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The Indonesian hate state reconfirmed and exposed.

The Indonesian hate state reconfirmed and exposed.
By Alfred Nobel
Nov 20, 2007, 08:08

Trained by the CIA and AFP, paid for with western tax dollars, anti-western murderer of civilians
Indonesia is a hate state today as it has been since 1949 when the USA and its puppets Britain and Australia decided to make axis war criminals rulers of an entire region in return for sole exploitation and political influence rights. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is a military puppet in a suit; a liar and a fraud. Where do we start?

In recent months and years the Indonesian civilian administration under Indonesian military rule, which poses as a democratically elected government but is not, has gone to great public relation pains to try and convince the world the murderous TNI are becoming an army, not the repressive terror unit we have all come to hate under Suharto, falsely claiming the TNI are now answerable to the politicians and the people of Indonesia. After Suharto was "removed" from office, Jakarta has been busy issuing statements that the TNI must separate itself from politics, which it claimed they substantially did when the TNI officially renounced its sole allegiance to Suharto’s Golkar party. Busy also telling the world the TNI was to get out of businesses in Indonesia without explaining how this was financially possible given only a third of the TNI’s budget comes from Jakarta; the rest comes from private enterprises, often murderous, mostly to do with alcohol, gambling, narcotics, protection rackets and prostitution. How disappointed Jakarta’s politicians said they were when the TNI only admitted to owning three companies that qualified under the set of rules they themselves had set regarding what constituted a TNI owned business!

To understand why we challenge Indonesian claims to having a true democratically elected government, why instead we say SBY simply presides over a civil administration in a military controlled country, you have to look at the facts, not what Jakarta, Canberra, London and Washington DC tell you. First, the Indonesian TNI has a separate constitution in which they declare they are the supreme or ultimate rulers of Indonesia. The so called government and president are elected amongst some of the greatest ballot box fraud in the world. Only a small number of political parties are allowed in Indonesia; these all have to be nationalist parties (no talk of independence or devolution). Regional, left of centre and non-Muslim parties are all forbidden either by the constitution or by default; the only regional party is in Aceh which came about as part of a UN brokered peace deal and only then on the basis they aligned themselves to (joined / partnered) a national party. Because becoming a politician is a “club” therefore, only certain people, namely ex-military officers are allowed to stand for office.

When former low ranking general SBY was elected as president amidst wholesale election fraud as reported by the monitoring NGO’s yet somehow the US election monitor declared as fair after having visited just 3 polling booths in Jakarta, it soon became clear he had been given the presidency by Suharto in return for pardoning the former president from all criminal charges once he was on in office. To the utter disgust of the International community, that is exactly what then happened of course. Despite this, SBY declared himself to be a reforming anti-corruption advocate. His promises about curtailing corruption now clearly show this was nothing but a false PR exercise with even the House of Representatives Ethics Committee being told they do not have the jurisdiction to do what their name says they do, plus the partially effective corruption court was, yes, closed down under SBY. However, it almost seemed that despite the limitations some progress might be being made in separating military from state control as Jakarta publicly talked tough about the TNI reforming.

Of course we should have known better and any tiny gains made in separating the armed forces from politics and business have just been dealt a huge stealthy blow; it was a ruse all along. Wait for this; the Indonesian Government is working on a bill which seems certain to make it to the statute books soon, for every Indonesian citizen to take part in compulsory military training and then to permanently be enlisted into the Military Reserve Component of the TNI. It goes beyond conscription; it is about forcing every man, woman and child in Indonesia into lifelong servitude to the murderous armed forces. Of course this bill will mean that even if the TNI officially is no longer connected with the political process, even if the TNI officially revoke their own constitution to release control of the country to the elected politicians, they do not. With this bill the TNI will continue to control the people and the archipelago but from a different angle. If every Indonesian citizen is to be made a military reservist, the TNI can call upon each and every one at any time and give them orders; including the president and politicians. Not just that, but the TNI will be able try any Indonesian civilian in a military court! No doubt though the inevitable subsequent International PR acts by the TNI to hand control over officially to the Indonesian “Government” will be heralded as a triumph of true democracy by the foreign office hacks of the English speaking avis of evil, but it will all be BS; the TNI will never peacefully hand over control of Indonesia.

To understand why and the way now should be very easy for you. The TNI hold sway over Indonesia; the military commanders are bloody and CIA trained in suppressing the population, keeping them from their civil and human rights. TNI generals go on to become politicians, and only generals and other TNI friendly lackeys ever get into office as the number and modus operandi of the political parties is controlled by, yes, the TNI. The TNI and the politicians are the main business owners in Indonesia, so they make vast amounts of money. They make money from business and from corruption; filtering money given by western governments for infrastructure programs, deforestation avoidance, tsunami aid, educational programs, etc. In return, corporations from certain countries get actual or de facto closed bid contract awards for the vast natural resources of the archipelago. Western politicians fool their electorate that they are striving to help Indonesians and improve the chances of a real democracy there while the corporate shareholders that benefit immensely out of Indonesia make generous donations to the political parties of these western politicians. Not forgetting the western media companies that control the news are owned by such wealthy corporate shareholders. A small number of very nasty Indonesians get rich and the egotistical lip service western political brigade along with the very wealthy western corporations get what they want. The only people to get cheated out of the equation are the vast majority of western tax payers and Indonesian people.

So western leaders have no true wish for Indonesia to change, nor do the TNI. The TNI being comprised of two main groups, the Islamicists and the Secularists creates the political rivalry you see in Jakarta despite the fact both sides are loyal, neigh subservient to the TNI. At this time the Secularists are the more powerful, but the Islamicists are catching up and therein lies the danger for western foreign policy and Washington et all know it. In a crazy situation where Australia is ultimately promoting the growth of a fundamentalist state that will one day threaten their own security, the Islamicists have made it quite clear they want Indonesia expanded to include Thailand and the Philippines.

Indications of the increasing Islamic militancy within the TNI and government is shown by the so called “Anti-Pornography” legislation, which in fact is a de facto Sharia law. This also explains why the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah has not been outlawed by Jakarta and even, according to ex-President Abdurrahman Wahid AKA Gus Dur and others, that elements of the TNI helped the JI bombers commit terrorist bomb attacks in Bal in 2002 and 2005. When you understand Bali is a considered a “wet” (alcohol profitable) area of Indonesia, that the Secularist TNI element controls the liquor trade and Bali, you then can understand why these claims of military support from the Islamacist element within it against western targets is not so far-fetched as the pundits would have you believe.

Perhaps now you can understand why it is possible for western governments to not just support but sing the praises of Indonesia, while all the time Indonesians, generally, hate westerners. This fact was confirmed when thousands of polled Indonesians said that they supported JI attacks against westerners. It has also very much been confirmed officially now by Indonesia’s Constitutional Court in a landmark ruling that proves the Indonesian state itself is very much anti-western and that they deem westerners are beneath Indonesians in respect to human rights. Recently members of the so called “Bali Nine” on death row mounted a challenge to their death penalty at the constitutional court on the basis that as drug dealing does not kill people per say, so it should not carry the death penalty. All the western media reported the legal challenge failed but what they failed to tell westerners is there were two challenges. The first made by three members of the Bali Nine was dismissed without being considered on the basis that, as non-Indonesians, they were not entitled to protection under Indonesia’s evil constitution; civilized countries of course offer the same protection to foreign nationals. It was only because three of the Bali Nine were joined by two Indonesian women, also on death row for narcotics dealing, did the constitutional court allow a sitting to review the death penalty for this offence.

If you cast your minds back to the Michelle Leslie case, you will remember all the flack the underwear model received for claiming she was a Muslim. But not a single western media source we saw criticized the Indonesian judiciary for actually giving Muslims lesser sentences than non-Muslims; a well recorded and documented fact. As the majority of people reading this are not Indonesian and not Muslim either, they need to understand that they are socially and legally considered beneath Indonesians on two counts. So if a foreign Christian on holiday to Bali gets into trouble, they do not have anywhere near the legal rights they think they have and indeed should have. Why the hell would any person in their right mind want to go to such a country therefore and ingratiate such a hate regime with their vacation dollars? Answer: Because the facts are deliberately suppressed by foreign governments in order not to upset Jakarta, in order to keep their major corporations in Indonesia making billions of dollars for the corporate wealthy stockholders that donate the money that keeps their political parties going.

East Timor what commission?
We only have to look at East Timor today to see just how much official hate exists in Jakarta and the TNI. The so called “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” on Bali yielded no truths, no reconciliation and a boycott by the UN because it sought to pardon mass murderers within in the TNI. Even while this farce was being conducted, TNI soldiers were pumping bullets into the back of East Timorese stupid or perhaps unfortunate enough to try to cross the border into Indonesian controlled West Timor. Using the pathetic pretence that they needed more soldiers on their border with East Timor to stop the violence there spilling over their border, Indonesia actually put itself in a position to help the very people in East Timor who were causing the violence in the first place; the pro-Indonesian elements (former soldiers). One poor man trying to get back into East Timor with his motorbike after visiting relatives in Indonesian Timor was shot in the back after he had made the other side of the border. That bullet was quite possibly paid for by a foreign tourist in Bali buying an alcoholic drink as the TNI run the vast majority of the booze business in places like Nusa Dua. To this day Indonesian Government and TNI money ends up in the hands of so called East Timorese rebels; Indonesian “Wanra” (Perlawanan rakyat, people's resistance). So why the hell are western tourists with their stated yet untenable claims to ethics still going to Bali?

You, westerners, can not have it both ways. You can not go to Bali to “help” the Balinese (help yourself to a cheap holiday waited on hand and foot by smiling subservient Balinese pandering further to your pathetic egos by calling you “Mr. this”, “Mrs. that”, “Miss whatever” all the time) without financially supporting the very people that want to see you dead or turned into slaves. If you go to Bali you are a traitor to your stated values, a traitor to your country (along with your politicians), a traitor to the every day Indonesian people, a traitor to the people of the region, a traitor to your children, and a stupid fool. Do not go to Bali or Indonesia as a whole, do not invest money in Indonesia, do not send charity or aid to Bali / Indonesia as this only gets bled, do not buy anything made in or has material from Indonesia, stop your governments from doing it in your name, wake up and smell the Java.

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Anonymous said...

I have just read the article posted by Bali Bollocks and what a wonderful refreshing and truthful report of warning to us westerners.
I just got done reading about Indonesia's attrocities against the Western New Guinea micronesian population last night and I was horrified at what I read on their civil rights violations of the New Guinea people. I grew up in Eastern New Guinea and spent the first 10 years of my life there and as a son of American missonary parents I want all Americans reading this mans report to pay attention to the truth he has been trying to tell you. The abuses by the Indonesian military if you can call them that are horendous. To me they are just a bunch of war criminals still on the loose. Dont support Indonesia till they stop their human rights abuses.