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Ode to Bali’s Made Pastika after October 1st 2005

Ode to Bali’s Made Pastika after October 1st 2005
By Bali BS News
Oct 12, 2005, 07:28

Made Pastika
So called humble police chief hero of the people from humble origins.
General Made who admits he knowingly joined a corrupt police force and got through it by turning a blind eye.
Made, by his own words shows he knows corruption goes on, with police taking money to drop charges against his force’s victims, and by his own words even implies he receives corruption money himself, personally.
A General who the FBI want to question over his apparent cover up of the killing of two foreign volunteer aid work teachers in August 2002, which many believe was committed by the Indonesian military in retaliation for security sanctions against Indonesia.
Made Pastika who refuses to discuss this likely state terrorist event with the FBI yet is somehow worthy of people’s trust and even admiration in all other respects.
A man who came back to Bali to take over from police chief Budi Setywan who let the October 2002 bombers through and then conducted unlawful investigations against those who criticized his force’s lack of diligence instead of hunting the bombers.
Made Pastika, a man who de facto accepts his own police officers are inept, probably through corruption, and has to ask foreign officers to come in and do his job for him.
For ignoring corruption, so he says, and for letting others do his job, Made becomes Time Magazine Asia’s policeman of the year and gets the Order of Australia medal from none other than premier John Howard; Made, hero of Bali [sic].
Pictures of Made pasted on glossy pages piously praying at a northern Bali temple, making him appear one with Bali when by token of being a police officer in a country where the population justifiably hate the boys in brown, he can never be.
Made Pastika whose subordinates show how inept they are when they handle evidence bare handed and en mass.
General Made Mangku Pastika who now enjoys knee-jerk praise and adolation from tabloid western journalists who clearly know as much about research as they do about good taste.
Such high views which gave yet more foreigners the confidence to come to Bali again in September 2005; lambs for the slaughter on October 1st.

Yet you ignored people who told you about your lazy, money orientated officers taking back-handers while on anti-terrorism duty at Bali’s ports didn’t you Made?
Yet you ignored your own president who warned Indonesia was expecting a major attack during September or October 2005, that’s right isn’t is Made?

General Pastika you have a highly questionable past at best and are as bad as the terrorists at worst, in that you may even be a state sponsored terrorist yourself.
We think you are a fraud, and a dangerous one at that.
Be the man and hero some people say you are.
Apologize to the victims and their families.
Apologize to the people of Bali.
Confess in writing all that goes on in your force and your involvement too.
Declare your assets and incomes.
Then resign and receive our grateful thanks.

God bless the victims of Bali’s terrorist attacks.
May their deaths and injuries not go in vain.
May the truth be told and the full supporting cast of this nasty act find true justice.
May the deceased’s’ family and friends and those injured be given what they need to help deal with their pain, including honesty.
May Bali one day get a real police chief and police force able to protect human life, rights and civil liberties, not their own back pockets.
May the world wake up and protect its family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

made pastka has some very dodgy mates amongst the scum who masqueraded as federal authority under johnnyscum howards regime... datpaulguy padangbai 2002