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Bali BS are terrorists according to the Balinese police’s chief murderer

Bali BS are terrorists according to the Balinese police’s chief murderer
By A C Doyle
Aug 14, 2007, 09:59

I Nyoman Gde Suweta, chief of Bali's detectives, second in command of the Balinese police, a totally deranged and murderous jackass
Just when you thought Bali’s police couldn’t get any more obscenely stupid or nasty, second in command of the Bali Polda, I Nyoman Gde Suweta goes and opens his uneducated, murderous mouth and proves us all wrong. The Bali police’s number two wants Bali BS listed as a terrorist organization and the EU Aviation Safety Commission as enemies of the state of Indonesia! Why? Well because the Balinese police are like that, very nasty, trying to get extreme interpretations of the “law” in Bali, no doubt dreamt up whilst whiling away the time in one of the brothels they operate in Sanur. According to dimwit I Nyoman Gde Suweta, what Bali BS and the EU Aviation Safety Commission say makes people terrified! No really, that is it! The fact what we and for that matter the safety experts say overseas in English does not terrorize Indonesian speakers in Indonesia is somehow lost to the dumb cop, or should we say avoided! You see, we are sure his words in particular are meant to be a precursor for trying to get a certain British citizen’s name back onto a regional Interpol watch list and to justify his name being placed on it previously. So then our latest story, “Groan, groan, not that guy again!” of Mark Austin. But wait; there is attempted murder and identity theft now!

Mark Austin recently has been the subject of reported Bali pedophile Bert Vierstra and alleged drugs dealer Roy Thompson’s multiple derogatory Internet postings attempting to defame the Englishman and also “prove” he owns Bali BS. Despite the fact Mark quite appropriately points out “Why wouldn’t I admit to owning Bali BS if I did? I own Nasty Bali and state that out loud enough! What are the Balinese police going to do, shoot me dead twice?” But this story is not about the twitterings of two very sad expatriates in Bali (are there any other kind?); it is about what Bert and Roy got a hold of that connects their self-defeating efforts with Bali’s murderous mafia police. You see, Roy Thompson got a scanned image copy of Mark Austin’s passport from John M. Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours who in turn got it from the deputy chief of Bali’s police. Below is a copy of an email from Roy Thompson to someone we agreed anonymity to; we have also seen an email from Thompson to Bert Vierstra containing the same passport image.

Mark Austin's passport and text to show who is responsible and what was planned - Majaphit Bali is the well known alias for Roy Thompson

Why is that so important, such a big deal? Well, first it is totally illegal; the police are not meant to divulge details of or provide contents from their so called investigation files to third parties of course; so the existence of Mark Austin’s passport being circulated by a very nasty little expatriate in Bali is proof enough at least one police officer should immediately go to jail, but do not hold your breath! Second, the fact Roy Thompson of Ubud divulged the source of the file, our old “friend” Jack Daniels of PT Bali Discovery Tours, when he forwarded the illicitly obtained passport image on to other people including Bert Vierstra pretty much goes to prove Mark Austin’s allegations that Jack Daniels not only obtained confidential information from the police files, but that Daniels received information on his whereabouts and paid to have him murdered. You see, it also a documented fact confirmed by law firm Purba and Partners of Jakarta, that the Balinese police placed an unlawful Interpol watch order against Mark Austin when he lived in Thailand and that details of his home address and movements were reported back to the Balinese police. Mark Austin says this information was then given to Jack Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours, who tried to have him killed.

Are we sure this was an unlawful Interpol watch order? Yes, there are strict guidelines given to police forces by Interpol governing the conditions under which a watch order can be made; the only official investigation against Mr. Austin at the time was for alleged libel against Jack Daniels, which certainly did not meet Interpol’s conditions! Are we sure there was a murder attempt against Mark Austin which coincided with this unlawful watch order? Mark Austin did get documented evidence from a lawyer and the police in Thailand yes, but he only allowed us to view this on strict condition we did not reveal the exact nature or content; because Mark quite rightly one day will need to use this as evidence in a human rights court of law, once Indonesia accedes to the all important first protocol on human rights which it has thus far eluded to do. But yes, there is enough evidence we feel to state he was the victim of an attempted murder in Thailand; the problem for us before in reporting it was connecting it to Jack Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours as Mark claims is responsible.

Bali Police - Anjing! Ternyata Polisi - This is how the people of Bali see them according to one popular outlawed song.
The passport information does just that; it shows Daniels was unlawfully given the contents of the Bali police’s nasty and unlawful investigation file against Mark Austin, which no doubt would have included the contents of the Interpol watch order file, and with it Mark Austin’s home address at the time in Phuket, Thailand. We have also seen the WIPO web site domain dispute submission which Jack Daniels filed against Mark Austin that shows he knew Mark Austin’s address at the right time to coincide with the Interpol watch order and murder attempt. We have also seen written statements from expert sources attesting to the fact Jack Daniels could not have got the information he submitted in his WIPO filing legally. It therefore is clear where Bali Discovery Tours’ CEO got Austin’s home address from, making Jack Daniels the prime suspect in the murder attempt and with him in this is the Balinese police.

Bali's intelligence "plod" police (bribe negotiators)
How can we be absolutely sure the above passport scan came from the Balinese police, forgetting the pretty obvious as to where else would Jack Daniels get it? First, Mark Austin said he had a new passport when he went to Bali and was, along with his passport, unlawfully detained by the police in November 2002; the issue date of the passport image confirms this as it is the 20th August, just a few weeks before. Secondly Mark Austin’s passport, the one issued 20th August seen above, was accidentally destroyed in his washing machine and was itself replaced not long after he got back from his visit to Bali. The only people who took a scan of it were the Balinese police's inaccurately named "Intelkam" (intelligence) division, and unlawfully so as the British Embassy stated at the time. The badly dressed Intelkam are reported to be very unhappy they could not extort any money out of Austin.

Suweta's better rewarded and dressed "detectives" - these guys drive Mercedes it is claimed.
We started this story with the fact Bali’s second most senior police officer I Nyoman Gde Suweta wants to have Mark Austin classified as a terrorist. We believe this is because the heat over the Interpol abuse issue from Mark Austin's legal efforts is beginning to build up and Suweta wants to be able to retrospectively claim that the Balinese police had due cause to file an Interpol watch order against Mark Austin because Bali’s law makers consider him to be a terrorist. Of course such extreme after-the-fact perversion of the law and interpretation of the term itself, not to mention the comical notion that somehow westerners read something published by Mark Austin at home, then flew to Bali, then remembered what they had read and were terrorized by it just goes to show how ridiculous Bali’s police really are. Unfortunately they are also the law and their "Reskrim" detectives clearly earn more then their basic salaries from such perversions of justice.

Bali narcotics police - the ones that work with street dealers against foreigners - a former EU consul says they even plant drugs on westerners!
Deputy police chief I Nyoman Gde Suweta went on to prove his ludicrous interpretation of the law when he also insisted the EU's Aviation Safety Commission's motivation in banning Indonesian airlines from European skies was commercially orientated, no doubt based on how the Indonesian authorities operate and failing to comprehend the EU are not crooks like Indonesia. The EU commission actually banned Indonesia's airlines because when the Indonesian delegation presented their case, they could not even state how many aircraft each airline, such as Garuda Indonesia had; this showed their own domestic safety appraisal was in fact a fraudulent joke. But Keystone Kop Suweta wants them cited for terrorism and acts against the Indonesian state as well; no, we are not joking. Isn't it incredible that the man in charge of criminal investigations for the police in Bali is so clearly demented and nasty? If Suweta feels the EU Aviation Safety Commissioners should be arrested if they ever come to Bali, what hope does Mark Austin have?

Because Mark Austin is this week's fall guy for every negative web site about Indonesia on the world wide web, including those clearly registered to individuals in the USA and Australia, he is also accredited by the police as being owner of Bali BS; the official web terrorism site! However, even if the Bali legislator deemed Mark Austin’s perceived or actual (Nasty Bali) web site(s) constitute(s) (an) act(s) of terrorism, they would have a great deal of effort convincing Interpol and others of their claims to the point they would likely be deservedly ridiculed. But the Balinese police are not used to having to answer to balanced law enforcement agencies or justification questions being asked outside their own jurisdiction. The fact is, Bali police chief of detectives I Nyoman Gde Suweta is the terrorist within the true meaning of that term, as he is the one threatening bodily harm, and therefore he should be the one before a firing squad.

Chief Purwoko with "Shorty Suweta"
We trust any decent and even well balanced individual will agree that this nasty charade justifies the immediate arrest of I Nyoman Gde Suweta, John M AKA Jack Daniels and Roy Thompson for aiding and abetting attempted murder and more. Of course this will never happen as the only person able to arrest Suweta is his boss, Bali’s police chief Inspector General Paulus Purwoko, who is also clearly deluded and involved in the same plot to unlawfully act against so called, falsely described anti-Indonesian cyber criminals (see: Bali Cyber Crime). At the very least we hope people will now accept the police in Bali have acted unlawfully to the point of being terrorists themselves and will think twice about going to or investing money there. After all, it may be your turn next; it may be your confidential details being given out by the police in order to exact unlawful revenge upon you, or indeed and more likely being sold by them in order to make another dishonest buck.

Identity theft warning for foreigners
The whole issue of the police giving copies of Mark Austin's passport to other people opens yet another old can of worms; credit card fraud and identity theft. It is a fact Indonesia has one of the worst records for credit card abuse in the world, where people in the tourism industry there get a foreigners credit card information and abuse it. It is also a fact that Indonesia is a center for identity document counterfeiting; recently counterfeit Australian NSW drivers’ licenses complete with "waratah" holograms which were manufactured in Indonesia have been used to steal money from Australian bank accounts. It is also a fact that the Indonesian police are actively involved in criminal activities themselves, such as operating brothels and narcotics rings. If it is not safe to have the Balinese police inspect your passport or get the details thereof as they do in Bali when you register at your hotel, what does that say about the risk to you? Your hotel gets your passport details, your credit card details and your home address, which they have to pass some or all of to the Balinese mafia police; fact. So when money is taken from your account or a terrorist has a counterfeit passport made with your name on it to illegally enter your home country, will you know where this all started from? It happens!

Please, until the fraud plus rampant civil and human rights crimes committed by the police in Bali are stopped, please do not go to Bali as this only condones their unlawful acts of hate and puts your financial health at it risk; it may even be the "vehicle" used to get a bomber into your home town. Stay away from Bali.

Special thanks to the webmaster of the Bali Polda's new website for not putting copyright notices up and thus allowing us to copy and use their photos! That's how smart they aren't folks!

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