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Bali / Indonesia soon to be quarantined?

Bali / Indonesia soon to be quarantined?
By Bali BS News
Oct 30, 2005, 06:02

Watch out; don’t get stuck in Bali / Indonesia, the bird flu “heaven” if the International community acts to close Indonesia’s borders!

If you think the prospect of the world community quarantining Indonesia is an outrageous thought, think again! In our parallel article Indonesian Government H5N1 Flu Lies, we expose the fact that the Indonesian authorities are routinely covering up bird flu in Indonesia and even preventing action to curb outbreaks, all because of corruption again of course. Where the top poultry farming combines have successfully “lobbied” (we believe this is the Indonesian term for “bribed” – people may remember how Schapelle Corby’s lawyers used that term for bribe money) top government officials, including Megawati, into keeping things quiet. But the International community are not fools, especially the health experts who say they are sure the Indonesian authorities have covered up the true facts of how many birds and people are infected, and how widespread the infection is; and yes, a leading expert confirms the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus has been in Bali for over a year!

Then you have only to look at what many foreign governments are saying about closing their borders if this deadly virus mutates to one that can be transmitted from human to human. Closing your borders is a drastic step that will cripple any country’s economy. So you only need to read between the lines; Indonesia has been lying and is considered by many experts to be the most serious risk for a mutant virus that can pass from person to person; countries are ready to close their borders and suffer severe economic consequences. The logical assumption therefore has to be that the International community would and probably is considering closing Indonesia’ borders from the outside to prevent the spread of a mutated avian flu. After all, the Indonesian authorities have proven they can not be trusted, at all, over this matter. Clearly H5N1 is significantly present across Indonesia and just waiting to mutate because too often nothing is being done about the problem, except attempts to cover it up.

It seems only a matter of time before this human time bomb explodes, and the Indonesian government have proven they can not be trusted to either detect or own up to it. Based on their recent treachery, it seems clear even if the H5N1 virus did mutate and start passing from person-to-person, the Indonesian government would not report it to the World Health Organization (unless someone first leaked the fact) and would cowardly deny any resultant mass human tragedy originated from their country if and when it spread overseas.

The world community knows now it can not trust Indonesia. We say quarantine the whole archipelago before it is too late.

Since writing this article, the spectre of Bali and Indonesia being quarantined from outside has been further elevated by an Australian Federal Government warning for its overseas citizens not to get stranded in a bird flu infection area in the event Australia imposes a quarantine on flights, etc. from that area. It is perhaps not coincidental that Bali has also now officially reported several cases of suspected H5N1 bird flu infections. People in or thinking of travelling to Bali and Indonesia should perhaps think about changing their plans right now, before it is too late! And this suggestion does not just apply to Australians.

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