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Indonesian H5N1 = Health & Humanity 5th, Nasty Greed 1st

Indonesian H5N1 = Health & Humanity 5th, Nasty Greed 1st
By Galina Frango
Apr 26, 2007, 09:42

Siti Fadilah Supari (Indonesian Health Minister), "Anjing Kurap"?
If ever you needed cause to boycott Indonesia, this is it. H5N1 bird flu poses the greatest threat to humanity since the cold war and Indonesia is trying to blackmail the world into giving them yet more money (no doubt for their endemically corrupt officials to extort).

Incredibly the Government of Indonesia has broken its agreement with the World Health Organization to send them samples of the Indonesian strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus; the WHO distributes such samples with pharmaceutical companies around the world who are trying to come up with a vaccine. Just for your information at this point, if H5N1 mutates to be able to infect human beings in the same way as human flu, as all leading scientists believe it is very capable of and not far away from doing, it is likely billions of people on this planet will die; H5N1 is that nasty, but not as nasty as Jakarta.

Forget the fact for one moment if you can that the government of the Republic of Indonesia has broken its recently signed agreement with the WHO, and look at the facts surrounding their actions to see just how low the “people” that run Indonesia really are. If you listen to Jakarta and in particular the very nasty Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari, they will tell you they are doing this for the benefit of poorer nations around the world, but the facts and their actions speak both louder than and a totally different story to their words. Forget about al-Qaeda obtaining and using a nuclear device to kill millions, we give you the new world terrorist organization lead by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who may well be about to upstage such an event 100-fold.

So let us go back to the beginning and see what al-Jakarta have been doing.

First it is a fact the Government of the Republic of Indonesia lied about H5N1. Like all dangerous diseases (SARS, malaria, etc., etc.) that could be bad for business, they lie and say they do not have it. The reasons for this go beyond trying to preserve their tourism and other industries as common street thieves would, it is also because the wealthy families that control the vast majority of the poultry business in Indonesia “lobbied” (Jakarta spin speak for bribed) the president to keep it quiet. This is why, to this day, Indonesia lies about Bali being malarial; it is (and worse) but admitting that would be bad for the tourism business. It was only when their top scientist went public the hate machine in Jakarta announced there was H5N1 in Indonesia; in fact, it had been there for 18 months.

18 Months of lies by the Indonesian Government and Authorities prevented the WHO from being able to prevent the spread of this killer disease. But Jakarta’s deceptions went past just lying about having H5N1, they also then lied about trying to stop the spread of it within Indonesia, and they lied about where it had spread to until they were repeatedly caught out and could lie no more. Bird cull and so-called bird immunization initiatives were just another opportunity for corrupt Indonesian officials to make some money; they never happened. When they did happen, the RI (Rancid Indonesia) made almighty gaffs through incompetence and selfishness such as “buying” bird flu vaccines from China and using them only to find out the vaccines were of questionable quality and designed to fight the Chinese H5N1 strain, not the Indonesian strain; that’s right, the vaccines the idiots in Jakarta had popped into chickens were more likely to promote the spread and mutation of H5N1 than prevent it! Jakarta’s lies, false promises and pathetic bungles have made Indonesia top of the H5N1 infection and death league plus made it the most likely country where the virus would mutate to human-to-human.

Then came wonderful news for the world that Australian pharmaceuticals company CSL had produced a provisional vaccine for the Indonesian strain of H5N1 from samples sent to them by the World Health Organization, which they themselves got from hospitals and laboratories in Indonesia. Was the Indonesian Government and in particular the Health Ministry happy? No, they were not, in fact they were very unhappy. You see Jakarta had been negotiating with American pharmaceuticals giant Baxter International for them to have sole “rights” to the Indonesian strain. Very nasty Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari ranted and raved about having a copyright for the Indonesian H5N1 virus but failed to comprehend that copyrights require intellectual, inventor if you like, rights over the subject, so Indonesia would have had to create the H5N1 virus deliberately to be able to claim copyright protection. But that did not stop them, oh no.

Indonesia suspended all samples of H5N1 to the WHO claiming the paperwork for the processing of such materials had expired (bureaucratic BS), then came the final insult; Indonesia claimed it had stopped providing samples to the WHO because it believed poorer countries like itself would not be able to afford any vaccine produced by western pharmaceutical companies. Apart from the fact Indonesia boasts it is a Group 20 country (one of the 20 wealthiest countries in the world) and therefore could, but for the massive corruption that exists in Jakarta, easily afford such vaccines, they failed to explain how their profiteering, yes profiteering from a vaccine would help the poorer countries they claimed the suspension was to help. Lies, lies, lies. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

As some further background to this story it is important to realize that vaccine research and production by pharmaceutical companies is one of the lowest profit margin areas for the industry, significantly so. Also of course pharmaceutical companies need to hire the top scientists and fund the latest high technology research laboratories to be able to find a cure. But all this is lost on nasty Jakarta; they want a free vaccine for Indonesia and a share of the “profits”, which clearly they dream are greater than in reality, from vaccine sales around the world; Jakarta want to profit from dying people who they themselves de facto infected. Just one more “by the way”; as all of this greed and hate was pouring out of nasty Siti Fadilah Supari’s mouth, a number of countries were actually funding a measles immunization program in Indonesia (Indonesia stopped providing this themselves a while ago at the bequest of fundamentalist Muslim leaders who falsely claimed the vaccines were made using pigs, and thus caused a measles epidemic) and setting up a $1,500,000,000 fund to create vaccines for use in poorer countries to combat malaria, HIV/Aids, meningitis and pneumonia and tuberculosis. Yes, in typical fashion, SBY (mini-Suharto) and friends like to take but not to give.

However, after mounting International pressure, and after one minute saying they would resume WHO sample deliveries, the next minute saying they would not like ingrate children, the RI finally signed up a guarantee to resume such samples just over a month ago. During that time Indonesia has had an increasing number of H5N1 human infections including several worrying so-called “cluster” cases, where one person is believed to have infected another human being by very close human contact, including one specialist doctor at the bird flu ward of a Javanese hospital. Foreign Governments have increased their alert status and preparedness levels including, it is believed, provision for closing down national borders raising the ugly specter of western nationals being trapped inside health service deficient Indonesia in the advent of an epidemic there.

So what does Jakarta do next? Why it seems that the Ministry of Heath (or is it “Personal Wealth”) is going back to its old tricks of suppressing news of H5N1 infections in Indonesia, including a report of an infection in Bali itself; although we believe one would be an optimistic number at best given other reports of sick Balinese being taken away never to come back again. But not just that, Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari has now gone back on her agreement with the WHO; that’s right, she has reneged on her and the Indonesian Government’s word. They want some money out of H5N1. They want a slice of the financial action of saving people from the very virus their nastiness helped create.

To illustrate the fact that Indonesia lies through their teeth about deadly infections, we quote an email from someone (we know of them, but they wish to remain anonymous as they still currently live in Bali) we received a few weeks ago;

“A long time expatriate resident of Bali and her teenage daughter have come down with both typhoid (yes typhoid, not paratyphoid or typhus) and dengue. Do they live in the deepest slums of Denpasar or Gianyar? No they do not. They live between Rum Jungle Road and Double Six. Other people have also been reported to have got dengue in the same area, but I have no confirmation of others. People need to know this stuff.” According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health there is no typhoid or dengue in Bali.

The greatest insult to level against someone in Indonesia is to call them “Anjing Kurap” (a street dog). We say Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Minister Siti Fadilah Supari have shown the world they are Anjing Kurap, and we ask all decent westerners to repay their deeds by boycotting anything and everything Indonesian until both of these “people” are thrown in jail for crimes against humanity. Please, do not go to Indonesia (including Bali), do not buy anything Indonesian until SBY and Siti Fadilah Supari are in jail. Do not expect your own government to take action against SBY, Inc., they are likely too busy ensuring your country's major corporations enjoy highly profitable de facto single bid with a substantial ministerial bung or two contracts to exploit Indonesia’s mineral wealth, which unfortunately do nothing for the everyday people of the west or Indonesia.

Thank you.

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