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Balibo or Balibobs? More reason for Aussies to be disgusted at their own govt

Balibo or Balibobs? More reason for Aussies to be disgusted at their own govt
By Guy Fawkes and Judas Iscariot
Jun 25, 2007, 09:50

Senior RI politician, Yunus Yosfiah, almost certainly the man who murdered Brian Peters.
Under reported of course by the apparently cowardly Australian and even English speaking media comes the near end of what is likely to be a whitewashed disgrace confirming the Australian Government as a gutless, sell-out of an administration. You may recall we last reported how Gough Whitlam, the former Prime Minister of Australia was more than implicated in the certain murders of Australian Kerry Packer's Channel Nine news team comprising of Brian Peters (British), Malcolm Rennie (British), Greg Shackleton (Australian), Tony Stewart (Australian) and Gary Cunningham (New Zealander); we put Brian Peters in front only because the NSW coroner’s inquest was commenced primarily as a result of pressure by his family over his death (see: Balibo - Yunus Yosfiah the murderer and Gough Whitlam the traitor?). You will no doubt recall the vast mountain of evidence, including from former Australian and British intelligence staff directly involved with monitoring the illegal covert invasion of East Timor by Indonesia and who were disgusted at their government’s cover-up, that the death of these 5 western civilians was premeditated murder by the Indonesian Government, that now top ranking RI politician Yunus Yosfiah was the man who gave the order and pulled the trigger, and that Australia and Britain both knew about the impending invasion and that the reporters would likely be murdered.

The face of a decent Australian, Dorelle Pinch, God bless her. The NSW coroner who has shown honesty and bravery to get to the truth, in spite of political interventionism by Australia's feds.
At least Australians can take pride and a great deal of it in New South Wales deputy state coroner Dorelle Pinch who clearly wants no political or falsely named diplomatic intervention in her legal and moral duty to report the truth. Apart from calling Gough Whitlam to the enquiry after evidence from the Defence Signals Directorate indicated he personally gave permission to Jakarta to murder the newsmen, she also took a very brave chance to subpoena the Governor of Jakarta and next Indonesian president contender Sutiyoso, who was on a trade mission to NSW at the time. Dorelle did not do this as a reckless flight of some anti-Indonesian fancy, there exists very strong evidence from a book published by Indonesian war correspondent, Hendro Subroto that then Captain Sutiyoso was a member of Team Susi which was directly involved in the illegal Balibo covert invasion, where cowardly Indonesian soldiers with the apparently tacit support of Canberra and Washington dressed as East Timorese Fretlin troops to carry our their crimes against humanity and another nation’s sovereignty. God bless you Dorelle, you make the free decent people of the whole world proud. Even when your own media give little more than bare factual reports of your courage, your humanity comes shining through.

Tennis anyone? Sorry, which one is my flag?
What followed as a result of this subpoena was a sick farce and insult to every Australian by both the Australian Federal Government and Australia’s own defence chief, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, which we believe makes him guilty of treason. Dorelle Pinch, after submissions by assisting counsel, Mark Tedeschi, QC putting Sutiyoso at the right place at the right time, issued a summons against the Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso to be served on him at his luxury Sydney hotel room. After the summons was issued it appears the Federal Government intervened to claim that Sutiyoso could not be summoned because he enjoyed diplomatic status (immunity), although many legal experts dispute this. In any event, Dorelle Pinch could not go against the explicit will from above, so she went around it and asked the serving police officer to instead invite Sutiyoso to the hearing. Unfortunately a mistake seems to have been made in that the police officer involved appears to gone by the rules for serving a summons, not serving an invitation in that he allegedly entered the Jakarta Governor’s hotel room without his permission using a skeleton key.

If I lied about Balibo, I'd lie about anything.
This small alleged mistake has allowed the federal Australian deflectionists to move the focus away from the central issue of joint Indonesian Australian state murder of civilians onto whether poor Governor Sutiyoso has been unduly offended or not. Of course, then followed a stream of apologists in the Australian Government and their pet Ambassador in Jakarta to appease the dented pride of a man actually documented as having committed International war crimes. But what came after out of the mouth of Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston should send a shudder of revolution down every decent Australian’s spine and give good cause for wondering whether their entire armed forces are more than just a tad militarily compromised by his position as defence chief. Houston jumped to Sutiyoso’s defence claiming the now Jakarta Governor was nowhere near Balibo, even though the evidence shows he most definitely was and added “Mr Sutiyoso was an old friend who beat him at a tennis competition in Australia”; how perfectly splendid Air Chief Marshall! What ho! Houston also dared to rub salt into the wounds by describing Sutiyoso as a “longstanding friend of Australia”, despite clear evidence he is Australia’s murderous enemy, which makes Air Chief Marshall Houston what? See: Australian Public Duty and Private Interest (1979) and work out how many violations Houston is guilty of.

Never mind the lack of an apology for the families of the murdered men. Never mind an inquiry into whether Gough Whitlam should be tried for murder and treason. Never mind whether Air Chief Marshall Houston should be suspended from his job with a view to his being invited to change citizenship. Never mind the years of cover up including a recent one over the Balibo killings by the British Government. We say let no Australian doubt that their government and appointed lackies just laid down for Jakarta like some common street whore, but why? Is it because of the frequent scare-mongering by Australian Federalists to a cowardly element within Australia’s population that they somehow have to appease Jakarta to avoid any possibility of an invasion by the TNI? Don’t laugh, so many Australians say this phobia exists even though Indonesia has less military might than tiny Singapore, even less ability to fight armed combatants (rather than unarmed civilians), have only ever been able to win military campaigns dressed in opposition uniforms against much small forces and then again only with the permission and help of the USA, and the only true invasion attempt by the TNI themselves against parts of Malaysia saw them being humiliated. The Indonesian military are no threat to anyone except their own people.

Of course the reason for this sell out is the fact that Australia, Britain and the USA derive vast sums of money for their major corporations from Indonesia, especially West Papua where the Freeport mining operation alone accounts for over 20% of the Republic of Indonesia’s tax income! It pays to remember the USA likes proxy colonies such as West Papua where obliging TNI henchmen allow US and allied businesses to enjoy preferential treatment and where communism can be kept at bay; because the USA has a stated mandate against true colonies since its war of independence of course. Of course both Britain and Australia pick up some almighty crumbs from Uncle Sam’s foreign policy table. So perhaps, are the likes of Howard, Whitlam and Houston doing their jobs well and doing Australians generally a favour? We believe not. We along with many economists believe the job and overall wealth creation with a fair, open, decent, transparent, truly democratic Indonesia or separated states thereof would actually be greater than it is for the English speaking "axis of evil" right now; the people of Indonesia would benefit hugely too. We believe the only people who would lose out financially apart from the evil that runs Indonesia would be the large western corporate shareholders, because profits would likely be lower.

We wonder exactly what financial interests Australian politicians and senior employees like Air Chief Marshall Houston have in the likes of BHP Billiton whose involvement in Indonesia is well known and whose 2007 company results turned the Australian stock market around, hurrah! We wonder also what investments they all have directly in Indonesia, as slowly but surely more get named as owners of this hotel and that business in the RI. Questions to the Australian Government about if and where such Indonesian interests are publicly listed somehow escape their public declarations to not only reply but promptly so and instead are greeted with a stone wall.

As we reported previously, the Federal Australian Government forced NSW coroner Dorelle Pinch to hold certain elements of her enquiry behind closed doors, so it seems very likely to us that these same self-interested sell-out federalists are likely now making her ears bleed with statements warning her not to harm Australia’s greater interests, when such interests are very selective and we would say contrary to the best interests of the vast majority of Australians. So it is now official that the corner is “currently considering the submissions by numerous parties” yet whether these submissions include political pressure to deliver a decision opposite to evidence can not be commented upon, hmmmm. So it is we will have to wait and see if Mark Tedeschi, QC’s statement the evidence demands that at least two Indonesian citizens be referred to the International War Crimes Tribunal will prevail, or whether fresh moves to further whitewash one of the sorriest episode’s in decent Australia’s history will suffocate their and the world’s best interests.

We appeal to Dorelle Pinch to deliver a just verdict that is neither influenced by political pressure at home or by International human rights desires to see Jakarta brought to justice. We thank you for your decency, commitment to justice and sense of humanity to date to deliver honest answers to some very important politically unsavory questions, and hope this integrity will continue. At any rate, right now, we want to say we believe every decent Australian should not just be proud of you, but should hold you up as an Australian heroine.

We hope that Australians, British, Americans, New Zealanders and others will show they are neither like or happy with their politicians both when it comes to those all important domestic elections and by how we all spend our money. How it is possible for us each, personally and individually, to help maintain the unlawful hate regime in Jakarta and the foreign dogs they support by spending our holiday dollars and investment money in their evil, suppressive nation. Far better we vote consciously at our own polls and by spending our money elsewhere, outside Indonesia. By cutting off the money supply to these thugs in office we may help end their murderous reign over a suppressed civilian population which they have no true legal jurisdiction over whatsoever, just that given to them by Washington DC and their breadcrumb grabbing puppets in London and Canberra.

Brian Peters and 3 of his Balibo colleagues, almost certainly murdered with the approval of Gough Whitlam
Brian Peters and colleagues, R.I.P., may your murders not be in vain. God bless Dorelle Pinch and Mark Tedeschi.

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