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Jack Daniels Bali: more evidence of nastiness & psychosis

Jack Daniels Bali: more evidence of nastiness & psychosis
By Bali BS News
Oct 30, 2005, 07:23

For those of you who are yet unfamiliar with the story of John Millard (AKA Jack) Daniels of PT. Bali Discovery Tours in Sanur, let us remind you of our previous articles;

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Since our last Bali BS Update when we ran an article about why we believe Mr. Daniels is the nastiest travel agent in Bali because he is mentally ill, we have received quite a response, and Mr. Daniels has been fairly busy too!

First, we have a verified report that Jack Daniels has filed yet another complaint of Indonesian criminal libel against Mark Austin, the man who caught Daniels / his company offering unauthorized hotel rates on the Internet. This embarrassing event for pompous, self-pious Daniels started a string of revenge “complaints” by Jack Daniels from November 2002 through documented collusion with the police, who then acted unlawfully against Mr. Austin; the first complaint was that Mr. Austin was some how a spy for calling the police “corrupt”! The resultant investigation was unlawfully conducted at the clear bequest of Jack Daniels as Mr. Austin’s passport was seized when he was not charged with any crime, the investigation cited the “Bali Recovery Program” as legal justification for the investigation when no such powers were afforded the police under that set of economic recovery measures, the translation of an email from Mr. Austin was mistranslated from English into Indonesian (we believe by Mr. Daniels) and Mr. Austin was detained for longer than lawfully provided for by Bali’s mafia police.

You may recall that Mr. Daniels, by his own admission, then filed a complaint of alleged criminal libel against Mr. Austin in July of 2003, after Mr. Austin published the fact Daniels had made the first false and malicious complaint; how this is an alleged criminal, not civil libel case, no-one has been able to understand or explain. Understandably perhaps, criminal libel is currently the most abused criminal code in Indonesia (see our report: Indonesian criminal libel law). Efforts to have anyone in authority explain why the Balinese police claim to have any jurisdiction over what Mr. Austin says or writes outside Indonesia have also been fruitless! But then it is difficult for the Balinese police and Indonesian authorities to explain how they can claim jurisdiction now when they admitted in writing they did not have jurisdiction over what Mr. Austin wrote outside Indonesia before when they tried to investigate him as a spy! And of course recent events show the Indonesians have absolutely no respect for International conventions; look at how Munir Said Thalib was almost certainly murdered by the Indonesian Authorities in International airspace!

But wait for this; Mr. Daniels has now filed another complaint with the Balinese police for criminal libel against Mr. Austin, which they have "accepted" and have progressed into a separate investigation; proving further collusion at the same time. This latest complaint from Daniels falsely alleges Mark Austin owns Bali BS and has criminally libeled Daniels by calling him mentally ill and saying he worked illegally in Bali for many years (see Bali Discovery Tours 4). First, Bali BS provided detailed evidence that Jack Daniels (Bali) is mentally ill (psychotic) and that he had worked illegally in Indonesia for many years; publishing such facts as we did are clearly in the public’s best interests and therefore hardly libel. Secondly, let us state categorically that absolutely no evidence exists to substantiate Mr. Daniels’ unfounded allegations that Mr. Austin owns Bali BS. Try doing an Internet “whois” on; where does it say we are owned by Mark Austin? Thirdly, if that is not enough, we can confirm absolutely no-one connected with the ownership or running of Bali BS answers to the name of Mark Austin. Finally, what anyone publishes outside Indonesian territory in the English language on web servers located in the USA is outside Indonesian jurisdiction; but that never stops Bali’s mafia police of course, as they prove time and time again.

The fact and it is a fact, that Mr. Daniels ran hot foot round to his pet colluding police officer, one officer Tri Kuncoro, who is already the subject of an investigation by the Indonesian Corruption Commission, and convinced him to start a separate investigation is both interesting and all telling; we heard a rumour it costs Mr. Daniels US$500 each time he visits Tri Kuncoro’s office and convinces him to do something unlawful. It is interesting in that it beggars the question why would the Balinese police start a fresh police investigation into alleged criminal libel by Mr. Austin against Jack Daniels when they already have an existing investigation for the same alleged “crime”? We believe it is for one of four possible reasons;

1) That Mr. Daniels and the police want to escalate their war on and / or defend their previous actions against Mark Austin with Interpol. Mr. Austin’s renowned London lawyers (just do a search on Google), Simons Muirhead & Burton have now filed a formal complaint against the Indonesian police authority under Interpol’s anti-corruption mandate (an agreement entered into by all member countries) for the Balinese police placing a watch order on Mr. Austin as a suspected insurgent and / or terrorist (while the only investigation officially being conducted by Bali’s mafia police against him was for criminal libel) and for their abusing Interpol’s automated reporting system (see: Interpol corruption & abuse). An extra investigation may, in a corrupt Bali police officer’s mind, give them extra justification.

2) That Mr. Daniels and pet Tri Kuncoro have difficulties accessing the original investigation into Mr. Austin as he has now filed a substantiated and documented complaint & report of corruption and collusion against Mr. Daniels, officer Tri Kuncoro, former chief of detectives Kombes Boy Salamudin, former chief of police Budi Setywan and current chief of police Made Pastika with the Indonesian Corruption Commission (KPK). You see, we have a credible report that another KPK investigation into officer Tri Kuncoro and several high ranking officials in Bali’s judiciary meant the Candi Internet investigation file (see report: Bali Internet Crimes) at Bali police HQ was actually seized by Indonesia’s National Intelligence Service (the people suspected of ordering the Garuda Airlines Murder); because of bitter in fighting between different Indonesian law enforcement agencies over internal jurisdiction. It is therefore quite possible the same Indonesian Intelligence Service could have seized the original investigation file into Mark Austin, since he is now very aggressively pushing the Indonesian government to arrest Mr. Daniels and friends, and have the matter properly investigated.

3) That the original investigation has caused certain police officers some embarrassment and they do not want new entries to be made in the file. You see, whenever something happens regarding a case, such as Mr. Daniels filing yet more “evidence” and / or complaints, these are recorded in the file. As Mr. Austin has provided conjecture that Daniels has been in and out of Officer Kuncoro’s office many, many times, the memo may have started to become a little embarrassing, even for a clearly blinkered corrupt police officer. That is, the corrupt mafia police involved do not want further entries (further data from Mr. Daniels) being date recorded in the file, as they suspect it may be reviewed by other Indonesian law enforcement agencies at some time, so they thought it best to start a new one!

4) However we believe the most likely reason is that the original investigation has somehow been lost because the official investigation file memo will have recorded how many times and when the Chief of Police Made Pastika had requested the file. If we are right, the file then would provide damning evidence in any corruption investigation that Made Pastika not only knew about the corruption between Jack Daniels and the police, but was also involved in it.

So it seems this brand new investigation for the same alleged offence was created because the original investigation has run into “difficulties” and is the only way for Mr. Daniels to act against his nemesis with Bali’s mafia police.

In any event, it also somewhat confirms Mr. Daniels is psychotic as it shows he is clearly obsessed with doing harm to Mr. Austin, and also clearly deluded as to the legitimacy and possible outcome of his actions. What good is yet another police complaint against Mark Austin going to do for Daniels over and above the first complaint? It is quite clear, given the police are acting unlawfully against him and have even made what many believe to be an official death threat against him, Mark Austin is hardly likely to return to Indonesia until he has managed to deal with the greater problem, police corruption and willingness to brazenly commit unlawful acts. The police and authorities in Indonesia clearly are not going to take legal action against Mark Austin in the USA or EU, because they would then have to themselves face questions in a real court / legal system, otherwise they would have done it by now.

So it is clear Jack Daniels filed yet another complaint, started yet another unlawful investigation and likely paid yet even more corruption money to get what? Daniels did not publish details of his latest nastiness on his web site balidiscovery dot com as he has done before, probably because he realizes at least that his acts publicly cost him what little prestigue he has left and probably business too. It is therefore absolutely clear that Daniels has been at it again because he is completely and utterly deluded about the realities of life; one of the most important signs of psycosis.

But it gets worse! Bali BS asked multi-millionaire, and we are not talking about Rupiah here, Mr. Austin to make a statement about the latest complaint and to tell us what he also knows. Here is Mark’s response;

“Big deal! I have been reliably informed Daniels has been round to Kuncoro’s office at least 12 times in as many months, filing this complaint, that complaint against me; All false of course. So nothing surprises me. I am sure Daniels corrupts everything because he is jealous, has mental health problems and is just plain nasty; I read he was previously a mortician’s assistant and have no doubt dealing with all those dead bodies years ago has affected him. For example he says I have vowed to hurt Bali, but the only vow I have made is to put him and any police officers who work unlawfully with him behind bars; especially those responsible for the death threat made against me. I simply apologized to the everyday Balinese people, my friends in Bali, etc. for any financial harm that comes their way from the fall-out of my standing up for my human and civil rights, as I am proud and compelled to do. That is not vowing to hurt Bali; I believe Daniels is a twisted manipulative bully without a life or a shred of class or decency for spewing that garbage up.

I think Daniels passes himself off as the Bali Tourism God / Guru because no-one else with any legitimacy does and that he is a total fraud. It seems clear he simply makes or rather takes money from the Balinese travel industry while at the same time actually harming the economy by colluding with corrupt police officers against me, forcing me to take whatever legal measures I can to bring him to justice. I feel sorry for the decent people of Bali, but he and his colluding henchmen came for me outside Indonesia, so make no mistake, I will do whatever it takes to rid Bali and the world of this cancer. And I feel privileged that I have the resources and determination to be able to see it through, come what may. He says I own Bali BS. Work it out. I have openly published statements about Bali police corruption and that Daniels colludes with them elsewhere. If I own something, I am clearly happy to take legal responsibility for it. So if I owned Bali BS, why wouldn't I say so? Daniels’ allegations are therefore pathetic and an indictment of his nastiness and lies, yet again.

My Jakarta based lawyers will soon be instructed on how to respond based on what my London lawyers say. Because they may say there is no further point in replying to a police officer or department who have been legally challenged many times over their acting outside their jurisdiction against me, yet still continue to do so and now in a fresh investigation. The answer probably now is to deal solely with the Indonesian Department of Justice rather than ingratiate some nasty corrupt police officer’s untenable legitimacy and Daniels’ latest hate campaign against me. But I will let my London lawyers decide whether it is pertinent for my Jakarta lawyers to even respond to this latest investigation against me, or whether we need to continue to focus our efforts on the Corruption Commission and Justice Department, and elsewhere.”

So it appears Jack Daniels routinely visits the police station over this matter. His dwindling supporters might say “He has a lot to report”, but he has nothing to report, he is clearly deluded. The Balinese police are not going to stop Bali BS, and clearly they are not going to stop Mark Austin from pursuing his legal rights. Indonesian jurisdiction does not extend to him or us, and clearly Mr. Austin is not going to travel to Indonesia until Daniels and his pet police officer are both in jail. So why bother filing yet another complaint each and every month? Nothing is going to happen about it that has not happened already. It just shows how obsessed and deluded Daniels has become.

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