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Bali’s Online Pedophile Pros(titutes) – The Carousel Kings

Bali’s Online Pedophile Pros(titutes) – The Carousel Kings
By Robert Dolly Dunn
Jun 24, 2007, 04:30

Bali villas complete with young sex partners for rent
While the UNCHR warns the world and the Indonesian authorities that Bali is a pedophile black spot, while former Bali police chief and wanabe governor Made Pastika spouts off about the need to reduce child sex abuse after he leaves his Polda job having done nothing about it himself, while the Bali police’s inappropriately named “Cyber Crimes” division do what they can to unlawfully close down legal Internet businesses and stop web sites from stating painful truths about corruption and human rights abuse in Bali yet do absolutely nothing about true cyber crime, the pedophile business in Bali apparently just took a giant step forward by going live on the Internet. Web sites offering very young girls and boys to rent for obvious sexual services either at your hotel or at a special villa property in Canggu show that it is business and BS as usual in Bali.

An early picture of Glenn Roberts with Jasmine?
We believe British expat Glenn Roberts is behind these sites and also unlawfully married to no less than three, maybe more women in Bali; one of them being Ni Komang Yasmini AKA “Jasmine”. Jasmine's name shows as registrar of several web sites owned by PT Raja Inpestasi such as an “immigration & corporate legal services” site (immigrationindonesia dot com), a sales site offering carousel horses and nude paintings amongst other things (thecarouselking dot com), plus web sites feigning a Bali escorts service while actually offering Indonesian girls and boys for rent in the comfort of your own hotel room or at a massage parlour in Kuta (baliescorts dot net), or at a private villa which can be rented along with the girls and boys in Canggu (balivillasales dot net).

Non-existent carousel horses, illegal counterfeit paintings and tacky nudes fit for which king? Yet perhaps a fitting tribute to the Bali expatriate community [sic]
Before we even get onto the child sex sites, it should be noted Carousel King has a number of published complaints by customers alleging blatant fraud (paying for something and never getting it) and that Jasmine / Ni Komang Yasmini is no lawyer (not that being a lawyer in Bali means anything as it seems a license to become one can be bought like anything else). It should also be noted that the Bali police’s cyber crimes division have done nothing about this, one of the most well documented cases of cyber crime (fraud) in Bali. Finally we believe British expat Glenn Roberts is involved based on a tip-off, the fact his alleged photo appears in Carousel King’s “art” section, that Jasmine's email return path is (note the initials) and that he is known to have provided very ineffective search engine optimization services to various Balinese businesses; all of Jasmine’s web sites are strewn with hidden text and other outdated web positioning spam techniques befitting such a "talent".

Bali escort in Canggu villa preparing for her "date"! Picture from Jasmine by email.
Of course Bali Escorts dot com do not specify exactly that they rent out sex workers, but a combination of their very tacky web site advertising (including discounts for advance payment and special services for swinging couples) and responses to email enquiries leave you in no doubt whatsoever as to the facts of what is on offer. It is not just that Jasmine and Glenn’s Bali Escort site is offering sex for sale, but that it is clearly also offering pedophile, gay (homosexual), lesbian and group sex services. It is even alleged that Jasmine not only tolerates Glenn with other women but is a keen partner in such bedroom frolics, that she performs lesbian services herself personally. However, no matter how much Jasmine tries to make their business appealing with email sales lines such as "We have very young girls available too" and pictures of girls stripping off in their villa brothel, business is clearly bad for them as they had no problem with availability for both their villa and girls of our investigator's choice at any time in August, supposedly peak season. We think this is because very few westerners travel to Bali these days anyway, regular child abusers are shy of Bali's recent pedophile media attention, and at US$250 per 24 hour period (after pre-payment discounts) Jasmine's young hookers are a tad too expensive for resident foreign pedophiles used to paying US$5 or less a time for sex with under aged boys and girls.

How old are these girls? 15, 16, 17? Jasmine says they have even younger girls available. The age of consent in Indonesia is 18.
Of course none of this will come as any shock to any seasoned Bali visitor as this Indonesian “paradise” island's expatriate community seems to have the worst reputation in the world, being full of crooks, gangsters, common thieves, child abusers and induced psychedelic experience seeking “la-la’s” (no offence intended to the Teletubbies). It just goes to show that the Indonesian authorities pay lip service to such crimes, actually doing nothing outside earning a dishonest corruption / extortion buck to line their own personal bank balances. Perhaps with this report the Balinese police will be shamed into doing something about Jasmine’s and Glenn’s internet ventures, despite the fact it likely the police are currently receiving very generous unofficial licensing fees from Mr. and Mrs. Roberts to do what they are.

Villa Brothel Entrance. Police protected? Maybe even a few uniformed visitors we understand!
“Interesting” too was the response to our investigator posing as a potential customer as to which hotels in Bali would allow these Balinese escorts into their rooms, Jasmine replied that no hotel would be a problem. When our investigator asked about specific hotels such as the Suharto owned Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and the Nikko Bali, plus also the Hard Rock Hotel Kuta, Jasmine reported that none of these would present any problem although she personally recommended the Hard Rock Hotel Bali which is meant to be a family hotel yet has been proven to be one that tolerates single male guests bringing back Indonesian girls for the night. What amazes us though is that two of Nusa Dua’s best known hotels would, according to Jasmine, allow a single male or even couple staying at the hotel to bring back an under-aged Indonesian sex worker for the night. After all it was not that long ago when a 3 year old western girl went home to Australia with gonorrhea after allegedly being raped by a male member of the hotel’s crèche, and here are two so called luxury Nusa Dua hotels apparently allowing criminal hebephile and perverse threesome acts including homosexuality in their hotel rooms. Or maybe Jasmine runs her online brothel like she runs her carousel horse business; takes the money but fails to deliver the goods?

Recognize it anyone? Fond memories?
Of course the problem goes much deeper than a faux Bali Escorts web site, but while the facts are known they go widely unreported. For example the US State Department cites instances of government officials, police and soldiers operating or protecting brothels in Indonesia that employ underage sex workers, and of corrupt civil servants falsifying identity documents to facilitate the entry of underage girls into the sex trade, yet no-one seems to do anything about it. So the only way to help these poor boys and girls sold into prostitution for the gratification of evil foreigners coming to Bali for illicit deviant sexual pleasure is to boycott the island and Indonesia as a whole. Only by telling Jakarta and Denpasar that you are voting by withdrawing your tourism and investment dollars will they take notice. They pay the world lip service about the crime which permeates from the president down and foreign governments grin back and nod in feigned recognition of something they know will not stop, while counting the shareholder premiums of their large corporations that rape Indonesians in another sense. But you do not have to be like your politicians and you can show them you know they are duplicitous phoneys by steering clear of the hate state called the Republic of Indonesia.


Anonymous said...

How sickening. I had no idea this occurred. This is truly evil and these sickos need to have bullets in their heads.

Is there no country in the world where women and children aren't abused? Clearly not. The Balinese are beautiful people but here's the ugly side.

Anonymous said...

The people who run this will also rip you off if you have dealings with them by engaging them to do visas, rent villas or any other business dealings i know of 5 different sets of people who have

Anonymous said...

This is truly sickening. Especially the reality that there is such a high demand for child prostitutes and nothing is being done to protect these children. This must stop and these people made accountable by death. I find it absurd that the Indonesian Government has a death penalty for drugs but allows, tolerates and facilitates the systematic and epidemic sexual abuse of children. Of course it happens everywhere China, India, Africa, Europe, South America Pakistan, everywhere but it is leaving a very unpleasant tast and I will never take my family back to Bali ever again. Absolutely evil. If I had my way there would be laws to protect children and Death Penalty to all paedophiles.

Anonymous said...

We recently returned from Bali having being ripped off by Jasmine. To cut a long story short, we are out of pocket for $US3000 for one of their villas (Villa Jasmine which we eventually left due to bad service and misleading information), as well as a further $US700 for additional accommodation in Kuta.

Thx for the article and will make sure we spread it around. We are still seeking the refund and encourage others to continue to do so, even if such a refund would never arrive.