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Donald John Storen Senggigi Reef Resort Lombok

Don Storen (left) with Tropicana Club owner Robin Findlay and "friends" having a merry gay old Christmas time!
Donald John Storen Senggigi Reef Resort Lombok
By The Lombok Phishing Community
Oct 4, 2006, 10:23

The story of Donald John AKA Don Storen, manager of the luxury Senggigi Reef Resort in Lombok has been well played out and sterilized by the corrupt Indonesian mafia police and doting foreign media hacks. When Don Storen was arrested in July of this year one major Australian news organization went so far as to publish a story brandishing poor Don guilty as a pedophile upon his arrest by describing him as a child abuser who had been trapped by his young victims. So it is yet again foreign journalists with their own nasty self-interests play judge and jury in their rags over foreigners being prosecuted for alleged crimes in a country with the world’s most corrupt judiciary and a petulant history of hatred and injustice against westerners.

Please do not misunderstand us, we are not saying Don Storen is innocent, that he is not a practising homosexual or even pedophile. But unlike too many media hacks, we don’t sentence a man along with the evil and unlawful Indonesian judiciary, despite the presumption of innocent until proven guilty is enshrined in law, before that man’s day in court, or even after given the Indonesian's history of convicting innocent victims. For it does seem that Don is of questionable inclinations given the evidence we are privileged to, being the photograph we found of Don at Christmastime in the company of decidedly unusual looking young men (given the strict religious and cultural environment in Lombok), plus the fact the photo was taken at the Tropicana Club which “Utopia Asia” the “Gay Resource” site for Lombok says all the many local gays finish up at the end of the night, plus the statement by Storen’s own lawyer Umaiyah that Don is gay in almost predictable “Forget protecting the client, get all we can out” style [sic] of Indonesian lawyers (normally intent on working with police to extort all they can from a client). But it is the circumstances, investigation and trial yet again we wish to highlight for its injustice and serious flaws, which themselves show the world just how corrupt, nasty and anti-western the Indonesian authorities are.

First came the circumstances by which Don Storen was arrested. Four teenage Indonesian boys were found having broken into Don’s Senggigi Reef Resort hotel room, burgling him. Detained by hotel security and then handed over to the police, the boys claimed they were not burgling Don but had broken in to his room simply to remove items he had promised them in return for their coming back to his hotel room a few weeks beforehand to watch TV with him. The boys claimed Don had promised them new mobile phones and motorbikes; how amazingly generous of Don just to have them come and watch TV with him! Then the four youths informed police that Don Storen, 58 years of age, had forced all four of them to have sex with him and watch gay videos. Of course, aging Don, as you can see, has the physique to be able to so force 4 teenagers to so act against their will. The boys aged 13 to 15 years old then informed police that Don had only given them 30,000 Rupiah each which coincidently we are reliably informed is the going rate for a night with a Lombok rent boy, whom we are equally reliably informed hang out looking for customers on the beach where Don met them, hmmm.

So Don, who appears by token of his legally inept lawyer’s admission to the press in Jakarta, whose professionalism is so great he only has the one name, Umaiyah, is guilty at least of the illegal act of sodomy. Don who had been in the notorious rent boy area of Lombok for over 2 years, if the allegations are true, would surely have known the going rate for a night of illegal fun with each of these young men and the boys would have known at the very least about the consequences even expectations of men approaching youths on that beach. Yet these boys allege for some reason Storen said he only wanted that night to watch TV with them and offered them new mobiles and motorbikes on top of the 30,000 Rupiah they clearly must have expected. But when they all got back to his luxury hotel room, Storen forced the boys to watch homosexual movies and have sex with him? Sounds likely right? But of course the police investigation just adds insult to injury as far as common sense, equality and justice are concerned.

Absolving the boys of any criminal proceedings, of course nothing to do with the fact they had their hooks now into a “money tree” (foreigner) and that the boys would have little or no money to extort, the police decided to arrest Don Storen. What evidence did they have? Why, the testimonies of 4 upstanding young members of the community caught red handed stealing Don’s wristwatch and “criminal evidence” which proved that Don had sex with these boys. What “criminal evidence” was that? It was a statement by a non-specialist (local) doctor who inspected these boy’s anuses and found bruising around one he reckons is in keeping with the act of rough anal penetration (sex). The problem is though, that these boys alleged they went to Storen’s hotel room and were raped by him some weeks beforehand. Any signs of sexual intercourse from that night would therefore have gone. The evidence that one of the boys has had his anal passage “explored” by something or another is in fact not credible evidence against Storen but for him, as it shows the youth is a practicing rent boy and therefore was unlikely to have been raped by Storen given the fact the youth admitted having received the going 30,000 Rp rate from him.

But that does not matter, Lombok police chief Col Prayitno had due cause under Indonesian law and by Indonesian law enforcement standards to get at a money tree. You see it does not matter the “complaint” was made by 4 rent boy burglars and so called medical evidence that should acquit Storen, not convict him. The way of Indonesian law works is if you (the mafia police) can stand there and smile and nod alongside an equally corrupt prosecutor in front of an even more bent judge and produce evidence about which a 3 year old might say “Yes, seems fair enough a case to me”, you can get a successful prosecution or even better, a bribe.

Unfortunately for Don Storen his price for securing justice went up a) when his lawyer publicly blabbed Don admitted to having sex with men in Indonesia (maximum sentence 15 years), which no doubt reflected an earlier blab to police officers, and b) when the matter became public; the more public an investigation, the more that bribe will need to be of course. Not just that but poor Don also became a victim of racism and greed. You see once the boys’ families from the local fishing community became aware their pride and joy were under police detention alleged to have been caught burgling a foreigner’s hotel room, they marched on police HQ demanding justice of course. Don has since very painfully discovered two golden rules about breaking the law in Indonesia; a) Do not get a lawyer, they will only make matters worse and as they know only how to negotiate your bribe (which you can do yourself), which they get a percentage of, so it is in their interest to get the bribe amount as high as possible and b) Tell your staff don’t get the police involved if you do not have to as it will only cost you money (hence the old Indonesian saying “Report a stolen chicken, lose a cow”).

Fortunately for Don, he seems to be catching on quick as to what is expected of him in order to avoid copious amounts of time in an Indonesian prison where you have to pay rent (yes, you do) and buy your own food (yes, you do) and are likely to catch numerous very nasty diseases which may well see your sentence cut short by token of an early release in a body bag. Recent reports that the prosecution has dropped various charges are a clear indicator Don is stumping up some serious cash. This conjecture of ours seems to be somewhat confirmed by reports that the local fishing community forum / union leader Sri Sudarjo has told police and reporters that Storen’s friends have been offering the boys’ families bribes; they deny this naturally. Of course the likelihood is that Sri Sudarjo is only stirring it because he is not getting anything himself is besides the point! Plus news that the whole matter has somehow become a “closed hearing” not a public trial does nothing to give anyone faith that due legal process is being observed, but that rather money is changing hands.

It may well be from the face of it that Don Storen took 4 young rent boys home one night to watch dirty movies and have his way with them, for which he seemingly paid the going rate. But what of the boys and their acts and those of their families and local community [sic]? Why are they exempt from justice? The answer is as clear as the boil on the butt of mankind otherwise known as the illegal hate state of Indonesia; they are Indonesian and have no money to extort, Don Storen is a foreigner which the people hate through jealousy and who has plenty of money to extort. If you have any doubt of this just look to the news that the courts have stopped prosecuting people caught smoking in no-smoking zones in Jakarta because the fines do not cover the cost of the trial! Jeez, criminal trials have to be self-funding in Indonesia? Yes, they really do. We even wonder whether if the Senggigi Reef Resort Lombok which is owned or rather leased by former South Australian attorney-general Peter Duncan is helping or perhaps contributing to minimizing the consequences of this investigation, given it likely would not bode well with the wealthy guests of his exclusive resort the notion the manager had four rent buys in his hotel room! Oh yes, it seems Umaiyah, Col Prayitno, prosecutor Peri Ekawirya, the judges and family of these 4 young men have hit the jackpot.

The points as always we make are that;
a) Indonesia too often attracts a less than savory kind of expatriate who despite their untenable sense of pride, professionalism and publicly declared social benevolence are really wretches most decent people would avoid if only they knew the truth; hence the reason Indonesian expatriates have the worst reputations in Asia.
b) That no foreigner innocent or guilty will find justice in Indonesia, just extortion and hate.

To the decent expatriates of Indonesia we know exist; please, stop encouraging others to come to the archipelago of hate and consider leaving it yourself for your own sakes. To potential investors in and visitors to Indonesia, please do not go; please understand you only put yourself at risk and also support the jealous hate that fuels the human rights abusing extortion which routinely goes on and manifests from the top, from the presidents themselves.

Please, boycott Indonesia.


Anonymous said...

If you play with fire you eventually get caught Don.

Many questions remain unanswered in Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Don Storen is from Adelaide and so am I. He is a predator and I know 100% he attempted to drug and sexually assult a young hetrosexual Adelaide man I know. That young man drove home after being secretly drugged by Don and crashed his car and nealy died. As far as I and my husband are concerned he deserves everything he gets,and more.

Anonymous said...

Lock up this dirty pervert

Anonymous said...

He FINALLY got what he deserves. Don and MANY other prominent Adelaide male identities have a lot to answer for, I should know, I was one of their MANY victims. Better watch out Leon B, you may be next.