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Bali estate / cv evolusion, Michael Donnelly, Donald Storen, Bali drugs and more bongos

Bali Barf: dirty laundry welcome!
Bali estate / cv evolusion, Michael Donnelly, Donald Storen, Bali drugs and more bongos
By The Tom Toms
Jan 30, 2007, 08:20

We have received the following messages from various people. Some have allowed us to name them fully, others just initials, others have asked for total anonymity. In compliance with the law, we give any person named here below the right to reply and to have their text (no more than 1000 characters including spaces please) subsequently published at the bottom of this page. Both the messages below and any responses are subject to edit. We always respect any appropriate (US/EU) law enforcement requests for data to help confirm the identity of any person making false allegations. What we publish here says a lot about Bali, irrespective of whether the allegations are true or false, although we believe we have good cause that everything said here is pretty much accurate!

1) Eli Gattenio and Soraya Gattenio of Bali Estate (submitted by Ruby Desmond)

I would like to tell you about about an expierence that I had with a real estate agent here in Bali. The people in question are Eli Gattenio and Soraya Gattenio they run what is now called Bali estate also known as cv evolusion.

They have ripped off many people both Balinese, expats and tourists, what they do is you sign a contract and they will be very friendly then when you move in they then hire corrupt police and immigration officers to screw you over if there plan works and your booted off the island, and then they rent out the villa.

He is also known to sell crystal meth known as ice this man is very dangerous and will use violence. When they dont have the money to pay there staff he fires them and threatens to bring in the police hence the poor locals are afraid and lose out.

He also has ripped off many expats one in question the owner of tropical pools owing many thousands of dollars for pool chemicals etc. It is also known that he has raped a number of girls in drug fuelled binges and pays off the police to keep it quiet

2) Donald Storen (submitted by Geri Le Vinge of Cairns, North Queensland)

As a former Australian employee of this distasteful individual I am not at all surprised that he is in jail and on charges in Bali.I was defrauded of well over $10,000 by him, The man has not a shred of guilt or common decency and it is gratifying to me to see that at last he may get his just deserts and not be able to beguile and talk his way out of it by pretending to be kind and innocent.H e also has over $5,000 worth of traffic fines against him by the police in Queensland, is twice bankrupt and has also robbed by deception many businesses and people in the region of Far North Queensland. H e can charm the leaves off the trees when it suits him but I pity anyone who gets involved with him as he has no conscience or concept of right or wrong only his twisted desires and greed. I just thought I should set the record straight on his nature and the kind of person he is. Whether he is guilty or innocent it is gratifying to see that someone has finally made a public charge so that never again can he hide behind his name or actions.

Bali BS says: Our story on Don storen actually was about the fact Indonesian justice [sic] is about extorting money from and persecuting foreigners, see: Senggigi Reef Resort Lombok.

3) John M. Daniels (AKA Jack Daniels) (submitted by AS)

Have you ever noticed how Jack keeps his personal relations quiet? Perhaps the reason is that his relations involve paying local kupu kupu malams (Bali BS note: “kupu kupu malams” means literally “night butterflies” and refers to prostitutes) to support his blubber for 5 minutes, which he arranges through his good buddy and renowned brothel tour guide Bill Warden? (Bali BS note: We heard through someone else of another belief that the increased number of Thai lady boys seen in Sanur lately was something to perhaps do with Daniels, which would fit in with his apparent choice of Pattaya as a "holiday" destination, see Bali Update).

4) Michael Donnelly and Balinese wife Made Jati (submitted by NM)

During their marriage they built up considerable wealth together. However he found out that over the course of the last few years of his marriage Made Jati was attempting to get Michael to sign their joint assets over to her in a surreptitious manner.

She would put documents written in Indonesian under his nose and ask him to sign it. Michael speaks Indonesian very well but as a loving, trusting and unsuspecting husband he had no idea of his wife's clandestine, treacherous behaviour. Don't forget - he was running a business and was signing documents all day long. If you can't trust your wife who can you trust? Well, she was slipping in legal documents in among the ordinary stuff hoping he wouldn't find out.

When Michael discovered what was going on, he uncovered the can of worms and went for divorce. During the proceedings, Made Jati made claims and counter claims as a way of obstructing the case. Michael had to defend himself but discovered that the majority of documents he needed in is defence she had had stolen.

What's more, she lied repeatedly in submissions to the court, got family and friends to lie in support of her case and attempted to bribe members of Bali's Police Force. Michael also had to post security guards outside the house. (It is very typical of Balinese of get violent and threatening once their crimes have been uncovered, for fear of it becoming widely known).

Michael did orginally use Balinese lawyers but found that his lawyers were talking to Made Jati's lawyers secretly with regards to deciding the verdict before the case was heard and agreeing who got what commission. In other words the lawyers were acting in their own best interests rather than the client's. Michael sacked his Balinese lawyers in favour of Maharidzal, a Javanese lawyer who doesn't speak Balinese.

This is a landmark case because it sends out a very clear warning to the treacherous Balinese. I have only given you the jist of the story here but if you speak to Michael you will be in for some real shocks and a real insight into the Balinese mindset. While there are good Balinese people, the bad ones are very, very bad indeed.

You can see his website at

Bali BS says: Thanks for that NM, although we do think this is mostly a personal thing and a problem experienced all over the world. We put your entire message up though to be fair, although our interest is the part regarding the corrupt Balinese lawyer syndrone again; don't use a lawyer in Bali! As for Michael Donnelly's web site, we have to say it does rather reflect what we think about most Bali expats; a little short on the plot.

4) Tourism figures (submitted by JF)

I am sick to death hearing about how Bali’s tourism is recovering. That we are only a few percent behind normal. Each month is getting better. Everyone knows the Bali Tourism Authority lie about the foreign arrival figures. Where are all these people? I know there has been a number of cheap, and I mean cheap package deals bringing people from neighboring ASEAN countries to Bali, but all they do is eat as much as they can at the buffet breakfast and then drink water in the hotel all day! The only thing Bali does in volume is lie, and not very well.

5) Paranoia or crystal ball? (submitted by NM)

I will gladly be sending you my story very soon. The whole archipelago is populated by predatorial psychopaths who destroy the lives of innocent, well meaning westerners.

You will be shocked and horrified and I hope that you reply before the end of Jan 2007, as I might have been murdered by then. No, I'm not kidding.

Bali BS note: It is the end of January and we have not heard from Nick!

6) My children and the corrupt child trafficking system (submitted by Gary Powell).

(Bali BS explanation: We believe Gary Powell alleges that his estranged wife ran off with their money years ago and now is trying to extort what little Gary has left / can get. We understand his wife previously signed a full and final custodial agreement giving Gary legal custody of their sons with a legally binding settlement witnessed by four people, “signed over meterai”, with a notarized copy from the US Embassy supplied to the Courts of Indonesia. Gary alleges his wife took the money and ran off to Bali over 2 years ago for a life of drunken debauchery leaving him to raise their children. That she recently contacted him demanding more money from him but he refused, so she is using the corrupt Indonesian judiciary to force Gary to give her more money, which he refuses to do, or she will ruin his and their children's lives by getting custody of the them through corruption.)

Now comes Judge Azza. She doesn’t know me. She doesn’t know my sons (although we tried to meet her on three occasions). Judge Azza only knows that she is a couple of thousand dollars richer, or her career was enhanced...
The Judge made a ruling that my two sons should be taken from me and given to their mom.
To a mom who wasn’t even present to hear the verdict. A mom who is lost in puber dua world somewhere in Bali or Australia, no one knows for sure – except perhaps her high powered celebritis attorneys.
Utterly stunned on hearing the verdict this Father approached the Judge and asked, "How do I tell my sons your decision?
They will be devastated! They haven’t heard from their mother in two years – not even an sms on their birthdays?"
The Judge coolly said, "Don’t tell them. File your appeal".
This Judge then gave me 14 days to file the appeal while at the same time withheld the salinan for 13 days.
The mom’s brother called me last week. He tells me of a meeting their family held. The mom said that her attorneys are
"100% certain" they will win again in appeal. Now how can they know that? Did they pick the appellate judge?
The family has already made plans to titip Jake and Ran with a family member here in Jakarta. The mom will continue her singles life in Bali but will share the monthly support with the family.
Jake and Ransom – who don’t even speak bahasa indonesia will be thrust into a non-english speaking environment – where they are only seen as a meal ticket.
Indonesia, your Judges are engaging in CHILD TRAFFICKING. Innocent souls for money.

7) That fraud ex-police chief Made Pastika (submitted by JS)

I see ex-mafia Bali police chief Made Pastika has got over his suspected heart attack (shame) and has been opening his nasty, uneducated mouth again. Now he is spouting off about how Bali’s police should prevent the local drug dealers from making Kerobokan and Denpasar jails the safest and cheapest place to buy narcotics; it is a fact inmates have easy access to cheap drugs there. Of course now Pastika is in charge of the anti-narcotics squad in Jakarta where he belongs in the geographic sense as a sold-out Balinese can open his big fat mouth in false piety. Shame he never did anything about the problem while he was police chief in Bali huh? After all, the Michelle Leslie case where thousands of AUD went missing in extortion and bribes revolved around the Aussie gal’s second positive blood test; the first test taken upon her arrest was negative, yet the second one taken while she was in jail was positive, which means she either got drugs in prison or her blood sample was spiked. My money is on the first one, that Leslie took drugs while in Kerobokan jail. There are numerous reports from inmates reporting cell bosses expected their “bitches” to buy drugs from them even if they are not druggies, and that failure to actually take drugs they were coerced into buying is taken as a sign of being a traitor and disrespectful. Pastika knows all of this of course and then opens his big fat mouth instead of doing something about it like all Indonesian police officers who have larger bank balances than their salaries provide for yet feel the need to open their ugly traps in an attempt to convince the world they are good, honest, real, decent police officers. Made Pastika is Anjing Kurap (Bali BS note” Anjing Kurap is a serious Indonesian insult meaning literally “Ringworm infested street dog”).

I would ask decent people also to remember that Pastika did nothing about the street dealers who never got caught but always were ready to finger a western customer, or even plants drugs on one they did not like and then finger them. In the news recently are more westerners who have been arrested on drugs charges in Bali yet the dealer always gets away, ask yourselves why; because the dealer signals to waiting pimp cop a person has just bought and then “runs off” and is not chased. This is entrapment and one Made Pastika no doubt received financial reward from. When young westerners come to Bali and see the plethora of street dealers in the wide open they get the impression it (taking drugs) is somehow accepted (like in the USA where it is illegal but a misdemeanor offence). Little do they know (although should be told by their hypocritical governments who say nothing to avoid upsetting Jakarta) the dealers are placed their by police pimps who both take a share in the sales and then occasionally “crack down” on drug users. It is a farce and Pastika is a part of it. Recently I saw that Bali’s police have cracked down on dealers; BS, the dealers are in the same number on the streets like before. The dealers the police arrest are those who do not pay them a commission and / or those who they have set up.

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