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Is it Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or “Paman Sam“?

Is it Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or “Paman Sam“?
By Uncle Sam
Apr 28, 2007, 09:29

Paman Sam Needs You!
We think Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is not a leader but a covert follower, a puppet of Golkar, who in turn are puppets of the TNI (The Indonesian Armed Forces who really govern the country) who in turn are partial puppets of the US Government and CIA; don’t baulk, the CIA trained the TNI and just look at how the Indonesian “Government” works (House of Representatives and all that). The USA and its puppet the UK, and the UK’s puppet Australia get a strategic regional partner plus plenty of actual and / or de facto closed bid contracts for their major corporations to exploit Indonesia’s mineral wealth and population in return for gratuities paid to the TNI and Jakarta; yes, yes they do. It is a well known fact that the TNI only gets one third of its budget from Jakarta and has to run “businesses” to make up the rest and more; businesses such as protection for Freeport in Indonesian invaded West Papua (Irian Jaya). So maybe we should call SBY “Suharto Bush Yudhoyono” instead?

So what happened at the UN over Iran’s nuclear program Suharto Bush Yudhoyono? As only few short months ago Indonesian House of Representatives Speaker Agung Laksono stated that Indonesia supported Iran’s nuclear enrichment program and even wanted a slice of it (alarm bells in Canberra)! Yet in the recent UN Resolution proposing sanctions against Iran for its nuclear enrichment program you had your UN boy vote for the resolution SBY, why? Then came calls for a house inquiry into why you went against the Indonesian Government’s (ha) wishes, but that seems to have been hushed up now as well, why? Is it because you were able to tell the Indonesian House of Representatives, renowned as one of if not the most corrupt institutions on this planet, exactly what had been agreed with the USA and others behind closed doors if you voted for the resolution?

After all, let us be clear and frank about all of this. The United Nations is actually too often a contradiction in terms, being born of typical American name feigning and post WW2 political ambitions. Its so called “Security Council” doing little for global security with its original five post WW2 victors as the only “permanent members” and a few carefully selected countries, now including Indonesia as “temporary members”, who have little power to change what the permanent members (USA, UK, Russia, China, France) decide. And why do you think Indonesia got its seat on the Security Council in the first place? Was it because the USA and Britain can rely on the nastiness and greed of the TNI and Golkar to de facto support their “ambitions” in SE Asia? Was it because having the world’s most populous Muslim nation makes good UN PR while having those red, white and blue puppet strings effectively make that fact meaningless?

SBY, you, the TNI and Golkar (who pull your strings) are all sell outs; we are right aren’t we? Although we do not support for one moment the idea of the RI getting involved in uranium enrichment, oh lordy no! The fact is that you are towing the Washington / London / Canberra line. Don’t think so? Then let us look for some “coincidences” that occurred around the same time as the highly dubious UN security council resolution vote for the motion by Indonesia.

Hmmm, SBY’s need to deflect domestic and foreign attention regarding the facts of Indonesia’s terrible and inherently unsafe aviation industry (see: Indonesian Airports) by blaming the spate of recent crashes on “old” aircraft and then ordering airlines to buy new ones seems to attract a coincidental “by the way”. By the way, did anyone else notice that Boeing were selling state owned Garuda Indonesia Airlines a fleet of nice shiny new aircraft at what many believe is below their own cost price (what it cost Boeing to manufacture, deliver and support those aircraft for)? Of course the normal "proven" Indonesian procurement process involves “3rd party” purchasing agents (companies owned by government ministers and / or the TNI), so maybe the actual price Garuda and its customers end up paying will be a “tad” more! Mmmm, you can almost hear those wallets groaning with the extra weight in Jakarta!

Then Singapore, which had effectively trumped Indonesia recently in the sand / granite “war”, signed up to the very thing which started the war (by Jakarta), an extradition treaty. You see, Indonesia had blocked sand and granite exports to Singapore which has a massive construction program. The export ban was “interesting” in that first Jakarta lied about why the ban was made, citing it was a worldwide ban due to land erosion, then the TNI showed they have not got out of politics as Jakarta claims they have as the granite ban came at the order of the Indonesian naval commander for the region! It was so funny though because Jakarta’s attempt to blackmail Singapore ended up with the tiny state getting its sand from Myanmar; Indonesia lost out! So why then did Singapore end up agreeing to an extradition treaty with Jakarta after fighting it for years and having won the battle? Could it have been because of US and British pressure?

Do not worry unduly though for Singapore and the Indonesians who reside there with billions of dollars they extorted out of the Indonesian economy, oh no! First these former Indonesian ministers and bankers are only enemies of Indonesia now because they are deemed to have stolen from the TNI and Suharto-Golkar brigade, not because they stole from Indonesia. After all it can not be about stealing from the state as Transparency International's corruption index indicates the TNI and Indonesian ministers do that in ever increasing amount to this very day. Second, as Singapore has warned Indonesia for many year, any extradition treaty with Indonesia is worthless on the basis anyone in Singapore served with an extradition request by Indonesian “prosecutors” would be able to appeal the order in the Singaporean High Court. Enter the problem that Indonesia’s rampantly corrupt and unjust judiciary is just enough cause for any extradition order to be overturned. Quite simply, because no-one can get a fair trial in Indonesia, no decent court can send someone there! But at least Jakarta can now lick its lips with its unrealistic dream of getting non-TNI / Golkar extorted money back; fat chance!

Of course and also Australia recently signed up to it’s so called “Security Agreement” with Jakarta which basically wrote off Canberra’s obligations under their International human rights agreement. It seems “funny” that the USA appears to have got Indonesia to vote against its arch enemy Iran at a cost to Australia. Maybe this notion will help to remove Mr. Howard at the next election.

Plus of course billions of dollars of aid still pour into Indonesia, despite the fact as a Group 20 “nation”, one of the 20 most wealthiest countries in the world, the RI does not need such aid but for the fact so much, perhaps 75% of the nation’s coppers disappear into private bank accounts. Of course all that aid and international “co-operation” with the USA and other western powers earns billions more of dollars for Jakarta’s preferred foreign partners, but that does little for the everyday people of Indonesia or the USA / Britain / Australia for that matter. But boy, the USA’s political and military ambitions regarding Iran sure got served well huh SBY? And major US, British and Australian Corporation shareholders sure get a good deal out of your and TNI-Golkar’s foreign allegiances n’est pas? But the Indonesian Government’s original (before they counted the profit) and Javanese people’s ambitions to have a nuclear bomb, sorry "program" sure got canned, huh?

The problem for western citizens though goes beyond the fact the everyday Joe Blow gets nothing out of all of this except an increasing worldwide hatred of them courtesy their country’s foreign policies, it is just one more straw on the donkey’s back which may well one day see the people of Indonesia say “enough is enough” and faced with little other option (socialism and regional parties being banned in Indonesia), turn the RI into the next fundamentalist Islamic state; memories of the US made conditions that pushed Iran into becoming such a state. What do you think about that prospect Bush, Blair, Howard and mini-Suharto? We think it is one more reason for boycotting anything Indonesian right now, to stop the rot before it is too late.

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