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Welcome Christians (your money) to Indonesia – We kill and suppress you here.

Welcome Christians (your money) to Indonesia – We kill and suppress you here.
By Indonesian Council of Mullahs of hate
Mar 9, 2006, 05:35

Our message to Christians is “If you are a true Christian and love Bali / Indonesia” boycott the country and send money and support to the beleaguered poor Christians of Indonesia. The picture left is genuine and a rare, smuggled out picture of dead Indonesian Christians who were burnt alive in their church while Muslim gangsters and it is believed Indonesian police officers blocked the exits to stop these people escaping. Yes, those are burnt human beings you see.

Not so long ago we reported how the Indonesian Government / Authorities were actively suppressing the Christian faith by refusing to grant sufficient licenses for churches, and then were subsequently jailing or even beating Christians in league with extreme Muslim groups for practicing their faith elsewhere, because they had no churches to go to. In addition, it is well reported that churches are routinely burnt down and bombed, and worshippers murdered around Indonesia by militant Islamic groups, including the terrorist organization responsible for the Bali bombs (which the Indonesian government has still not outlawed, hmmm), Jemaah Islamiah. Recently several Indonesian Christian schoolgirls were beheaded by Muslim vigilantes in Sulawesi, almost certainly in league with local police officers. Now comes news that the appeal to the Indonesian Supreme Court by three Sunday school teachers jailed on clearly trumped up / false charges by militant Muslims of trying to convert Muslim children has failed.

On February 7th 2006 the conviction of Sunday School Teachers Dr. Rebekka Loanita, Eti Pangesti and Ratna Bangun was upheld under Article 86 of the Indonesian Child Protection Act of 2002, which prohibits “deception, lies, or enticement” that leads to a child’s religious conversion. The teachers’ defense contends that this new law violates the constitution’s guarantee that all citizens are granted the freedom to practice the religion of their choice. Also, although none of the three previously stated methods (deception, lies, or enticement) were used to convert any Muslim children attending the Christian’s “Happy Sunday Program” and, in fact, none of the Muslim children that attended this free, well intentioned, cross-community service actually changed their religion! What makes the original judgment and failed appeal even worse is the whole prosecution case was based on evidence from fictitious witnesses who never appeared in court or gave testimony. In short, the Indonesian authorities railroaded 3 well meaning, community spirited Sunday School Teachers into jail for three years, yes three years just because they are not Muslims!

The “people” who bought this case to the police, prosecution and judges [sic] are the Indonesian Council of Mullahs or “MUI”, who publicly threatened to kill the defendants, pastors, missionaries and judges if there was an acquittal. These extreme Islamists had their mob followers called the “Warriors of Islam” bring a coffin to display outside the court for the defendants and chant for severe punishment. These fanatics declared that they would shed blood if the accused were found innocent and yet were allowed to continue their threats and intimidation with impunity by both police and court officials. Witnesses for the defense were sent death threats by the MUI and some were too afraid to appear in court. After the original September 2005 guilty verdict, many MUI / Warriors of Islam members ecstatically cheered outside the courtroom “Allahu akbar”?” Allah is great.” No wonder the educated western world is turning increasingly against Islam, because countries like Indonesia allow Islam to be first turned against anything or anybody not holding the same blinkered nasty beliefs as the uneducated two faced militants in their ranks.

What people should also be bear in mind is the Sunday school was confirmed as being run in compliance with the National Education System Bill implemented in June 2003. In addition people should realize the fact the Sunday school was started by Loanita, Pangesti and Bangun at the request of a state school in Indramayu’s Harguelis sub-district. Around 30 children from Christian and Muslim backgrounds attended the day camps and field trips. Not a single witness testified that the Sunday school teachers, all women, lied, deceived or forced any children to convert to Christianity or that any actually did convert. The teachers even required parental consent prior to allowing any youth to attend their programs. Proof of this permission was presented to the court, including photos of Muslim parents standing with their children at the Sunday school.

The main pivotal witness of this case, a Muslim who asked permission for her granddaughters to attend the program, is being held and “guarded” by the MUI. Even though she was summoned to be a witness at the trial, she never appeared or gave testimony in court; but the prosecutor claimed she earlier testified in court to him that she did not give permission for the girls to attend. The prosecutor and judges proceeded to use the grandmother’s “testimony” and “evidence” to “prove” that the Sunday school teachers were guilty, despite the actual evidence. The three women now have no right to appeal further except for a request to the Supreme Court to review any legal arguments concerning the judge’s decision, which in reality means nothing. The case and appeal has “enjoyed” great prominence in the Indonesian media and therefore it is assured the Indonesian Government and their collection of nepotistic, increasingly anti-western and anti-Christian judges endorse the outcome.

We believe the acts of the Indonesian Government, their clearly unjust courts and their extreme murderous Islamic militia, the later of which we conclude are tolerated perhaps condoned or even supported by the Indonesian authorities, are all compelling reasons for all Christians and Christian minded people to boycott both Bali and Indonesia generally. That means do not go there, do not work there and certainly do not invest there. We would even suggest that Christians may like to consider boycotting Indonesian made products and International companies who are involved in Indonesia. Understand that we believe part of the problem is that foreigners and foreign companies who spend money in Indonesia or on Indonesian products support the wrong people; the people who are a part of the very nasty inhumane Indonesian authorities and business community. Please do not kid yourselves through misguided belief or faux loyalty to the Balinese that going on holiday to Bali somehow supports the Balinese, it only adds to their oppression and economic suppression.

We have previously shown how effectively, through proper government and true law enforcement, getting rid of corruption and all that is nasty in Indonesia would lead to an economic renaissance for all the people of Indonesia within just a few years. In the short term we would point proponents of the self-interested “Going to Bali does good” message that after the October 2002 bombings, when the Balinese truly thought they were about to lose their tourism business that they would be better off as a people, even though that meant hotel staff going back to the rice fields. We are sure a large part of that thinking was it would get rid of the “Friends and legacy of Suharto” nasty business brigade who own and otherwise control most of the travel industry; think about where the money really goes when hotel staff basic wages are just US$50 a month. Boycotting Bali will only serve to really hurt the dubious government and nasty business community in Indonesia. Although it will remove valued income from the everyday Balinese in the short term, it will likely allow them to regain their pride and give them the gumption to demand what they are legally and morally entitled to from Jakarta, or to ask for independence from both Jakarta and the Indonesian culture of hate.

Die hard “Balifiles” will tell you that the Balinese should not be punished for what the Indonesians and Javanese do; that is nonsense. Boycotting Bali is not punishing the Balinese, it is responding to how their country badly treats Christians and westerners generally. You can not have it both ways. People often confuse and misrepresent the Balinese by saying they are pacifists in every way and therefore will not be able to stand up for their rights. Well, if it were true, that would be their problem; but it is a falsehood anyway. The Balinese have statues everywhere commemorating how they successfully fought the Dutch in Bali to gain independence. They have shown their ability to demonstrate even riot against fuel hikes and at political rallies. If they value Christians and westerners generally, not just their money, then it is time for them to show this. And if their government in Jakarta still allows anti-Christian and anti-western inspired human and civil rights abuse anywhere in the archipelago, then Christians and westerners should continue to boycott anything Indonesian and the Balinese can look at their options to separate themselves from that.

Mother Madre murdered along with other nuns in East Timor.
If you boycott Bali and Indonesia, you will be helping the everyday people; don’t ever let anyone such as westerners with financial interests in Bali feigning caring regular tourists try and wobble / spin you differently. You want to help Christians, freedom, rights and even the Balinese? Support the Christian communities and the charities with donations and much needed moral support; although make sure they are real charities without the bosses taking their “cut”. Don’t pass off your “need” for a cheap holiday in the sun with smiling subservient Balinese there for your every de facto colonialist whim as helping the Balinese; you are not, you are just helping yourselves and at other peoples’ expense.

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