcefully took control of West Papua in spite of having no claim to the territory under International law after the Dutch left the colony), which the Papuans most definitely seem to want, then they should be allowed to vote on and get it. Of course, Jakarta does not want an Independent West Papua because of its huge mineral resources (which line the pockets of so many wealthy Indonesian businessmen) plus Papua is ethnically Christian, and the nasty common belief that so often bonds Indonesian politicians and militant Islamists is that the whole region should be both Indonesian and Muslim. Do not forget that Indonesia tried to invade and conquer Malaysia in 1964 but was defeated by British, Australian and other Commonwealth forces!

We added the bit about the Indonesian government's pathetic, unjustified and childishly nasty acts against two Australian universities into the timeline as this creates an irony every Australian can be ashamed of over this, if they are not ashamed enough already. You see, with the record 700 scholarships to Indonesian students to attend Australian universities at the expense of Australian tax payers comes the sting that the Indonesian Government will stop / prevent the Indonesian students from studying at either Deakin University or RMIT, so denying these Australian universities a chance to get their fair share of Australian tax dollars! Giving your people's hard earned taxes to Indonesian governmental departments we say makes Australia an Indonesian province. Way to go John! Or can we call you Patsy?

We think it is time for Australians to regain their pride and honour. It seems Howard is paranoid about upsetting Jakarta to the extent of appearing to be intimidated by their spoon rattling. Do not fear Indonesia, it has one of the most inept, badly equipped, cowardly, poorly motivated armed forces in the world. In addition, for what they give you in return, you could probably buy 5 times over by keeping the money in Aus and doing it yourselves without lining some crook with a title's pocket. Stand up for what made and should still make Australia great. Stand up for human rights and the right for all people to determine their own future. Think twice about about voting for Howard & Co's "Here, take some more money" grovellers party next time round. Tell the Indonesians you have had enough of their hatred and lies by holidaying and investing somewhere else. Understand the orchestrated chorus of Australians that herald what Howard does are those with holiday properties in Bali who likely avoid paying taxes in Australia because they spend so much time on the island. True Australians, ignore the lemmings noise and political wobble (justification), vote now with your wallets; boycott Indonesia. Then consider voting at the ballot box next time around for someone who will not disgrace nor desecrate your flag.

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