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Indonesian risks and farces update!

Indonesian risks and farces update!
By Foreigner Preservation Society
Oct 2, 2006, 09:22

Previously we have warned people about the many risks, all born from Indonesian hatred through jealousy against foreigners and corruption, involved in spending / investing money in and / or stepping foot in Indonesia. Small matters like how the Indonesian mafia police at best are so inept and busy extorting money to stop terrorists, at worst actually support Al-Qaeda terrorist groups like JI. No-one said “Well done, you got it right” when we were alone in reporting the significant risk assessment of an impending bomb attack in Bali just days before the 2004 attack, but we have nailed the situation in Indonesia on the head time after time after time. When we reported the risks about bird flu in Indonesia due to governmental deception and failed promises, people thought we were just being militant. Well, now there are many credible reports of how the president of Indonesia down lied about bird flu in Indonesia and failed to effect the remedies they promised the International community to help prevent its spread. Now we have reports from the WHO that human-to-human (first stage) transmission of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus in so called “cluster cases” are occurring across Indonesia and the fact that even the official number of H5N1 cases (there is plenty of evidence most cases get suppressed by the Indonesian authorities) now makes Indonesia the worst affected H5N1 country in the world. What is really worrying though is the escalation factor in Indonesian cases which makes the possibility of human-to-human stage 2 (pandemic) flu outbreak which would likely kill a third of the world’s population more likely and soon.

So H5N1 in Indonesia is alarming experts while evidence of Indonesian Government lies and ineptitude “shine” through. In a recent example of what the Indonesian Government do wrong even when they keep to their promises, which is rare, millions of so called bird vaccines have been procured from China to “inoculate” the chicken population of Indonesia against H5N1. But of course, this is a total crock. The flu vaccine Indonesia got off the Chinese was not for the particular strain of H5N1 found in Indonesia, but for that found in China, and yes there is a big difference as the virus has mutated differently in different regions. Also the vaccine has not been clinically proven; the data provided by the Chinese is at best very optimistic. Yet Indonesia of course wants to fool the world that everything is safe and lovely and ripe for spending and / or investing money in Indonesia, so they have announced this as a miracle cure and end to the problem. Shame the increasing number of human infections, especially “cluster” cases where human infection occurs within a group of people with the only possible source of infection is another human in the group. The Indonesian Government can and do lie about everything, do not trust your health in their land of hate and lies.

Now is the season for JI to conduct bombings in Indonesia, including Bali. October to November, after the Muslim holidays is the traditional time for JI to go out and blow a few foreigners up. While Indonesian hacks and westerners with self interest bleat on about the reduced capabilities of JI to conduct bombings any more, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry has recently been hot on the tails of the Australian Federal Government to decrease their travel warnings for Australian citizens who are considering travelling to Indonesia; they want Australia to send more wallets, more lambs to the slaughter. If only the Indonesian Government would outlaw JI, perhaps we could all start believing they have the situation under control. The long and short of it is if you go to Bali right now, you must be bonkers as well as extremely selfish as your money does not help the Balinese in reality one single bit. The “I support Bali Brigade” really only support their own need for a cheap holiday and subservient persons fix; if they truly supported the Balinese, they would help them get rid of the corruption, human and civil rights abuse that ensures the Balinese can not achieve their social and economic aspirations.

Did the earth move for you? Funny (in a non literal sense) isn’t it that the UN appointed commission to study and report upon seismic and tsunami risk around the world is a load of rubbish according to the coffee bar experts of Bali! The fact remains the UN body report Bali is in an upper risk factor area from a significant subterranean earthquake which could cause a tsunami capable of wiping areas like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa and Sanur off the map, literally. We had one email from one angry Balinese official (education) clearly taken with Jack Daniels’ commission earning ruse regarding tsunami warning text messages to your mobile making it safe to go and paddle (see report: Jack Daniels Bali Jail). This "academic" informed us that people would receive a long enough warning of any tsunami now and anyway that the coral reef off Sanur would stop any tsunami from reaching the beach! Our amazed retort that a mobile text message 10 minutes after you were crushed by falling buildings and just 10 minutes before the tidal waves drowned you were as much use as a newspaper report that the town you were in had been nuked the day before was lost on him. So too was our response that tsunamis gain height and force not lose them when they reach shallow water, and that his point was mute anyway because Sanur’s coral reef is long dead. He replied “You got me there, I did not realize Sanur’s coral was dead”!

And the seismic activity around and increasingly closer to Bali goes on; Earthquakes here, earthquakes there and boiling mud coming to the surface in East Java. Indications that the ability to detect and therefore avoid tsunamis is also clearly lost on the Indonesian authorities comes each time there is a subterranean quake along one of the lateral fault lines around Sulawesi. What seems to elude them is the difference between fault lines and their ability, courtesy of whether they are moving against each other in opposite directions (lateral) or into each other with one being force above the other (vertical), to create a tidal wave. It is a fact lateral fault lines can not create tsunamis as only the massive displacement of water from a vertical fault quake is capable of this. But instead of reporting that each time there is a quake off the coast in Sulawesi along that particular lateral fault, the authorities report that no tsunami was created so as to underline their own ignorance and incompetence. It is this very amateurish way which means you can not believe anything an Indonesian official says because they either say what they do for financial reasons or are making it up as they go along, and not very well. The fact is that Bali is in a recognized tsunami (comparatively) high risk area, that the much wobbled tsunami warning system will not help anyone in the coastal areas of Bali which could easily suffer this fate, plus that seismic activity is increasing in the adjacent area and seems to be heading Bali’s way.

Finally, we thought we would reflect on Indonesia’s much abused narcotics laws (when it is a documented fact the Balinese mafia police conduct dubious investigations which would not stand trial in the west and actually plant drugs on foreigners to extort money from them – yes they do, just ask the former Czech consul to Bali). It is ironic is it not that so many foreigners get caught for narcotics possession and dealing in Bali but so few Indonesians do when you understand that around 90% of the drugs for sale come from Aceh (in Sumatra, Indonesia) and India. In fact, it is easy to buy drugs in Balinese jails because the local Golkar (Suharto) party youth section (Laskar Bali) control the business there, yet they never get arrested. Strange too how it is not OK under penalty of 15 years in jail to have a joint (outside the jail of course), but that it is OK for the rich and powerful cigarette factory owning Indonesian families to produce products deliberately made more addictive than western cigarettes and allow them to be smoked by children as young as 4 years old; yes they do! Research conducted in 2005 by Unpad, Padang's Andalas University and Yogyakarta's Gadjah Mada University showed the average age of when children start smoking in Indonesia is down to 7 years old.

It is time to wake up to the fact that Indonesia is rotten to the core and the only way to help the people of that country is to boycott it; don’t invest there, don’t go there, don’t buy their products. The short term pain felt by the Indonesian masses is certain to be better than the prospect of no prospects, of allowing the cancer to remain or even spread further if that is possible. Small investors and tourists should look at the news; despite President Yudhoyono’s AKA Mini Suharto’s without substance rhetoric about laying the foundations for foreign investment are seen for what they are by the experts and large corporations. Recently a major Mexican concrete corporation and Kuwaiti oil company have both pulled out of Indonesia. President Yudhoyono has reneged on his key election promises, he has pardoned Suharto of any corruption in such a way Indonesia has lost all chance of getting the money stolen from them and the International community back, he knows what his people and the world wants from him and talks the talk but delivers only more of the same. The institutions he set up to fight corruption such as the KPK are frauds. Mass human and civil rights abuse continues unabated under his leadership, freedom of speech has been removed. The only beneficiaries of this outside Jakarta are the rich western corporations who think nothing about human abuse or risk to the future. It is a farce that while the US, Britain and Australia preach about ethics and decent foreign policy, their corporations make their countries appear at the top of the worldwide “red list” for profiting from countries at the bottom of the human rights league.

The Indonesian Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) has slapped a disclaimer on the Yudhoyono government's 2005 annual budget accounts, citing continuing glaring problems as regards transparency and accountability in the management of the state finances last year. Lack of access to audit tax revenues, the continued existence of obscure government bank accounts, and irregularities in transferring state assets and liabilities were particular reasons for the disclaimer by the BPK. What does that mean? It means that the man who promised to fight corruption if he became president has done nothing of the sort. His “gesture” to Suharto to relieve the former dictator of any legal action leaves Suharto and his family free to enjoy the billions of dollars they are personally alleged to have extorted from Indonesia, shows Yudhoyono got votes for a promise for the same. The apparent fact the much heralded Indonesian Corruption Commission (KPK) has only ever investigated fraud / theft from the state by people outside the elite family groups who, in reality not just rule but own Indonesia, shows Yudhoyono does not have a human let alone sincere bone in his body. The BPK report is the strongest evidence yet that Yudhoyono is only in it for the money like all the others around and before him.

We say Yudhoyono, the Indonesian Government and authorities are anti-western, anti-human frauds; let them sue us if we are wrong. We say until Indonesia has a government for the people, not for the “elite” [sic] families of Java, only when a decent government is in power which controls the authorities (military and police) and not the other way around, only when the jealous anti-western hate mongers are in jail will the real everyday people be able to look forward to a worthwhile future and will westerners be serving the greater, not their personal interest by coming back. Until that time, the pain that boycott causes will be nothing to the liberty and justice gained. But be warned, if change does not happen and happen soon, it won’t be economic necessity that brings the filthy corrupt government of Indonesia down, it will be a “cultural” (Islamic) revolution which will only add to the woes of the Indonesian population and safety of the world. Mark our words, do what your own governments should be doing but fail to for the sake of wealthy businessmen and power, boycott Indonesia now.

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