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“Justice” for sale (official) admits Indonesia’s top judge

By Christian Bendover
Mar 5, 2008, 02:31

If you go to Bali / Indonesia after reading this, you deserve to be locked up.

Jimly Asshiddiqie opens his bank statement
Constitutional Court chief Jimly Asshiddiqie, Indonesia’s top judge and someone who wants to see Islamic and Indonesian law “harmonized” (so much for secularism in Indonesia), described the Indonesian judiciary over which he partly presides as “court mafia”, “judicial mafia”, “vultures” and involving a systematic “squeeze”; we would like to add “street dogs”, "Islamic hate merchants" and “cheap whores” Jimly. Ah, but there are bent judges everywhere the Bali piggy bank pundits squeal! True, but Jimly Ass (hiddiqie) admits in Indonesia justice is a “system everyone 'squeezes'”, meaning every police officer, prosecutor, court registrar and judge is bent and commits extortion against victims.

We knew and have been saying this for a long time; pointing out the fact that American installed Suharto deliberately created a totally corrupt system, where state officials were not paid enough wages on the basis they would commit corruption so as to support the corrupt regime. Bali BS previously publishing the fact that all Indonesian police officers, prosecutors and judges have to come from nepotistically acceptable families and pay bribes in order to be admitted to the whore rank and file; clearly, paying thousands of dollars to get an officially low paid job does not foster ideal conditions for justice!

Despite this, for years though, we have been receiving emails from self-interested (expatriate and Javanese) state “kupu kupu malam” supporters and had to read garbage from the likes of Dr Greg Barton, associate professor of politics at Deakin University Australia, claiming the Indonesian judicial system works in largely the manner its supposed to after Schapelle Corby was convicted on the basis of a bag of drugs the police manhandled so as to destroy the fingerprint evidence (editors note: we have never said SC is guilty or innocent, just that the investigation and trial were so seriously flawed so as to render the verdict unacceptable). For years we have read the ingratiating statements put out by western governments justifying the unjustifiable, all in the covert name of making large corporate bucks out of de facto closed bid contracts in Indonesia. So finally we can say, expatriates in Bali, Javanese leaches, failing hack reporters, western (US, British, Australian) governments, the Indonesian civil administration (AKA “government”), Australian Federal Police, wayward political professors and all; Nyepi day cometh and may it last a lifetime for you. The truth has been admitted at last by the highest authority in Indonesia and now we can all realise what this truly means for most foreigners in Indonesia; a good old judicial rodgering. Remembering that their duplicitous governments view them as sacrificial lambs if need be, injustice comes white washed by the western governmental spin they can not legally interfere in domestic Indonesian judicial matters. This all means you can and likely will be stitched up right and proper, and no-one is going to come to your rescue, especially in Bali.

You see in Bali, as well as documented wholesale judicial corruption, Balinese police, prosecutors and judges enjoy impunity from the KPK (Indonesia’s deservedly derided corruption witch hunt body for "in favour" politicians against out of favour state employees). You see, the KPK (Kash Pluk Kan) has publically stated it can not investigate cases of corruption in Bali, wait for this, because it does not have an office there! But do not doubt for one moment that those involved in justice for cash in Bali are not as bent as they come, vis-à-vis one of the Javanese prosecutors sent to Bali to represent the state in the trial against the Bali bombers, one Urip Tri Gunawan. Mr. Gunawan was caught red handed with around $800,000 (AUD) cash in his home which has been traced to super rich Syamsul Nursalim, whom Mr. Gunawan dropped charges in a state $3,000,000,000 (AUD) fraud case just two days earlier! Urip Tri Gunawan claims the money actually came from the sale of diamonds to unspecified buyers; as well as working as one of Indonesia’s top state prosecutors he also had his own jewel business! Of course the benter than bent Indonesian Government through their especially corrupt Attorney-General’s office denied the fraud case and stack of cash were related in any way, although how would they know? But then of course they would deny it, wouldn’t they, as this massive fraud implicates so many, uh, politicians!

Anyway, the fact is in Indonesia if you are arrested for an alleged crime that is not yet in the public domain, you can first pay the police off, although that may only get you an agreement for the police to withhold certain evidence. Then you can pay the prosecutor to file for the minimum possible criminal charges and / or to do a piff poor job in court. Then you can pay off the court registrar to lose some of the evidence on the day of your trial. Finally you can pay off the judge to hand you down a “not guilty” verdict as, by that time, the charges and evidence against you have hopefully been watered down enough. If the case is in the public domain and published in the media however, the cost and possible sentence you ultimately may have to serve will increase for sure. If the case becomes a political issue, as with Schapelle Corby, you can be certain you will be sent to jail as the government will tell the judges to convict you. However, although Indonesian prisons are notoriously bad, they do have some luxury jails in Java you can pay to go to, such as Tommy Suharto did when he was convicted of killing a judge, where the cells are like five star hotel suites complete with private street entrances, so you can pop out for dinner on the basis you are a good boy! Even if you can not afford this, local prisons regularly allow prisoners out for a few hours for a bung; hence the reason Australian tourist Elizabeth Short was recently able to take pictures of Schapelle Corby and her sister, Mercedes, at the Kebab Palace Restaurant in Kuta.

The problem past the fact this is not justice and does not work anywhere near as it should, despite what the sick western advocates claim, is that the Balinese police are crooks themselves and out to extort money from foreigners. This generally means finding foreigners abusing their visas and having their pimps (offering children for sexual acts) and drug dealers finger western customers for arrest and fleecing. Now and again of course actually prosecuting a hapless foreigner or two to show they are doing their jobs! However, it does not stop at entrapment, oh no; the Balinese police think nothing about planting “evidence” on foreigners in their quest to make money. Never believe it can not happen to you. Only last year the now former Czech Consul to Bali sent out a newsgroup warning notice that Bali’s police had recently planted narcotics on a number of innocent westerners. Police also implicated in the theft of belongings from luxury hotel rooms in league with the staff; when thefts are reported, the police turn up and take notes but then claim the tourist had not made a proper official complaint after the foreigner leaves Bali, so the police can not investigate the theft; this also helps keep Bali’s official crime rate figures down of course.

Naturally the police limit their crimes against middle and upper class western families staying at luxury hotels because that would be bad for business, and as most of the luxury hotels in Bali are owned by the Suharto family this would be a very bad career move to say the least for an officer. Naturally foreign expatriates are the first target as they have family ties and investments in Bali to prevent them from spilling the beans about how police officers extort money from them for make believe crimes. Next, visiting pedophiles and other sex tourists are targeted; be careful that lovely Indonesian girl you pulled does not turn out to be a police plant! Next, young tourists are targeted as their unforgiving western governments and media assume all are there to take drugs which to be fair many probably are. Trouble is when you are in a club and there is going to be a raid, who’s to say whether the person next to you is going to drop a pill or two or some powder into your pocket?

The court rules Muslims won, Westerners / Christians zero (chance). Kerching, kerching ($), Allah Akbar, all rise, all kneel.
It is not just the fact Justice is for sale in Indonesia, it is also the fact that Muslims are treated much better and given leaner sentences. This is why Australian underwear model Michelle Leslie wore Islamic dress and claimed to have converted, so she would and actually did get a lighter sentence. It is ironic though, instead of criticizing Indonesia for this bias that the self-serving western media lambasted poor Michelle, whose parents lost thousands of dollars in lobbying (yeh right) AKA extortion money to their Bali “lawyers”, for feigning conversion. Perhaps the western media hack reporters in Bali should spend less time attacking others and more time shoring up their own legitimacy though, as most are in Indonesia illegally having failed to register for taxes as is the legal requirement for any foreigner (editor’s note: diplomatic staff are exempt) staying there for more than a total of 2 months in an 12 month period. Just how bad this bias is towards Muslims and against westerners and Christians is perfectly illustrated by the executions of Christian leaders in Sulawesi (editor’s note: they were actually beaten to death by police officers before they could be executed) while Muslim thugs who beheaded Christian schoolgirls got off with light prison sentences. Also, just look at the fact that the Judicial Court of Indonesia denied members of the so called Bali 9 a judicial review of their death sentences because they are foreigners and therefore not entitled to the same constitutional rights as Indonesians, while the Bali bombers have been given two judicial reviews of their death sentences. OK, the Indonesian Government has probably politically decided that the Bali bombers have to be executed anyway, but the judicial process tells the real story of perverted Indonesia justice.

In any event, whether or not you are unfortunate enough to become the victim of Balinese police crime or not, the fact is it is widespread and disgusting. Just because western governments are prepared to sell their own citizens out while they are in Indonesia does not mean you should too; if you travel to Bali, you are selling out on those that get entrapped and even falsely set up in order for the bent Bali police and judiciary to extort money from. You are also funding a regime which discriminates against westerners and Christians. The only way to change things in Bali and Indonesia as a whole is to let the politicians play their duplicitous dirty games perhaps but for western tourists to demand change by voting with their holidays to other destinations. Please, do not ingratiate the mafia police, prosecutors and judges of Bali. Please do not put yourselves or your friends and families at risk. Please, boycott Bali, boycott Indonesia; if westerners continue to do this in large enough numbers, Indonesia will have no choice but to change. Do not think for one moment the Balinese will suffer if tourism to Bali dies; only the Javanese and foreign rats that feed off them will drown on the sinking ship. Please book your next holiday in your own country, in Thailand, in Malaysia, in Europe; anywhere but Indonesia.

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