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Bali BS is wanted by the Indonesian Government and Balinese police

Bali BS is wanted by the Indonesian Government and Balinese police
By Robert "Bobbie" Peel
Apr 30, 2007, 09:24

Bali BS is an International Syndicate of Thai Hoteliers!
Recent grumblings from chief falsehood purveying foreign expat Jack Daniels via his Bali Update and rantings by sadly misinformed Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda shows we are now the Indonesian Government’s number one enemy for so-called “Cyber Crimes”. It seems it not just the fact Indonesian ministers and officials are being made to eat their unpalatable and untenable prides as we reveal what these crooks in office get up to, but the fact Bali BS and other anti-Indonesian corruption web sites are having a major detrimental effect on tourism numbers to Bali. Despite the weekly spin (PR BS) from the likes of corrupt police colluding Daniels rattling on about how well Bali’s tourism is doing with clearly falsified Bali Airport foreign arrivals “data”, Tjok Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati spills the real beans; Bali’s hotels are only 30% full despite an increase in domestic (Indonesian resident) business and large-scale, mostly dishonest attempts to hoodwink foreign tourists into coming to such a nasty, unsafe island.

First, Bali's latest in a quick succession of police chiefs, Inspector General Paulus Purwoko in an interview with Indonesian language NusaBali said he had received formal complaints about these “sites” from the Bali Tourism Board and the Bali Hotel Association; actually we believe the later would be more accurately called the Suharto Owned Bali Hotelier’s Association as most real Balinese hotels seem to have avoided them! Claiming Bali BS and other like minded web sites are “an international syndicate seeking to damage Bali's reputation”, Polda boss Purwoko then went on to blurt his belief that we and others had “ulterior motives in trying to thwart Bali's recovery and divert business to competing destinations in the region”, implying we are doing what we are in order to benefit another country!

Let us set the record straight for you Paulus; there is no International syndicate seeking to get people to go to another tourist destination or any other ulterior motive, we simply do what we do to try and stop foreigners from coming to Bali all the time is it so very corrupt and inherently unsafe; mostly because your own police department is about extortion, not law enforcement. Our motivations are not to get foreign tourists to go to another particular country; for all we care they can stay at home, just don’t go to Bali until the human garbage that afflicts it (hint, hint) are in jail! It is a well reported fact Indonesian police officers act like the mafia and control the local narcotics and prostitution rackets, as well as inflict themselves on innocent people. So our motivations as far as the very nasty Polda are concerned are;

1) For the Balinese police to close down all of the brothels they either run or protect in Bali (hint: look for houses with an “x” in their street number).

2) For the Balinese police to stop benefiting from and protecting Golkar Youth Wing narcotics pushers.

3) For any police officer caught taking a “bribe” to be fired and imprisoned.

4) For Balinese police officers to stop planting narcotics and other false evidence on foreigners in Bali so they can extort money out of / take out their anti-westerner hate against them.

5) For Balinese police to stop charging for special services to anyone willing to pay; everything from contract killings to providing a motorcade for special events to inventing traffic crimes for on the spot fines without receipts.

Clear now?

Next we get them Cyber Kriminal!
Then came the clearest sign yet that Bali BS has been not just noticed by but are also in the gun sites of the Indonesian Government after the signing of the pointless extradition treaty with Singapore in Bali on Friday 27th April. Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda clearly jumping for uneducated joy at the agreement let slip just how much Bali BS and others were getting to the nasty government of the RI when he said of the agreement "Trans-national crime and cyber crimes could be included (in the future)”. Why do we think this comment referred to Jakarta’s nasty wishes regarding us?

Well first you have to understand what Indonesia has said “Cyber Crimes” mean. Although the RI has said it covers things like credit card fraud the method they outline to look for “Cyber Crime” is hardly suited to catching cc hackers. Jakarta has previously said its new Cyber Crime task force will monitor what people in Indonesia see on the Internet; that’s right, Big Brother is watching with bad intent! You also need to understand that when the Balinese Polda (police) set up their Cyber Crime department, its first bust was over an alleged illegal web price comparison by a small Wifi company in Bali comparing its rates with people like Telkom! Plus the seizure of telecommunications equipment on the basis it was not fully approved, even though it was bought from the official telecoms supplier in Jakarta, was covered by an official 12 month approval waiver (the Indonesian approvals system uses these because they are so backlogged, or rather slow), and is used by every telecoms company (although only one small guy got his equipment seized of course). Also understand that Indonesian and Balinese cyber crime police officers are so dense that they did not realize you can go to any Internet connected PC to view a web site (they thought you had to visit the premises of the company that owned the web site).

The next thing Hassan Wirayuda said that indicates it is the likes of Bali BS Jakarta is after was the bit about “Trans-national crime”. You see Jakarta have a track record in trying to claim Indonesian jurisdiction over events that happen outside Indonesia and outside their actual national jurisdiction according to Internal law and precedents; although that never stops them trying it on! You see, in the kangaroo courts of Indonesia, their hack judiciary are told if someone says something bad about Indonesia it comes under Indonesian jurisdiction of course! Also that you need someone's or a government department's permission to say something bad about them, even if it is true, or you will be committing "criminal libel". Which means no-one can say anything about anything bad that happened to them while they were in Bali / Indonesia. Of course that is BS, but Jakarta is full of it!

Recent further evidence of attempted jurisdictional piracy came when our "friends" in the Balinese police's cyber crimes department placed someone on Interpol’s automated watch list over a wholly unlawful unofficial “investigation” they were conducting against a foreigner resident overseas, so they could get details of his International movements and whereabouts to pass to his aggrieved business rival in Bali no less! Even Hassan's more diplomatic jurisdictional aspirations or rather contempt shows his own incompetence regarding International law, on which you would have thought he would know or at least be better advised. You see Indonesia's Foreign Minister neglected to take into account the treaty with Singapore would only cover Indonesian and possibly Singaporean citizens; we are neither, but then Hassan suspected that anyway. So Indonesia would not under International law be able to extradite us during one of our visits to Singapore anyway; tough cheese old boy!

However Hassan and Paulus, if you think we are breaking the law, file a complaint with the appropriate authority, they are a matter of public record and easily accessed if you can find an officer with the Internet know-how! Or even perhaps obey International conventions for once and sue us for libel outside Indonesia. Trouble is, as you well know, what we say is the truth and our western freedom of speech right, that your perception of libel is the same as a crooks, that you would lose in any country with a decent, honest and fair judiciary, plus that the resulting official endorsement that we would get that the Republic of Indonesia is nothing but an illegal, unlawfully acting hate state would not go down with your real bosses, the TNI ;-)

Either put your nasty house in order or come and extradite us if you can!

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