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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – Liar, fraud, cheat, thief and coward?

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – Liar, fraud, cheat, thief and coward?
By Megawati Sukarnoputri 2nd
Mar 7, 2006, 08:13

We believe President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is a liar, a fraud, a cheat, a coward and in all likelihood is as corrupt as every president before him to and including Suharto, with whom we believe Yudhoyono shares many traits except fearlessness. We are going to tell you why; what evidence there is.

We think it is important both for us to tell people our substantiated views and for them to react accordingly as decent human beings, because we also believe no-one else will. It is clear foreign governments are too concerned with securing and protecting lucrative contracts for their blue chip companies with Indonesia, even if and even when they are aware what goes on to the detriment of everyday foreign investors and visitors to this nasty country. We believe foreign media curtail their criticism and even factual reporting on Indonesia because they are asked to. We also believe it is important because no-one in Indonesia can openly tell you what their views are of Susilo Yudhoyono because of repressive media and so called “criminal” libel legislation, and because saying anything derogatory about the president is a crime. Which is very ironic in that every former president since and including Suharto, including Megawati, has been subsequently accused of corruption and worse.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the liar.
We are told part of the president’s election campaign was focused on media freedom, freedom of speech and anti-corruption. Since Yudhoyono was elected, we have seen the introduction of media suppression legislation and the reintroduction into the “frontline” of Indonesian news suppression the misnamed “Ministry of Information” which has basically stopped Indonesians from getting / receiving foreign news. This is not all, but we think it is enough to show that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had no intention of honoring his election promises and is therefore a liar.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the fraud.
The president, allegedly by the hack and ignorant media and politicians of the world, has championed anti-corruption in Indonesia by setting up the KPK (KOMISI PEMBERANTASAN KORUPSI or Corruption Reduction Commission). But the facts of the KPK are they only seemingly investigate fraud, such as with bankers who defraud state owned banks; they do not investigate corruption. Part of this is the KPK can not investigate police officers, they have to turn corruption complaints against policemen and women back to the police, which is clearly as conducive to securing a proper investigation and justice as it would have been reporting Hermann Goering to Adolf Hitler for aircraft noise in London during the blitz. The KPK also use geographical excuses as to why they can not investigate police officers and members of the judiciary, such as not being able to investigate prosecutors and judges in Bali because the KPK do not have an office there! In fact, the KPK does the Indonesian police’s job for them, leaving the Indonesian police free to concentrate on committing yet more corruption. President Yudhoyono and his government have been out touting the KPK as proof of their anti-corruption mandate, which seemingly either makes the president grossly and incompetently stupid or a typical Indonesian fraud; we go with the later.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the cheat.
President Yudhoyono appears to be cheating the Indonesian people out of their own constitutional rights and the International community out of responsible action. Recent anti-gambling legislation was used to close down cock fighting in Bali, an institution of the common Balinese man, irrespective of whether each venue was guilty of allowing a bet or two and yet one of Indonesia’s wealthiest businessmen, Mr. Putera Sampoerna of highly addictive clove cigarettes fame, is allowed to buy into a chain of luxury casinos. Recent proposed so called anti-porn legislation which would forbid showing legs, shoulders, cleavage, etc. and kissing in public is clearly a step towards Islamic Sharia law, and therefore cheats the Balinese and other non-Muslim Indonesian people out of their constitutional right to religious and cultural freedoms; it also will make Bali the most unromantic Asian holiday destination for foreigner couples outside of North Korea!

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the thief.
We contend apart from any corruption President Yudhoyono is likely involved in, which is a serious form of theft, the new laws seen coming in under his administration constitute theft of the hopes, aspirations, cultural identity and even tourism business of the Balinese. What foreign tourists in their right minds want to brave the ugly specter of distinct terrorism risks, due to ineffective policing through laziness and corruption, to take chances with their family’s health while on vacation from state hidden diseases, to get touched up for donations by sweaty grinning police officers [sic] resembling the conniving monkeys of Ubud, to come to a tropical island where every one, despite their religion, has to cover up their bodies? The irony is what we seek to do, have foreigners boycott Bali to force the Indonesian government [sic] to live up to their promises and duties, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his militant Islamic kissing buddies are doing unto themselves out of either stupidity or nasty extremist religious and cultural intolerance. Look out Bali, your president seems to want to forcefully make you all Muslims. Of course the fact Indonesian Muslim men are allowed to have three wives and often do so to force women and even young girls into prostitution really makes that something for you to look forward to!

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the weak coward.
An increasing number of people compare President Yudhoyono with former President Suharto. Both were unknown low ranking generals when they came to power; actually Yudhoyono only got his general’s pips after he left the army for a political career. Both are extremely unpopular across the archipelago, especially for promising fuel price caps and then dramatically increasing petrol pump and gas prices; we do not think Yudhoyono lied in this aspect, we think he was just naive, perhaps stupid to make such promises. But we believe what really separates Suharto from Yudhoyono is cowardice. Although you could say Suharto was a coward by token of his regime suppressing and even murdering the population (and other people’s, such as East Timor). Suharto was at least a strong man, Yudhoyono is hardly that. We do not believe President Yudhoyono is himself an Islamic extremist who personally wants Sharia law, we believe he is simply a weak coward and is giving the increasingly vocal militant Muslims what they demand. We believe he is a coward for not taking on the corrupt police and judiciary out of a fear he may need them to quell public disorder before it gets to revolution stage. We also think he is misguided in his cowardice and leading the country ever closer to financial ruin and anarchy. We believe Indonesia needs a strong man leader right now, not a PR babbling suit as Yudhoyono appears to us, who will capture public support by tackling the root causes of the social and economic discontent, not add to growing anger.

President Yudhoyono we make this prediction. Unless you change your ways, get some values and a spine, you have already lit the touch fuse of an almighty explosion of hate amongst the people you have been elected to serve. Forget building personal web sites to improve your image when it does not, forget telling the world you are going to make it easier for foreigners to do business in Indonesia while all the time you are making it harder except for foreigners to be robbed and cheated by your nasty business community and corrupt legal system. We suggest to you; if you aren’t man and decent enough to do the job that is needed; shut up, get out, go, and go now: Do Bali, Indonesia and the world a favour.

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