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H5N1 – The Mad Haters & Hatters of Indonesia

By Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Feb 27, 2008, 07:36

I, President SBY of Indonesia support the theory God gave us H5N1 to make a profit from.
For anyone who does not quite understand what the fear is with H5N1 Avian AKA chicken flu mutating to become a human pandemic (worldwide epidemic) is, let us explain. In the late 1910’s, a chicken flu virus migrated to become a human virus and killed an estimated 50 million to 100 million people worldwide, that was 5% of the world’s population died with and another 15% suffering horribly from it but surviving. H5N1, which is extremely unpleasant and basically causes victims to drown slowly in their own body fluids, has a much higher mortality ratio than that, and as there are around 6,650,000,000 humans on the planet right now; this means H5N1 with the potential to kill 3,000,000,000 people would make Spanish flu look like a common cold. Spanish flu is reckoned to have come from the battlegrounds of the first world war where chickens were kept for food by soldiers in their trenches; a sick chicken with deadly avian flu infected a sick soldier with a totally different human variant of flu, the two viruses merged and so was born Spanish Flu. Indonesia is at risk from making a human form of H5N1 because so many Indonesians live in close proximity to chickens. In fact, Indonesia has subsequently developed the most virulent form of H5N1 and by far suffered the most number of human deaths from it according to official statistics which are known to have been falsified downwards by Jakarta.

Drs Siti Fadilah Supari, Indonesian Health Minister, Liar, Fraud, Anti-Western Islamic Psychopath
Dr Siti Fadilah Supari, our first mad hater and hatter, is an anti-western Islamic extremist and nasty, greedy Javanese woman who also unfortunately happens to be the Indonesian Health Minister. In late 2006 she ordered that the World Health Organization (WHO) be denied any more samples of H5N1 taken from victims in Indonesia. Why? Because Dr Supari claimed the particularly deadly Indonesian variant of H5N1 belonged intellectually to Indonesia. Although we might quip that a virus has about the same intellect as Indonesian ministers, what she meant and went on to expand upon was that she wanted to make profit, money out of H5N1 and expected the WHO and foreign pharmaceutical companies to pay for it, big time. Dr Supari withheld the samples for “bargaining power” on the basis they ultimately were going to make western companies money and that was not fair to Indonesia or more likely her own personal corruption siphon. Lost on Dr Supari, who apparently bought her degree on eBay, were the facts a) anti-virals are the least profitable area of pharmaceutical work with much being done as a community service, b) any vaccine would be immediately made available by the WHO to every country and technically appropriate pharmaceutical companies in the world, c) foreign governments and aid agencies currently pour billions of dollars into Indonesia by way of vaccine programs for things such as measles and the very nasty drug resistant TB (Tuberculosis) which Indonesia is the third largest sufferer from and relies solely on other countries goodwill.

Several times this Islamic freak AKA Indonesian Health Minister has promised to resume samples to the WHO but each time reneged on her word; that’s right, Dr Siti Fadilah Supari is not just a mad hater and hatter, she is a liar and cheat as well. Dr Supari wants to make a buck out of other people’s misery and is quite prepared to play at God, risking billions of deaths worldwide from a disease her own mismanagement has allowed to spread and mutate to a highly dangerous level previously anyway; the Indonesian Government lied about having H5N1, lied about culling chickens, lied about preventing the transportation of chickens and lied about the number of human infections.

But it gets worse.

Dr Siti Fadilah Supari keen to make some money for herself from H5N1 and currently being daunted by the fact there is no foreign H5N1 money to rip off from her own ministry, decided to write a book about it called “It's Time for the World to Change: The Divine Hand Behind Avian Influenza.” Her book is not just designed to make her some money, it is designed to stir up anti-western hatred amongst Indonesians stupid enough to buy her literary garbage by telling lies about WHO virus sharing and vaccine production, plus expone her very warped conspiracy theories that the west intends to make a biological weapon out of Indonesian H5N1 to potentially use against Indonesia! So now you know where a lot of these murderous anti-western Islamicists get their hatred from; their own government.

But it gets worse.

Next up comes our second mad hater and hatter; a former low ranking Indonesian major who only made general after he left the army (hmmm) and it is clear was elected in a wholesale fraudulent election helped by Suharto / Golkar (who he now governs alongside) on the basis he pardoned Suharto of all crimes (which he did); that’s right, none other than Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of Indonesia. SBY as he is known is our second mad hater and hatter because he personally endorsed Dr Supari’s book and position over H5N1. Yes, the Indonesian president believes his country should make some bucks out of other people’s painful deaths, also God himself gave them this virus and that foreign governments want it to make a biological weapon! Shame the facts are different and any real degree holder would explain H5N1 is not an ideal subject for biological weapons, not least as it has not become human-to-human contaigent yet.

But it gets worse.

After International amazement, disgust and more hard to take (by the mentally impaired accused) ridicule flooded the media, SBY stated that he had withdrawn support for the book and had ordered Dr Supari to withdraw it from sale. Liar, liar, liar! First, the book started to disappear from shelves as anti-western idiots bought it and shops were not restocked because the book was undergoing some editorial changes, hmmm; not because it was being withdrawn. Did the anti-western element get deleted? No! Did the accusations about the WHO go? No! Did the falsehoods about how virus sharing and vaccine production / distribution go? No! Did the claim God had given it to Indonesia (certain Indonesians of course) to make profit from go? Why no! In fact it seems nothing seems to have been removed but some more text has been added, an introduction from SBY himself endorsing the author, book, statements and theories.

Enough is enough.

The world now has official proof of the extent of the anti-western hatred in the maligned minds of the rulers of the hate state of Indonesia. If you buy an Indonesian product, if you go to Indonesia and that includes Bali and spend some money there, you are not only putting yourself at risk of becoming one of the first victims of a human pandemic of H5N1 (in a country whose hospitals are not that good to say the least), you are endorsing the likes Dr Siti Fadilah Supari and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, you are putting money in their nasty pockets and you are increasing the risk of furthering a viral Armageddon. We must all boycott anything and everything Indonesian which means stopping our own governments and self-centered massive corporations from lining their pockets too. The risk from getting de facto sole award contracts for minerals, oil and gas by supporting the Jakarta hate regime has become too great. If H5N1 kills half your family and leaves you crippled against a backcloth of decimated worldwide healthcare and infrastructure, will your slightly discounted gold rings, copper pipes and cheap holidays to Bali be worth it to you then?

Boycott Bali.
Boycott Indonesia.
Support the legal right of Papuan and other peoples to Independence.
Tell you governments to stop funding the mad haters and hatters of Indonesia.

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