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Bert Vierstra, Lovina Bali Villas Fraudster & Pedophile?

Bert Vierstra, Lovina Bali Villas Fraudster & Pedophile?
By Peter Whitmore
Aug 3, 2007, 08:06

Old photos of Bert Vierstra; we are told he looks decidedly ill / old now..
Recently a spat of allegations and counter-allegations have been flooding the Internet involving a circle of Bali’s notoriously low expatriate community with Dutchman Bert Vierstra, charged by some as being a pedophile, in the middle. Mr. Vierstra runs, albeit through a third party, a villa sales company in Bali which offers freehold properties to foreigners when of course regular everyday foreigners can not even lease buildings, let alone buy them, let alone own the land they sit on. Although Bert Vierstra’s site does discuss the various laws in some ambiguity even deceitfulness on a separate page, the fact each villa's own details page displays “Freehold” in English, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc. without qualification or adjoining link to an explanation that the freehold is for Indonesians only, makes his web site fraudulent of course.

Not that Bert Vierstra is alone in committing fraud with impunity, courtesy of Bali’s highly corrupt and inept police, by selling villas to foreigners they can never own; there are plenty of other lying foreign fraudsters doing exactly the same thing in Bali, like conman on the run Lawrence Bellefontaine. However, it is Bert Vierstra’s apparent private life that really makes the "man" even more nauseating.

First we received a couple of emails from two separate people alleging Bert Vierstra is a practicing pedophile in Bali; one from a man claiming to know and have been involved in a pedophile circle with Mr. Vierstra and one Michel Heller, a Frenchman who was arrested in Bali for pedophile acts after the French Police issued an extradition request to the Indonesian authorities for pedophile crimes allegedly committed in France. “Search around and you will find Vierstra and Heller were involved together” came the advise of our stoolpigeon Mr. X, who contacted us under condition of anonymity as he claims he never actually committed Pedophilia himself but as he lives in Indonesia, can not afford to have his name disclosed. So we searched and did not have to look too hard to find that indeed Mr. Vierstra and Mr. Heller seemingly knew each other very well as they both apparently belonged to the Kayu Putih Residents Association in the hills above Lovina. We find this so typical of the untenably pious and expressly idiotic expatriates of Bali; a number of pedophiles forming a housing association in one of Bali's poorest villages! "More tea vicar? Oh yes and please pass me another local, this one has split!" We joke about it, but the reality is no laughing matter for the Balinese.

It seems Vierstra moved to Kayu Putih, where the Damai Hotel Lovina is located, when he came to Bali 6 or so years ago from his native Netherlands. If you have ever been to Damai you may well ask yourself why anyone would want to move to such a poor, remote area of Bali after enjoying Amsterdam’s coffee houses with their vast selection of some of the world’s greatest coffees and also the strong Dutch dope Bert states he loved, although says he has kicked the habit of since in Bali. If you know anything about Amsterdam’s very liberal and boisterous social scene, you will know anything pretty much goes and public socializing in the busy entertainment, restaurant, bar and cafĂ© area is the number one priority of its inhabitants. So why move to a very, very poor backwater in a third world country where there are street vendors if you are “lucky”, not cafes and the local coffee looks a bit like low tide in a swamp? OK, getting away from the rat race to start a new better life in paradise you say? But why Kayu Putih, not somewhere with a few more creature comforts? Also, what about the association with Michel Heller? You see, Kayu Putih is North Bali’s organized pedophile black spot; the creature comforts here really are for creatures.

What are organized pedophiles? These are the guys that blend into respectable society, where they can given the challenges of finding such a society in Bali of course! They work covertly with local officials and dignitaries. They generally work in deprived areas where they can pay a little money to gain sexual favors with minors and with their parents’ consent. Often they will marry a local woman to both gain residency rights and sometimes even access to that woman’s children. Locals in deprived areas actually provide children from their village on the basis it is good as it brings money to the village and the children often smile afterwards with the gifts they are given. A father of one of Heller's victims said "It's nice with Michel, even when he doesn't have any work for me he will give me money, he always gave me money for my son. If he returns, it would be OK." These simple people simply do not know what is wrong and why, while the pedophiles take advantage of this.

These predators make a profession out of it, sharing data with other pedophiles to mutual depraved advantage, generally filming their acts and swapping their disgusting pictures secretly over the Internet. These are not the pedophile tourists who come to Lovina’s hotels and shout to street kids on the beach “Go on, take your pants down and show me your ass. Come to my room and I will give you ten dollars!” brigade. Or the “Can you find me a young girl for the night Mr. Hotel Manager?” crowd that Lovina has become so famous for; oh no! Organized pedophiles are men that feign respectability while committing and sharing the most perverted acts against children imaginable.

So what else says Bert Vierstra is almost certainly a pedophile? Well, first he was married in 2002 shortly after he arrived in Bali to a local girl we understand to be from a very poor family in Kayu Putih; his wife Dewi now goes to law school along with several police officers (hmmm), so she has apparently gained a lot from the marriage economically. However, when you look at Bert Vierstra’s profile on several forum / chat sites, mostly his own, you find his own comments regarding his marital status such as “Let’s not talk about it” and “No Answer”; hardly the devoted, happily married man it seems! But then if you pick up on his nickname on Yahoo “Bule Belanda”, the Internet searches start becoming a bit more interesting. They take you to a page for Bule Belanda on, the notorious Internet playground for pedophiles according to a series of documentaries conducted by Independent Television News in Britain this very month, where pedophiles lure young children they meet under false pretences (pretending to be children also) on the Internet to closed video enabled chat areas to see if their nasty films can secure them yet another victim. On Face Party there is one bulebelanda, a Dutchman from Amsterdam and living in Indonesia which surely can only be Vierstra. Although the apparently deliberately hazed profile pictures may not be of him; we understand this is a common ploy by pedophiles to hide their true identity as you would expect. We are told the pictures are definately of Bert's beach house in Bali, you can actually see a Balinese Hindu statue in the background, and the picture may well be of one of Bert's friends, Tomas, from Amsterdam. The profile clearly seems 100% Bert though, including having a dislike for drugs as Vierstra now claims (as in the former smoker hating cigarettes complex); bulebelanda's profile on this notorious site states his sexual orientation is “Gay”.

Now being gay does not make you a criminal in Bali, yet; until the much maligned and falsely named “anti-pornography” law makes it through the legislator of course. However it sure makes being married to a woman a bit hard to explain, past that of it being a marriage of convenience! This would make Vierstra’s marriage a sham, a commercial arrangement, which is unlawful and which presumably means Bert Vierstra has been and still is living in Indonesia having used false declarations and fraud to obtain a residency permit. So at the very least we can all expect the Indonesian authorities to boot Bert out, maybe after a period of detention, for that right? Ah yes, of course, there is the issue of Bert Vierstra’s widely published friendship with the head of immigration in Singaraja and Mr. Vierstra’s photo shoot in his office displayed on the University of California Berkley web site; Bert’s love for photography also perhaps providing yet another small piece of this jigsaw’s greater picture. But unlike civilized countries, Indonesia allows its police officers to act as immigration officials when they want, just as they allow the military to act as police officers when it suits them too! So maybe the next TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces) member at Bert’s door won’t be greeted with “Hello Sailor!”, or maybe one of Bert’s wife’s classmates will be bringing his empty wallet around to Bert's house soon!

So if Bert Vierstra is a pedophile and other people know about it, how come the police there have done nothing? Quite simply, Bali’s police are only interested in making extortion money, which they may well do from Bert, but not in upholding the law. This is confirmed in a rare event of courage amongst Bali’s deservedly maligned expatriate community by Austrian Silvia Binder, who runs the Kubu Lalang Resort and Restaurant in Lovina. She says there are many pedophiles in the area who act with impunity; "This is a safe haven (for pedophiles). The police don't care, the local authorities don't care, they have a very good information network. Hardly anything is being done. The police are corrupt so you can't report it without getting into trouble yourself."

Silvia Binder went on to account about a time she recently saw a European man escorting three boys aged between eight and 12 into an adjacent hotel’s bungalow and called the police. She claims the police left saying there was no evidence while the boys remained in the room with the man, coming out some time later all clutching US 10 dollar notes. Further proof of the fact that the Balinese police do not uphold the law, just their wallets, came from ourselves a few weeks ago, when we reported the online underage prostitute web site baliescorts dot net; of course, it has not been closed down.

The fact that the Indonesian police have only arrested other pedophiles such as Heller, Smith, Brown and Hancock after action / requests by foreign police, while Lombok pedophile Don Storen was the victim of a clear extortion attempt, shows along with Silvia Binder’s statement that Bali’s police at best turn a blind eye to such events, probably in return for a few dollars themselves, at worst are an intrinsic part of the problem and perhaps are even involved in the paedophile rings themselves. After all, the Indonesian police are known to both run brothels and conscript underage sex workers with falsified ID’s into the business, so they have the pedigree [sic].

It seems that Bert Vierstra at the very least has some poignant questions to answer about his activities in Bali and there is probably enough evidence to detain him while the investigation is conducted. But conducted by whom? The Balinese mafia police? No, hardly not; they only investigate for profit and when told to by Jakarta. So what will happen to many of Bali’s children in what has been described as the regional pedophile center by the UNHCR? They will continue to be abused and the police will continue to make illicit financial gain for now. Children as young as 10 will be rented out to western predators for 10 dollars a night and think that is good business. But we think the evidence is so strong against Bert Vierstra that the interest of a certain Dutch police officer in what we have may yet see the end of one pedophile’s acts in Lovina. The chilling fact is though that one of the stoolpigeons who contacted us alleging Vierstra is a pedophile also alleges he is HIV+ and possibly recently developed AIDS.

Bert Vierstra was given the chance to comment on and / or deny any or all of the above but only choose to make false allegations as to who we were. Update: Since originally publishing this story we understand Mr. Vierstra has gone on the attack, against the wrong person yet again, plus denied he is a HIV+ pedophile, although he has not denied being gay or in a sham marriage. The trouble is we know that Vierstra will not be investigated past a cupped hand by the Indonesian authorities and the only way any pedophile in Bali will get their comeuppance will be if they committed any pedophile acts in their home country and the police there "alert" the Balinese police or even try to have that person extradited. This plus the fact sodomy and sex with minors is part of Indonesia’s proud heritage [sic] is why Bali is a magnet and safe haven for pedophiles. May we therefore ask all decent people to boycott the disgusting Republic of Indonesia, including pedophile heaven Bali, until the culture changes?


Anonymous said...

I too have been ripped off and as you get to the grubby bottom of it it becomes dangerous dont put your money into Bali

Anonymous said...

You should check out and google Glen Roberts Bali and Jasmine Roberts bali another one

Anonymous said...

You should check out Marcel De Rijk in Lombok.

All the locals are aware of his activities, but as usual people shut up when enough money is thrown at them.

He has been getting away with this for years.