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UN confirms Bali’s police commit torture and other human rights crimes.

UN confirms Bali’s police commit torture and other human rights crimes.
By Eric Ellis Fan Club
Nov 25, 2007, 07:07

Manfred Nowak, senior UN human rights monitor
After years of denying access to or otherwise obstructing the UN Human Rights Council, Indonesia finally allowed the special rapporteur on torture, Manfred Nowak, to visit the archipelago including Bali; Mr. Nowak’s report is unsurprisingly damning and confirms the Balinese police use torture and commit other human rights violations. Of course the level of brutality by the corrupt Balinese police pales into almost insignificance with what goes on in North Sulawesi and other regions, and it was of no surprise that this UN human rights monitor was denied access to the worse human rights abuse areas. Mr. Nowak said in summary of his visit “The problem of police abuse appears to be sufficiently widespread as to warrant immediate attention” and regarding police immunity “In all the meetings with government officials nobody could cite one case in which a police officer was ever found guilty and sentenced by a criminal court for ill-treatment or other abuse of a detainee.” Mr. Nowak visited Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, South (not North) Sulawesi and a carefully stage managed short visit to West Papua.

So now every step of the so called judicial process in Indonesia, including Bali has been exposed officially as not just corrupt, but also illegal in that victims of unlawful criminal investigations and prosecutions are also subjected to human rights abuse, including beatings, yes beatings in Bali. In fact Mr. Nowak cited sufficient evidence existed to show the Indonesian police and jail officers used systematic beatings, electrocution and even shooting detainees in the legs as part of their regime of terror against human beings in custody. You may recall it was not that long ago Human Rights Watch detailed evidence of rape and murder by Indonesian police as part of their portfolio of interrogation methods, particularly in West Papua under the term of then police chief of that illegally invaded and suppressed territory, Made Mangu Pastika, former police chief also of Bali and governorship election contender; we will come to Made Pastika again a little later.

Foreign tourists in Bali looking at seafront land for sale on Uluwatu's cliffs
Anyone with an IQ above that of the threatened orangutans of Kalimantan not brainwashed with brand name “Bali” must wonder why the hell it is therefore that so many governments, expatriates and tourists continue to not just ingratiate this hate state, but portray it as a different form of legitimacy, with Bali somehow not Indonesia and a paradise. After all, the Indonesian state is estimated to have murdered more of its citizens in the last 40 years than Burma / Myanmar. Also the facts show that Indonesia is just as much a military dictatorship with the so called government in Jakarta simply a civilian administration "elected" within draconian political party limitations and wholesale election fraud. So why is Rangoon the subject of International condemnation while Jakarta gets praise, a seat on the UN Security Council, billions of foreign aid which the donating governments all know is subject to extortion and misuse by Indonesian murderers in uniform to commit yet more human rights abuse? Why is it the police in Bali commit human rights abuse and nothing is done about it expect for foreigners to describe the island as a paradise with a judicial system that is different but which actually works, when clearly the facts prove it is not and does not? The answer is easy enough; selfish agendas, de facto enslavement pandering to nasty untenable foreign tourism egos, self-interested foreign policy and consumerism. Some of which is already starting to backfire with threatened foreign owned villa closures, advanced Russian military equipment procurement and de facto Sharia law.

The ignorant bleatings and self-serving, falsehood purveying nonsense is clearly shown on virtually every foreign owned travel forum and blog for Bali, with the consumerist wolves in sustainable sheep’s clothing harping on how they love and are helping the Balinese by continuing to go to Bali with their bags of peanuts and chicken feed, claiming they have verified what they do and where they stay is 110% ethical and Balinese friendly, while all along they fund hotels owned by the Suhartos, drink alcohol supplied by TNI owned wholesalers and boast how they negotiated down to cost some tacky item from a poor Balinese market vendor who can no longer afford rice for the family dinner table.

Of course the mass tourism sheep are led there by their own government’s highly selfish foreign agendas, where political parties operate from donations provided by business entrepreneurs and major share holders, whose corporations make billions of dollars of profits from actual or de facto closed bid contracts from Jakarta where the true market value of what they mine or pump or do is never realized by Indonesia because a deal is done that benefits certain Indonesians only. Just look at how Indonesia involved foreign corporations like BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto can turn a downward Australian stock market back into positive territory; great for the major shareholders but not truly (despite the claims otherwise) of benefit to everyday Australians. So then the foreign governments pour aid into Indonesia, which they know gets filtered off through corruption, plus provide limited selective programs for the betterment of some Indonesians, while publicly endorsing Jakarta at home and on the world stage in order to pander to the crooks and hate mongers, ultimately to maintain and increase their corporate market share of Indonesia, Inc.

The foreign tourist sheep to Bali also have the particularly selfish expatriate community and western media to turn to for support of their consumerist needs for a cheapo holiday with smiling Balinese foot servants, pandering to their every “need”, while all along ingratiating and falsely purporting what they and their tourist dollars actually do for the Balinese. You only have to look at the average house and wage of an expatriate in Bali in comparison with that of a Balinese to understand something a tad beyond disparity exists. Oh, so the expatriate community is bringing something to Bali are they? So why then do they market “Balinese style this” and the main reason for coming to Bali is the people themselves? No, the spin, the yarn is there but the fabric is woefully missing. And it is not just about economic advantage providing grateful smiling slaves and a sick sense of superiority, while all along nosing a claim to love the Balinese. No, no; it goes beyond that, it extends to full blown Animal Farmism with the pigs in Jakarta at the top having learnt to walk on two legs, the dogs the local Indonesians (including those born in Bali with Balinese names and foreigners who have become Indonesians) that control the Balinese, the sheep that are the everyday foreign expats and tourists, with the Balinese the hens (if they are lucky) and other, lower ranking animals.

The foreign sheep, with reference to George Orwell’s classic, come to say and believe “Four legs good, two legs better”, a perversion of the law “Four legs good, two legs bad!”. “Above” the foreign sheep are the ranks of the middle class Indonesian blight plus the failures of / on the run from justice expatriates of Bali; the literal and figurative dogs of the island. The foreign sheep and dogs in Bali with their low IQ’s and / or plain selfish lack of humanity and corresponding sense of elitism, do wrong to the chickens and lower Balinese animals on the pretence they are helping them, while all along showing their clear contempt for others within their perverted misunderstanding of equality.

An example of a foreign Indonesian dog must be Eric Ellis, a nepotistic award winning reporter who contacted us in August 2005 in a clearly subversive attempt to establish the identity of Bali BS’s owners; you may see and realize we can not be identified as we and our families in Indonesia would be subject to human rights abuse at the hands of the authorities. Eric Ellis contacted us on the basis he was interested in what we had to say from a journalistic point of view after we published an article about Schapelle Corby’s unlawful investigation and trial, which of course also stated how the Balinese suffer under Bali’s notoriously corrupt police. To jog your memories we are neither saying Schapelle Corby is innocent or guilty; we do not set ourselves up as judge and jury as so many feel able. All we said and say to this day is the investigation was flawed (police tampering with evidence), the trial was unlawful (accused rights to a legal presumption of innocence not being observed and defense evidence being ruled inadmissible), and that under the letter of Indonesian and International law the verdict was therefore unlawful. It amazes us that in the EU, Australia and USA criminal convictions are overturned on the basis some of the evidence is later shown to be unreliable, while in Bali evidence that has been blatantly and massively tampered with is somehow admissible, and hacks like Ellis condone this.

Australian born Eric Ellis asked us to provide contact information without guarantee of confidentiality (a clear breach of his trade's code of conduct) but we decided to do a little easy research on him first, before even considering such a request. It transpired Mr. Ellis won an award for an article he wrote praising the Indonesian and Balinese police and judiciary for their conviction of Schapelle Corby. Ellis described the Australian people who supported justice for Schapelle Corby as “whingers” but somehow failed in that article to disclose he owns a villa in Ubud Bali and with it likely has some selfish motivation for such complicit civil and human rights betrayal. He also failed to mention that he has direct access to and values his relationship with none other than Made Mangu Pastika, and that saying anything other than the police investigation was legitimate would cost him that relationship and probably a lot more. Eric Ellis who no doubt feels safe with his Aussie passport and special pro-Indonesian relationships, probably never having to suffer corruption to any degree in Bali himself because of his media safety net, feels he is able to sentence another person to 20 years in an Indonesian jail in which the UN says they are likely to be abused; well, Eric Ellis truly is a dog n’est pas? Ellis even went on to deride Corby’s family and background as if to say she did not deserve justice coming from humble origins as any true blue Conservative come closet fascist might; Ellis less a traitor, more a born to be nasty nose lifter. So we declined to give him the honour of passing our personal details to his dog come pig acquaintance Pastika as you will understand.

We believe Eric Ellis is a very typical representative of the expat dog community [sic] in Bali given the text of his article against poor Corby. Ellis’ opening statement “The Bali expats and intelligentsia are disgusted by Australia’s racist reaction.” clearly showing he believes he is one of that intelligentsia, a contradiction in terms given Bali has only slightly better numbers of scholars than Antarctica. Also anyone that knows the real Balinese will also know they would never express any such disgust as Ellis claims; only the Indonesian dogs do that. Eric Ellis then going on to partially quote and therefore misquote a Deakin University professor as saying “The West, including Australia, has been at Indonesia for years to fix the corruption in their legal system and yet when it works in largely the manner its supposed to, we don’t like it”, in an attempt to legitimize the unlawful Corby conviction and law enforcement generally in Ellis’ new found sty. Congratulations Eric, we believe you have become an Indonesian with an Australian passport; bully for you pal. We are sure the no other option, grateful rice bowl to rice bowl doting Balinese around you add to your false sense of benevolence and legitimacy. We say you can not see beyond your own big fat ugly Tory nose and privileged position in the Animal Farm called Bali. We just hope the real Bali or should we say Indonesia will actually show you personally what it is about one day, and have no doubt you would squeal like a pig and then cluck like a chicken if it ever does. We hope your blue nose one day gets the treatment it deserves from real people, be they Balinese or Australians disgusted at your literary filth.

Of course the foreign sheep going to Bali despite the facts feel safe because of what the pigs in their own governments and foreign dogs like Eric Ellis already in Bali say. But hopefully as small rays of hope for the truth becoming increasingly offically made and therefore more widely accepted, like the report from the UN rapporteur on torture and the Balibo ruling by a decent and just Australian, Dorelle Pinch, plus a new Australian Prime Minister who has said he is there for all Australians and the people responsible for Balibo must be brought to justice. Hopefully, finally, self-interested hacks like Eric Ellis will shut the hell up and more foreigners will wake up to the fact that going to Bali does not support the Balinese in any way shape or form. You only have to look at Burma / Myanmar where western oil companies through offshore subsidiaries avoid sanctions and where western tourists still go on holiday despite the more open, honest coverage of that regime to understand uncaring consumerists with feigned ethics will still go to Bali. But hopefully, just hopefully, enough truth not selfish hogwash can be told about Bali to change foreign perception about the very real animal farm there, even if that ultimately costs Indonesian dogs like Eric Ellis their villas and their subservient Balinese staff. And hopefully, yes it has to be said, increased awareness will see justice, not police lynching and a kangaroo court rulings for human beings like Schapelle Corby.

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I have experianced police corruption many times in Bali, usually small police fines which i probably deserved but they can be negotiated and go straight to the officers pockets. As for shelby, i dont understand why drugs were brought from australia - bali, the drugs would cost more in australia and be worth less in bali, obviously they would be makeing a loss , should they have been exporting bali - europe i can see where blame lies but this is suspicious, why werent police wearing gloves, this should have been thown out of court for tampering with evidence,