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Bali BS is hitting home and touching nerves!

Bali BS is hitting home and touching nerves!
By Indonesian Immigration Supporters Club
Mar 7, 2006, 07:44

Bali BS now has over 17,000 subscribers to our Bali BS Update. This makes our Bali ezine (email news) service the largest and fastest growing, having overtaken even John Millard Daniels’ / Bali Discovery’s weekly “wobble” (“wobble” is a term we have started to use to describe deceptive Balinese / Indonesian spin which is so superficial that we believe it does not deserve ingratiating with the term “spin”, which implies a level of professionalism). Worryingly for the Indonesian Government as well though, our subscriber base is not formed primarily of committed Bali files (people who holiday in Bali no matter what because they have holiday homes there or enjoy the experience of subservient Balinese doffing their caps to them), but of Indonesian and foreign politicians, the world’s media, foreign government agencies, foreign travel agents, foreign investment experts, etc. It seems Bali BS is starting to meet its objectives, to have the outside world boycott Indonesia and its goods until its government and authorities live up to their elected and International obligations; primarily get rid of their nasty omnipresent corruption.

We also know we are hitting home within Indonesia as well by the number of death threats we and other similar sites report they are getting. The beauty of the Internet is that such death threats can be traced in many cases; we traced one back to a division or very important customer of Telkomsel. But we know from past experiences “Telkom” as they are more commonly known do absolutely nothing about substantiated user abuse complaints, even though this is their interconnect responsibility which they agreed to, so they are unlikely to be accommodating in this case too. And of course there is no point in us contacting the Indonesian police as they make their own rules up and only go after people they have a nasty mandate against. It is also interesting and all telling we do not get many “Why do you do this” emails, that Indonesians prefer to go straight for the “We will murder you and your family if we ever get our hands on you” messages. Yes, we have no doubt you murder people; we believe it fundamental to Indonesian culture [sic]. But the fact we get such mail and that it clearly comes from very connected individuals shows we are having the desired effect.

Apart from death threats we do also get quite a few emails of support, appreciation and unfortunately tales of misfortune at the hands of clearly a large number of unscrupulous Indonesians, including Balinese and nasty expatriates, which only goes to show we are right about how bad a name both the home grown and imported business community and middle / upper classes have overseas. Some emails also confirm to us that so many people go to Bali with perhaps child like love and trust in their hearts to absorb Balinese culture and bask in the perceived paradise, only to be taken advantage of by the rancid prevailing mob of human leaches that exit there. For example one Australian John Le Fevre has contacted us with a copy of his letter of appeal for help to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs in Australia, Alexander Downer. It is a sad letter and one that shows Mr. Le Fevre’s vulnerability because he mentions how he once went to his “tuan guru” who predicted more terrorist trouble in Bali, indicating John is or rather was another one of the rose tinted glass brigade seeking spiritual answers in Bali; but let not our evaluation or description diminish his humanity or rights.

Mr. Le Fevre accuses his former business partner Ida Bagus Wiryadi of colluding with immigration officials to approach him after engineering the sending of Mr. Le Fevre’s passport to Jakarta central immigration to apply for a KITAS work permit. Despite the fact Mr. Le Fevre claims to have shown the immigration officers, strange they should come to his house right then, a copy of his passport and existing valid journalist’s (photographer’s) visa, they took him into detention. After allegedly months of trying to resolve matters through the courts which the Immigration Service denied him, after having to spend many weekends locked up in an immigration cell room often without being given food and water when he should have been, after trying to fight deportation on the basis he was there legally in Indonesia under a reporters visa, he says he was finally deported after the immigration service accepted he had been there legally all that time but now was not as they had instructed Jakarta not to issue any further visas to him.

Mr. Le Fevre explained in detail how Ida Bagus Wiryadi has taken all of his money and all of his belongings, even his clothes. John Le Fevre claims he saw a local woman exchanging large sums of money, perhaps his with Ida Bagus Wiryadi, and later saw this same woman in, you guessed it, the Immigration Office. John Le Fevre alleges that the Immigration Service denied him his legal right to contend the matter in court and told the head of Immigration in Jakarta that Mr. Le Fevre provided no evidence that he been working as a journalist for overseas media organizations in order to get further visa applications denied, when he had provided a substantial amount of documented evidence which showed he had been doing exactly what he said he had. John Le Fevre has asked the Australian Foreign Minster for help in a clear case of collusion and corruption between his business partner and immigration who he claims unlawfully detained him, falsified reports against him and mutually stole everything he owned.

It seems John Le Fevre has discovered one of the nasty “tricks” of the Indonesian legal [sic] system, the Indonesian Police Complaints Procedure (click to see our report), where police officers have two sets of rules to decide which possible crimes they are made aware of to investigate; they chose the one that suits them! Proper efforts by Mr. Le Fevre to have the Indonesian Director General of Immigration, the Indonesian President, the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs and local officials look at his case failed in the typically nasty Indonesian government officer way; they all ignored him, no matter how hard he tried. But then ask any true decent police officer or judge (that will exclude anyone from Bali clearly) what type of person stays quiet when asked a direct question and they are bound to reply “Experienced criminals”. That’s right John, you are asking law enforcement officers more adept at committing crime then they are ensuring justice than to uphold the law!

Another email we received came from Mark Austin, of Austin vs. Jack Daniels / PT Bali Discovery Tours / The Corrupt Balinese Police fame. He forwarded an email exchange sent to him by increasingly notorious lawyer [sic] Anggia Murni Lubis who seems to have stopped calling herself Anggia Browne these days; can we take it your Aussie husband finally got sick of you Anggia?! The email exchange between them started when Anggia emailed Mark with what looks like a pyramid fraud charity donation request scheme. After Mark replied to Ms. Lubis wishing her a nice day but somewhat rejecting her kind offer to take a donation from him, Anggia responded with a taunt about Mark being unable to visit his wife’s family in Bali because of the fact bent police uniform wearing Tri Koncoro, also of Harry Bleckert / Bali SOS / CandiNet fame (extortion and unlawful police acts) and fellow corrupt officers wanted to unlawfully detain or even murder him. Lovely stuff Anggia; what a wonderful human being you are [sic], and your lawyer ethics / professionalism just cease to amaze us. But let us not forget that sufficient documented evidence exists to at least have Anggia’s lawyer license revoked and perhaps, hopefully, to put her in jail for collusion and extortion. Indonesia is changing Anggia, if you have lost your right to an Australian passport, one day soon enough you will be stuck in your self-created cesspool and have to either face a legitimate just legal system or Sharia law, the later of which would have you at home cooking pork free gouli and bakso all day! And do you think Mark Austin, who has a young family and lives in Portugal, a real country with schools where teachers do not rob their pupils, with neighbours that do not burgle your house while you are away, with a decent police force and judicial system. Do you think he really gives an Indonesian’s behind about not being able to spend a day and a half in aircraft and airports to fly all the way to your rat-eat-rat infested island? We think it is you that needs to worry about lack of travel plan options, not he!

We also received an interesting email from someone in Bali who demanded to remain anonymous about our least favorite travel agent, John Millard (AKA Jack) Daniels. Seems Jack is not a happy, popular or prosperous man these days! Apart from the downturn in tourism to Bali affecting business generally, the plethora of negative yet deserved publicity he and his nasty travel agency PT Bali Discovery Tours are receiving which negatively affects their business further, seems like Jack’s legal bill outside Indonesia is escalating beyond his means due to the legal action being taken by Mark Austin against him! Plus we are informed Jack has even been the victim of Balinese police corruption himself recently and had to pay to have alleged crimes he has been committing overlooked by Bali’s finest [sic] in brown uniforms. The report that J M Daniels is seriously strapped for cash and that his present condition including constant whining has meant many acquaintances, we avoided the term “friends”, are now avoiding him! Not only that but we are told Jack has been ordered to stop publishing details and interpretations of certain law and order matters dear to his heart (and wallet) by none other than the new Chief of Police in Bali, Inspector General Drs. Sunarko Danu Ardanto. Ardanto is actually a PR man rather than police officer in the true sense, and of course Indonesian PR is all about shutting up when faced with embarrassing truths. Which means Ardent probably takes being told and telling others to shut up as a complementally way of life, and is master not of conducting criminal investigations but of covering up badly conducted ones; seems like Ardanto is perfect for his new job except, of course, if you actually count law enforcement as what he is paid to do.

Finally a request; we are keen to receive emails from people who know specifics of corruption in Bali and Indonesia. We would also particularly like to hear from anyone who might have information regarding perhaps unlawful dealings between a certain EU member state’s consulate for Bali and a Balinese lawyer who was involved in the Schapelle Corby trial. Any information regarding this matter would be conducted in the strictest confidentiality of course, as would any information passed to us about any corruption, fraud and / or other unlawful acts being committed in Bali by government officers and members of the business community.

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i think this website needs to sepeate the balionese fom the indonesians, bali is a island of ich tourist oppotunitys, is it only balinese who live and operate there, no the balinese have the interest iof there isaland at heart its forgeiners and incomers fom other islands who bing the drugs-prostitution and crime, i think the website is unfair but is ight about police corruptyion, ive experianced this so many times