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Balibo, shame on Britain and Australia, you frauds.

Balibo, shame on Britain and Australia, you frauds.
By Christoforus da Silva
Nov 20, 2007, 06:11

The Balibo verdict means any Australian, Brit or for that matter New Zealander in, going to and / or investing in Indonesia is a traitor to what they say they hold dear.

Mohammad Yunus Yosfiah, TNI hero, senior politician, coward, liar, fraud, murderer, anti-western street dog.
Balibo has nothing to do directly with Bali but very much to do with Indonesia including Bali and we believe constitutes a defining moment when Australians and to a lesser degree Britons and New Zealanders will either lie down and take it from the state murderers in Jakarta for a buck they will never receive at expense of their own principles, or when they will live up to them and boycott Indonesia en mass. We say Balibo and the sickening statements from Jakarta, Canberra and London that followed it gives any decent minded human being due cause to not just boycott anything and everything Indonesian, and yes that includes Bali, but to stand up and act like real men and women when it comes to election time in Australia and the UK. It is quite possible the next generations of Australians will ask one day ask their parents and grandparents if they ever voted for John Howard and kick them down the street if they reply “Yes”.

Dorelle Pinch, NSW coroner should be voted in as Australia's next prime minister
First though, we want yet again to praise the dignity, honesty and sense of justice of an Australian lady by the name of Dorelle Pinch, the NSW coroner who reached a verdict of unlawful killing in the case of Brian Peters, a British reporter working within a 5 man Australian news team in Balibo East Timor in 1975. All five men (2 Brits, 2 Aussies and 1 Kiwi), after 30 agonizing years of seeking justice by the friends and relatives, heard the coroner rule they were butchered to death by Indonesian “Special Forces” in a premeditated act of murder which constitutes a war crime on several counts under the Geneva Convention. Further these murders we committed at the obvious instruction of the very “government” Australia and Britain go to great lengths to this day to support for purely political and economic gain; the so called leaders of Australia and the United Kingdom put corporate bucks before the rights and lives of their own citizens. News of Balibo and the murder of two British citizens by the Indonesian state has somehow failed to make the news in Britain and if you seach the Foreign and Commonwealth Office web site, there is not a single mention of Balibo.

Brian Peters, a British reporter murdered in cold blood with another British journalist, 2 Australian reporters and a New Zealand pressman after surrendering to Yunus Yosfiah and his brigade of TNI cowards
Down under, it is abundantly clear the Australian Government and Federal Authority did almost anything and everything they could to prevent the truth coming out, stooping so low as to apologize to the former governor of Jakarta Sutiyoso when Ms. Pinch rightfully sought to summons him for his possible role in and to give evidence regarding Balibo while he was in Australia without diplomatic immunity. The Australian Feds not only allowed Sutiyoso off the hook (he got on the next plane and high-tailed it back to Jakarta like a guilty coward would) but instructed their patsy in Indonesia, the Australian Ambassador, to apologize formally to him for the incident. Even the Australian Defense Chief, Chief Marshal Angus Houston, inappropriately opened his fat mouth to stand up for his friend, yes friend Sutiyoso and with it showed decent Australians he was a sell-out, not fit for his job. It is very clear given the unusually long time between the inquest hearing and when Dorelle Pinch finally gave her verdict, after several delays, the Feds and their top string pullers Downer and Howard were pressuring her to tow the official line; that the Balibo five were killed in crossfire. Good on yer Dorelle, you hold high the principles many Australians only claim to have, while so many of your peers lied down and rolled over for Indonesia.

Alex Downer, the nastiest, most anti-Australian man down under today?
Now the case has been referred to the Australian Attorney General with a recommendation from Dorelle Pinch that those responsible be tried for war crimes, yes war crimes under the Geneva Convention. Trouble is for the decent world and Australians that Alexander Downer (Australian Minister for Foreign Agendas) has already given clear indication that if John Howard, he and the other traitors of real Australian people get reelected, the Balibo incident will be buried again. You see, upon hearing Dorelle Pinch’s verdict and decision to refer the matter for a war crimes indictment against God knows how many senior Indonesian politicians, remembering most senior TNI officers go on to become politicians (including SBY and Suharto), Downer quickly pitched in claiming the Australian Federal Police as well as the Attorney General would have to “see what the status of evidence is, whether there is sufficient evidence” for an indictment to be made. While the Attorney General Philip Ruddock was trying to pass the buck or rather hot potato on to someone else claiming “it was not up to him to launch prosecutions against alleged war criminals”. So it seems Howard and Downer are passing this to their friends in the Australian Federal Police; yes, the same guys who sleep with corrupt Indonesian policemen and have even trained the Burmese Junta how to track down dissidents so they can murder them. Thing is guys, a tribunal (court) has made that assessment already; this review process circus therefore can have no possible function other than to unlawfully overturn a lawful verdict.

John Howard, Indonesian lacky and jack boot liberal? Down plays Balibo, prattles on about lap dancers! We pray decent Australians will deport Howard, not vote for him
It seems the only hope for justice in this world in this case is for Australians to kick Howard and his cronies out of office and elect Kevin Rudd who has indicated he supports bringing a war crimes charge against the Indonesian military at the UN and / or Commonwealth, or for the governments of Britain (yeh right, they have towed the official Indonesian line all along) and / or New Zealand to seek justice for their murdered citizens. Be of no doubt Australians, if you vote for Howard in a few days time you will be lying down, turning over and sticking your ungracious behinds in the air for Jakarta, not Australia! It says it all that when you ask non-Australians what political party John Howard belongs to. The answer often, if they do not know for fact, is “Tory?”, “Republican?” or even “Far right”; John Howard can go down in history as the first ever jack boot liberal! Oh well, fascist / Nazi Hitler was a national socialist after all. But why are Whitlam (previously) and Howard (presently) so keen to sanctify the indefensible illegal hate state of Indonesia? Simple, because having a pro-western murderous regime with a civilian administration instead of a true democratically elected government suites the USA, Australia and Britain’s regional and corporate aspirations. But do not be fooled cobber, these things do absolutely nothing for the everyday men and women of Australia, they simply ingratiate the power mongers and wealthy corporate shareholders.

Anyway, what exactly happened in Balibo according to true Australian Dorelle Pinch?

1) Australia and no doubt Britain and the USA knew Indonesia was going to unlawfully invade East Timor; evidence shows then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam knew at least a full 2 days before the Indonesian forces invaded, yet did nothing to protect Australian and other Commonwealth citizens who might be caught up in it.

2) Indonesian troops dressed up as Timorese “Fretlin” defense volunteers, as they feared they might be defeated otherwise by a much smaller and lesser equipped army (the Indonesian TNI are probably the most ineffective armed forces in the world as they have been trained to control and even murder civilians by the US CIA).

3) The guilty Indonesian military detachment led by Yunus Yosfiah, now a respected politician in Jakarta, knew the Balibo news team was there and hunted them down with the explicit order to murder them. This was confirmed by evidence from the Australian Defence Signals Directorate which intercepted Indonesian military radio transmissions at the time from East Timor confirming to Jakarta that the journalists had been murdered as per orders.

4) The two Australians, two Britons and one New Zealander were murdered after, repeat after they had surrendered to the invading Indonesian forces.

5) Since that time, despite knowing what really happened, Jakarta, Canberra and London have maintained that the Balibo reporters were killed in crossfire, when in fact they were shot and macheted to death and Yunus Yosfiah both gave the command to kill them plus took the honour of firing the first shot into a defenseless western journalist at point blank range. It should be noted that the Indonesian forces could not even kill unarmed civilians without botching it as two of the reporters made it to a house for safety but were then dragged out to be hacked to death. The way they were murdered goes beyond state orders; it shows the Indonesian troops involved enjoyed what they were doing.

Why did Jakarta order its troops to kill the five Balibo foreign reporters? Because they did not want film evidence of their dirty cowardly tricks, such as dressing up as Timorese soldiers, or their wholesale murder of East Timorese civilians making it to TV newsrooms and Newspaper editor’s desks around the world. Jakarta had invaded East Timor under the false pretence that it was going in to save Timorese civilians, so it did not want the world to have hard evidence they were actually going in to do the reverse. Plus the fact the rulers of Indonesia, street dogs from Java, Sumatra and South Sulawesi hate westerners, especially Australians; do not ever doubt it.

Jakarta’s reaction to the Balibo inquest is they are irritated by something they see as an internal Australian affair. Even the military controlled murder state’s civilian administration chief Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was quick to say that Indonesia did not accept the verdict, that the reporters were killed in crossfire and that it was a closed case which they would never look at; hmmmm. Opening up this old can of worms would show the world, besides the western politicians that support them and know already, just what an unlawful and illegal state Indonesia is to this day. You see, the TNI are never, ever going to allow their most decorated officer Yunus Yosfiah to stand trial for war crimes, especially when he was taking orders from even more senior officers and likely Suharto himself. Plus Mohammad Yunus Yosfiah, to give him his full name, is a member of the powerful People's Consultative Assembly and actually stood for election this year as chairman of the Muslim-based United Development Party, the third most powerful political party after Golkar (Suharto and Kalla) and the PDI-P (Megawati). Plus Yunus was Minister of Information in the Indonesian Government in 1998 to 1999 during which term evidence exists he was responsible for channeling government money to pro-Indonesian East Timorese militia groups to murder civilians (and peacekeepers) prior to the referendum, so his murderous ways lingered on and implicate virtually every powerful Indonesian politician in and out of office today. My word but if Yunus Yosfiah stood trial for war crimes outside Indonesia, every nasty piece of human garbage in office in Jakarta would be exposed.

Do not forget Indonesia still accepts no wrong in East Timor, both regarding the invasion in 1975 and bloody withdrawal in 1999, claiming no human rights violations were ever made except by the UN, Australia and Portugal of course. Do not forget Indonesia murders civilians to this day using the same tactics of blaming others and has never repeat never accepted fault over a single human rights abuse case, despite the fact Jakarta is reckoned to have committed more state murders than Burma (Myanmar). Do not forget the man Howard’s feds let off the hook and then sucked up to Sutiyoso, who was a senior TNI commander and reported to be involved in Balibo stands a good chance of being elected as Indonesian president in 2009.

So what are you going to do cobbers? Are you going to keep on sticking your pious noses in the air, making out Indonesia is somehow OK, pretending Bali is somehow not part of Indonesia, making out you have some high moral standing, falsely believing Howard’s jack boot foreign agenda puts dollars in your pockets while he dishes our his mix of almost racist domestic policies inciting the Neanderthals in you? Or are you going to kick Howard out and hold Rudd to his word (quote: "The people responsible for the Balibo Five murders in East Timor 32 years ago must be held to account") that justice will be done before your own children start kicking you? Because many analysts agree Indonesia is a time bomb and what the west has done and is doing is simply delaying what they created in the first place, making the inevitable explosion greater. So your descendants will have to live with the cesspit created by Uncle Sam with your help and which you are sustaining to this day across the Timor Sea. Howard and company deliberately make Indonesia out to be a potential military threat today, hence the need to befriend and massively financially support them. Actually tiny Singapore is more militarily capable right now according to military experts but murderous Indonesia has plans to change that and with Australian tax payers dollars no less. So the only reason for supporting Indonesia is to get a corporate shareholder piece of the stolen West Papua cake and closed bid oil and gas contracts around the archipelago, hoping the suppressed population will smile the theft by in perpetuity without grudge. Let us be candid, the everyday Indonesian people have every right and justification to hate Jakarta, the USA, Australia and “Great” Britain, and unless something about the illegal farce called the Republic of Indonesia is done soon, the bang when it comes will afflict Australia like no-one care imagine.

If you are British or Australian and you go to Bali on holiday or otherwise support Indonesia, you are traitors to your own stated values and your children. Do not travel to or invest in Indonesia until Brian Peters and his four friends are given the justice they deserve. Do not ingratiate the hate state of Indonesia with your dollars until they have fair elections, until the government runs the military (not the other way around), until all political parties are allowed (including regional, Christian, pro-Independence and yes, even socialist parties), until human and civil rights are respected and upheld, until those who committed state crimes against humanity in Indonesia are bought to justice and the victims compensated. Do not believe the BS that Indonesia is a democracy and ally of the west; they are enemies of humanity, despise foreigners (especially westerners) and friends only to crooks out to bleed the people of Indonesia of their natural resources and human rights. Do not vote for the foreign agenda cronies in your own elections. Cut off the money supply to the murderers in Jakarta and they will fall from power and the sooner the better for everyone’s sake, especially Australians.

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