Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Indonesia's break up - Australia gives it 20 years

At last Australia appears to be turning the corner of doting supporter of and accomplice in the illegal Indonesian state to one which realizes the break up of its neighbour is inevitable, within 20 years.

Unlike the Australian defence white papers of the past, the previous one being just ten short years ago, 2008's "Defending Australia in the Asia Pacific Century: Force 2030" makes four critical points regarding Indonesia. First, it no longer sees Indonesia as a military threat. Second, it openly debates the break up of Indonesia. Third, it predicts an increased Australian military role in "stabilisation", humanitarian and peace-keeping operations, like those in East Timor and the Solomon Islands. Forth, it discusses the potential for Indonesia to fragment either as a result of developing democratic transformation or from anarchy, revolution, Islamic militancy.

Clear then, Australia does not believe Indonesia, or what would be left of it, could be a major threat to western "civilization" one way or another. If Indonesia remains intact, which is unlikely given increasing discontent amongst its impoverished population forced to watch the world of plenty, it will continue to be a poor third world nation whose bloody military are stretched to their limits with the role of containing self-determination ambitions. If Indonesian Islamic Extremists come to power as is possible given the introduction of Sharia Law (AKA Anti-Pornography Law) and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's alignment with the radical Islamic Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera), then clearly Australia believes this would be the final straw for many Indonesians who would likely take to the streets in a popular uprising. If Indonesian democracy matures, then international legal rights such as self-determination will likely see all but Java and Southern Sumatra remain of the RI.

It is not announced in the political sense as Australia still tows the Jakarta line, officially supporting a "Unified Indonesia", though quite how unified the Papuans and others feel is another matter. It is simply part of the facts of strategic planning, which is a far more credible crystal ball then the rhetoric of any politician or federal officer. It is a fact a Unified Indonesia has three main beneficiaries; Jakarta, the USA and "Great" Britain. Australia would stand to clean up in a break-up of the RI, not least because of its strategic position, its expertise and fortunately, its willingness to put right previous wrongs, vis-a-vis peacekeepers in East Timor. OK, on that subject, East Timor is no paradise right now but why? Look closely and you will see the hand of Jakarta; another reason for wanting to see the back of Java as a substantial political centre.

I say "Bring it on, let's give it as many little legal pushes here and there as we can!". Let us boycott anything and everything Indonesian for starters. Wake up and smell the Java; who do you think you are financially supporting when you buy questionnably made or sourced Indonesian products? Whose pockets are you lining when you go on holiday to Bali; the Balinese slaves on minimum wage? If you claim to love the Balinese, help give them their island back. Hopefully then one day all the Australian and other "bule" foreign idiots who have sunk their life savings into properties they can never own (under Indonesian law) or even stay in their villas legally for any amount of time, hopefully Bali will gain independence from its historical adversary, vile Jakarta, and do what is right for the western money trees who are currently being ripped off.

Come on, think about it; making the world a better place, giving the regions of Indonesia their legal rights, telling Uncle Sam and its patsy British lapdog to go and stick it where to sun does not shine all in one foul stroke! Don't "Buy Buy Indonesia" say "Bye Bye, Good Ridance Indonesia"!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Indo Heath Minister Siti Jackass Supari

Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari is not just a jackass but a fraud and a dangerous Islamic freak the world needs to see the back of, along with the Republic of Indonesia itself.

While Indonesian language TV programs broadcast outside (on youtube) but of course not inside the RI the fact Siti Fadilah Supari is not a true doctor as her phoney doctorate "Drs" title alludes, because she never went to university and her "degree" is conferred (bought), Islamic nutter Siti was spurting off her latest "research" revelations regarding swine flu.

First came her revelation that Indonesia was safe from swine flu because a) The RI is tropical and swine flu was from colder regions and would hopefully not survive in the tropics; the fact it emanated from very hot Mexico was somehow lost on this genius, and b) because Indonesians have different physiology's to non-Indonesians; you will not find me disagreeing on that score you dumb mutt but even if it were true, swine flu can and does jump species.

Then, former cardiologist and with that fact reason enough for never seeking medical help in Indonesia, the mad Muslim madam went on to blurt swine flu was man made, which by her definition means it did not come from Indonesia. Of course Siti is well known for her anti-infidel rhetoric about the origins of viruses, having previously claimed H5N1 Bird Flu was made as a weapon by the USA!

All this is fine for me except that it risks the lives of many Indonesians and also human beings; OK, OK, many Indonesians are human beings, just not Siti and her cohorts. You may remember Siti not so long ago tried to claim intellectual rights to H5N1, so she could make a profit from it; she even went so far as to stop vital infection samples being sent to the WHO in case some western pharmaceutical company made money from them! Then, because Indonesia's handling of the bird flu problem was so kak handed, the publicity of which being bad for pride and business, she blocked the reporting of new infections so the Indonesian tourism industry would not suffer. Like all bad news that affects pride and business in the RI, it is covered up. Thing is, what is worse? The Indonesian Health Minister for doing this, the foreign governments who do not warn their citizens of this subterfuge, or the dumb Aussie and other tourists who go to Bali because of a false sense of safety?

Kept quiet by the WHO this time and lost on most too is the risk of highly human-to-human contagious H1N1 swine flu becoming an unreported pandemic in Indonesia, like SARS was where Indonesia claimed never to had an infection while thousands of sick Indonesians went to hospital and never returned. The WHO is petrified, as they should be, if someone catches both viruses, that H1N1 swine flu could mutate with deadly H5N1 bird flu and then give the world something to remember Indonesia by; billions of people dead worldwide suffering horribly in the process.

This is why we need our governments to get rid of the illegal state of Indonesia, to ensure its people are given their legal right to self-determination, to get rid of the mutts and monkeys kept in power by a sordid blend of corruption and human rights abuse. With Islamic psychopaths like Siti Fadilah Supari running Indonesia's health system, surely people can see there is no future past death and destruction from Jakarta. Don't just boycott Indonesia including Bali to help bring on the end of this sick pariah regime, tell your politicians it is time to act against this human garbage. Indonesia militarily is weak and inept, how about some regime change down under? Annexing everything outside Java and Sumatra like Jakarta did in reverse in the 50's and 60's. Giving the people of West Papua, Sulawesi, the Moluccas and Bali some hope for the future, and the rest of us some peace of mind and good conscience. Come on, do your bit to get rid of Islamic wacko Indonesia and the problems it increasingly poses to the world.

Indonesian Corruption Commission - Antasari Azha!

So Antasari Azha, chief of Indonesia's bogus KPK / Corruption Eradication Commission (bollocks), has been arrested for murder. It made the news, whoopee; people act shocked! But it is no surprise to me as Indonesia is a country run by murderers and fraudsters. The KPK is and never was anything but a political witch hunt organ for the truly powerful; able to investigate corruption against someone who is not flavour of the month on the basis everyone in the RI is as bent as hell. The only people the KPK are unable to touch being the Indonesian police and military of course, as these are beyond reproach despite being the most prolific and aggressive corrupters and human rights abusers in the archipelago.

So it seems Antasari Azha paid to have a businessman murdered because, wait for this, he was also shagging the same 22 year golf caddy girl. What pride Jakarta can take out of all of this. I wonder whether the powerful person who fingered Azha, because that is what it takes in a land where justice does not exist for everyday people, whether they somehow now regret the fallout from this oh so typical dirty laundry of a nation run by thieving monkeys.

So why put such a dodgy character seemingly with such an easily provoked desire to kill in charge of the KPK? Well, when you look at what is available from the ranks and vile of Jakarta's elite [sic], you really do not have much choice, do you! Do not believe for one moment Antasari Azha is someone different or worse in Indonesia; he epitomizes middle to upper class Indonesia. So many of its leaders wanted for war crimes, so many mired in fraud and corruption; hell, its the reason they want to be elected to head the government, police, military or important department, to make a lot of money and be what they were born, bastards.

The problem for poor Antasari Azha is not that he is any different to the rest of Jakarta, it is because he picked on one too many people while heading the KPK; he was a victim of a witch hunt himself. As one party decided to knobble another party's man by spilling the beans to the KPK, Antasari Azha is guilty of lack of balance and restraint, of playing one political group off against another, of never favouring any particular sect too much. He made the mistake of being a witch hunter too much and too often for one group, so another group decided to witch hunt him abusing the police to get their man.

Pundits will spout off this is a victory for anti-corruption in Indonesia, that Antasari Azha's arrest is a sign the system is working. The thing is, the system is working, but it aint the anti-corruption or judicial system, it is the age old Indonesian system yet again that is the player here. For the anti-corruption and / or judicial system to start to work you would need to see police officers and TNI (Indonesian military) officers being tried. Until that time, Antasari Azha is getting his, but not in the manner it should be dealt. Until that time anti-corruption and justice in Indonesia is just a load of bollocks.

Bali Bikini Bollocks

Tourists will possibly, maybe get to witness only one aspect of the so-called and duly legislated Indonesian Anti-Pornography Law's impact on Bali, as this repugnant de facto Sharia legislation has been altered so as not to affect the valuable tourism dollars of course. What westerners will see are plenty of nubile to horribly fat western women in bikinis leaving nothing, often unfortunately, to the imagination, but what you will never see from now on is a Balinese woman in one. Why, in a bizarre and insulting prime example of how Indonesia violates human rights, Balinese women can and most likely would be arrested if they wore one; it is illegal for Indonesian women to wear bikinis in public but not foreign tourists! In the same manner, it is perfectly legal for tourists to wear flimsy airy clothes, tight fashions and kiss each other in public, but it is now illegal for the Balinese to do likewise on their own island.

OK, to be truthful, not many Balinese girls are so immodest as to wear such attire anyway, but they used to in small numbers and why not? Why? Because the nasty Islamic state of Jakarta wants to afflict its people yet again and in increasing form. It is not however the sad loss of seeing the occasional piece of Balinese totty in a g-string, it is the hidden side of this nasty Muslim law that should concern us all.

Many rural Balinese have no choice but to bathe in rivers. Many Balinese like to wear their traditional tight fitting dress. Many Balinese like to dance their evocative Jogged and Ramayana. Many Balinese like to hold hands and kiss their partners in the open air, sitting on the beach. Many Balinese girls like to show off their curves to attract the perfect partner. These things are all natural and part of Balinese culture yet are now all illegal. Did Bali's governor Made Pastika fight for the rights of his subjects when the bill was made law? No, he fought solely to stave off the impact on tourism. Made Pastika is not Balinese any more, he is Indonesian.

OK, in most respects, the law has not been enforced on Bali, but it does get abused like all ambiguously worded, selectively applied Indonesian laws. You see any Indonesian has the right to "sweep" for offenders, which means the Muslim minority now hold the ability to abuse the majority Hindus. Indonesia has a large enough problem already of young girls and boys being sexually abused and even forced into the sex industry, which is run and / or protected by the police, the most corrupt government officers in one of the world's most corrupt countries says Transparency International, so there is no legal protection. So now you can sweep for a vulnerable Balinese girl doing nothing more than bathing or wearing the dress of her ancestors and blackmail her into throwing her life away.

It does not happen? Yes it does, yes it does, yes it does! It may not get reported partly because of the shame, partly because going to the police only creates more problems, and partly because of exceptionally tight media control. But it is going on right now. Balinese girls are being abused all thanks to this evil Islamic law designed to destroy anything and everything non-Muslim.

But what the hell do we care? We can go to Bali for a few bucks, buy fake bling, shout profanities at the subservient smiling Balinese, act like Javanese, and hey, maybe even get a piece of the action ourselves; find ourselves a poor Balinese girl and blackmail her into having sex with us!

But the rot which has started will not end. The fact only nationalist and nationalist Islamic parties are allowed in Indonesia. The fact all politicians are sworn in with a copy of the Koran over their nasty heads. The fact the western governments and media's darling, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has now formally aligned himself to the Prosperous Justice Party, an Islamic organization with radical Egyptian links responsible for the Anti-Pornography Law and the banning of the Ahmadiyah religious sect (a peaceful law-abiding more liberal version of Islam). Yudhoyono and the Prosperous Justice Party are nothing about prosperity and justice, they are about Sharia Law.

Go ahead, have your cheap thrills in Bali, but don't bleat when the bubble bursts or even goes bang. Don't you dare say "Why didn't anyone do anything about it?". Your governments may be whores for the corporate buck and shortsighted short term regional political gain, but you do not have to be. It is easy enough, find somewhere else to go on holiday. Somewhere where you are clearly not just a money tree. Somewhere where murder, rape and oppression are committed with your holiday bucks.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Welcome to the new Bali BS - Important Notice

After a year of silence from one of my favorite reads, Bali BS (The Bali Broadcasting Service), in April 2009 I heard the bad news the operators of this anti-Indonesian BS site were to close due to health reasons; I suspect the Indonesian military, police or special services were going to murder them (health reason enough). So I, who shall be nameless for obvious safety reasons, decided to copy their site (with the original owners' permission and support of course) and have a go at the Javanese and foreign "Anjing Kurap" myself!

All of the blogs on this site after this message date and time wise are my own work! All the earlier blogs on this site before this message are an archive of the original Bali BS. I toyed with dropping a few of them but decided to keep them all to be fair to Bali BS, may they rest in peace.

For legal reasons, after consulting with my lawyer, I decided to drop the original Bali BS site and methodology of emailing out a BS Update. Instead I decided to move the site to this blog and allow people to "follow this blog" if they want to in order to get notifications of when any changes or additional blogs are made. Apparently this is the safest way for me to ensure those who want to know the other darker side of what goes on in Bali and Indonesia get notifications without the Indonesian authorities being able to claim such notifications come under their jurisdiction.

To follow this blog, to get any updates, all you need to do is a) have a Google account (if you do not, open one here), b) log into that account c) and then just go to the bottom of the green column you see to the right and click the "Follow" icon. Following this blog does mean you agree with the content, so you should not worry about falling foul of the Indonesian goon police. However, if you are at all nervous, you can just check in on a regular basis of course.

“Justice” for sale (official) admits Indonesia’s top judge

By Christian Bendover
Mar 5, 2008, 02:31

If you go to Bali / Indonesia after reading this, you deserve to be locked up.

Jimly Asshiddiqie opens his bank statement
Constitutional Court chief Jimly Asshiddiqie, Indonesia’s top judge and someone who wants to see Islamic and Indonesian law “harmonized” (so much for secularism in Indonesia), described the Indonesian judiciary over which he partly presides as “court mafia”, “judicial mafia”, “vultures” and involving a systematic “squeeze”; we would like to add “street dogs”, "Islamic hate merchants" and “cheap whores” Jimly. Ah, but there are bent judges everywhere the Bali piggy bank pundits squeal! True, but Jimly Ass (hiddiqie) admits in Indonesia justice is a “system everyone 'squeezes'”, meaning every police officer, prosecutor, court registrar and judge is bent and commits extortion against victims.

We knew and have been saying this for a long time; pointing out the fact that American installed Suharto deliberately created a totally corrupt system, where state officials were not paid enough wages on the basis they would commit corruption so as to support the corrupt regime. Bali BS previously publishing the fact that all Indonesian police officers, prosecutors and judges have to come from nepotistically acceptable families and pay bribes in order to be admitted to the whore rank and file; clearly, paying thousands of dollars to get an officially low paid job does not foster ideal conditions for justice!

Despite this, for years though, we have been receiving emails from self-interested (expatriate and Javanese) state “kupu kupu malam” supporters and had to read garbage from the likes of Dr Greg Barton, associate professor of politics at Deakin University Australia, claiming the Indonesian judicial system works in largely the manner its supposed to after Schapelle Corby was convicted on the basis of a bag of drugs the police manhandled so as to destroy the fingerprint evidence (editors note: we have never said SC is guilty or innocent, just that the investigation and trial were so seriously flawed so as to render the verdict unacceptable). For years we have read the ingratiating statements put out by western governments justifying the unjustifiable, all in the covert name of making large corporate bucks out of de facto closed bid contracts in Indonesia. So finally we can say, expatriates in Bali, Javanese leaches, failing hack reporters, western (US, British, Australian) governments, the Indonesian civil administration (AKA “government”), Australian Federal Police, wayward political professors and all; Nyepi day cometh and may it last a lifetime for you. The truth has been admitted at last by the highest authority in Indonesia and now we can all realise what this truly means for most foreigners in Indonesia; a good old judicial rodgering. Remembering that their duplicitous governments view them as sacrificial lambs if need be, injustice comes white washed by the western governmental spin they can not legally interfere in domestic Indonesian judicial matters. This all means you can and likely will be stitched up right and proper, and no-one is going to come to your rescue, especially in Bali.

You see in Bali, as well as documented wholesale judicial corruption, Balinese police, prosecutors and judges enjoy impunity from the KPK (Indonesia’s deservedly derided corruption witch hunt body for "in favour" politicians against out of favour state employees). You see, the KPK (Kash Pluk Kan) has publically stated it can not investigate cases of corruption in Bali, wait for this, because it does not have an office there! But do not doubt for one moment that those involved in justice for cash in Bali are not as bent as they come, vis-à-vis one of the Javanese prosecutors sent to Bali to represent the state in the trial against the Bali bombers, one Urip Tri Gunawan. Mr. Gunawan was caught red handed with around $800,000 (AUD) cash in his home which has been traced to super rich Syamsul Nursalim, whom Mr. Gunawan dropped charges in a state $3,000,000,000 (AUD) fraud case just two days earlier! Urip Tri Gunawan claims the money actually came from the sale of diamonds to unspecified buyers; as well as working as one of Indonesia’s top state prosecutors he also had his own jewel business! Of course the benter than bent Indonesian Government through their especially corrupt Attorney-General’s office denied the fraud case and stack of cash were related in any way, although how would they know? But then of course they would deny it, wouldn’t they, as this massive fraud implicates so many, uh, politicians!

Anyway, the fact is in Indonesia if you are arrested for an alleged crime that is not yet in the public domain, you can first pay the police off, although that may only get you an agreement for the police to withhold certain evidence. Then you can pay the prosecutor to file for the minimum possible criminal charges and / or to do a piff poor job in court. Then you can pay off the court registrar to lose some of the evidence on the day of your trial. Finally you can pay off the judge to hand you down a “not guilty” verdict as, by that time, the charges and evidence against you have hopefully been watered down enough. If the case is in the public domain and published in the media however, the cost and possible sentence you ultimately may have to serve will increase for sure. If the case becomes a political issue, as with Schapelle Corby, you can be certain you will be sent to jail as the government will tell the judges to convict you. However, although Indonesian prisons are notoriously bad, they do have some luxury jails in Java you can pay to go to, such as Tommy Suharto did when he was convicted of killing a judge, where the cells are like five star hotel suites complete with private street entrances, so you can pop out for dinner on the basis you are a good boy! Even if you can not afford this, local prisons regularly allow prisoners out for a few hours for a bung; hence the reason Australian tourist Elizabeth Short was recently able to take pictures of Schapelle Corby and her sister, Mercedes, at the Kebab Palace Restaurant in Kuta.

The problem past the fact this is not justice and does not work anywhere near as it should, despite what the sick western advocates claim, is that the Balinese police are crooks themselves and out to extort money from foreigners. This generally means finding foreigners abusing their visas and having their pimps (offering children for sexual acts) and drug dealers finger western customers for arrest and fleecing. Now and again of course actually prosecuting a hapless foreigner or two to show they are doing their jobs! However, it does not stop at entrapment, oh no; the Balinese police think nothing about planting “evidence” on foreigners in their quest to make money. Never believe it can not happen to you. Only last year the now former Czech Consul to Bali sent out a newsgroup warning notice that Bali’s police had recently planted narcotics on a number of innocent westerners. Police also implicated in the theft of belongings from luxury hotel rooms in league with the staff; when thefts are reported, the police turn up and take notes but then claim the tourist had not made a proper official complaint after the foreigner leaves Bali, so the police can not investigate the theft; this also helps keep Bali’s official crime rate figures down of course.

Naturally the police limit their crimes against middle and upper class western families staying at luxury hotels because that would be bad for business, and as most of the luxury hotels in Bali are owned by the Suharto family this would be a very bad career move to say the least for an officer. Naturally foreign expatriates are the first target as they have family ties and investments in Bali to prevent them from spilling the beans about how police officers extort money from them for make believe crimes. Next, visiting pedophiles and other sex tourists are targeted; be careful that lovely Indonesian girl you pulled does not turn out to be a police plant! Next, young tourists are targeted as their unforgiving western governments and media assume all are there to take drugs which to be fair many probably are. Trouble is when you are in a club and there is going to be a raid, who’s to say whether the person next to you is going to drop a pill or two or some powder into your pocket?

The court rules Muslims won, Westerners / Christians zero (chance). Kerching, kerching ($), Allah Akbar, all rise, all kneel.
It is not just the fact Justice is for sale in Indonesia, it is also the fact that Muslims are treated much better and given leaner sentences. This is why Australian underwear model Michelle Leslie wore Islamic dress and claimed to have converted, so she would and actually did get a lighter sentence. It is ironic though, instead of criticizing Indonesia for this bias that the self-serving western media lambasted poor Michelle, whose parents lost thousands of dollars in lobbying (yeh right) AKA extortion money to their Bali “lawyers”, for feigning conversion. Perhaps the western media hack reporters in Bali should spend less time attacking others and more time shoring up their own legitimacy though, as most are in Indonesia illegally having failed to register for taxes as is the legal requirement for any foreigner (editor’s note: diplomatic staff are exempt) staying there for more than a total of 2 months in an 12 month period. Just how bad this bias is towards Muslims and against westerners and Christians is perfectly illustrated by the executions of Christian leaders in Sulawesi (editor’s note: they were actually beaten to death by police officers before they could be executed) while Muslim thugs who beheaded Christian schoolgirls got off with light prison sentences. Also, just look at the fact that the Judicial Court of Indonesia denied members of the so called Bali 9 a judicial review of their death sentences because they are foreigners and therefore not entitled to the same constitutional rights as Indonesians, while the Bali bombers have been given two judicial reviews of their death sentences. OK, the Indonesian Government has probably politically decided that the Bali bombers have to be executed anyway, but the judicial process tells the real story of perverted Indonesia justice.

In any event, whether or not you are unfortunate enough to become the victim of Balinese police crime or not, the fact is it is widespread and disgusting. Just because western governments are prepared to sell their own citizens out while they are in Indonesia does not mean you should too; if you travel to Bali, you are selling out on those that get entrapped and even falsely set up in order for the bent Bali police and judiciary to extort money from. You are also funding a regime which discriminates against westerners and Christians. The only way to change things in Bali and Indonesia as a whole is to let the politicians play their duplicitous dirty games perhaps but for western tourists to demand change by voting with their holidays to other destinations. Please, do not ingratiate the mafia police, prosecutors and judges of Bali. Please do not put yourselves or your friends and families at risk. Please, boycott Bali, boycott Indonesia; if westerners continue to do this in large enough numbers, Indonesia will have no choice but to change. Do not think for one moment the Balinese will suffer if tourism to Bali dies; only the Javanese and foreign rats that feed off them will drown on the sinking ship. Please book your next holiday in your own country, in Thailand, in Malaysia, in Europe; anywhere but Indonesia.

Balibo – The British show just how ugly and bent their foreign policy is.

Ah, so killing these five western reporters will actually earn me medals and guarantee me a political career, mmmm.
In November 2007 we reported that a decent, just Australian, Dorelle Pinch the NSW coroner, recorded a verdict of unlawful killing by the Indonesian military under the direct orders of Jakarta of a five man Australian news team in East Timor. These five men, two Australian, two British and one New Zealander were sought out by the Indonesian commander involved in the covert invasion, Captain Mohammad Yunus Yosfiah, now a senior Indonesian politician, killed in cold blood and then dressed in Timorese military uniforms to try and cover up their cowardly (is there any other Indonesian way) act. Dorelle Pinch braved the nasty flack from the federal Australian Government under xenophobic pseudo dictator John Howard who clearly wanted her to whitewash the event and sweep it under the carpet as Australia and Britain had officially done for 30 years already. It could be said Dorelle Pinch just did her job, but when you have so many powerful people and bodies corruptly doing theirs and trying to stop you from doing yours through nasty self-interest, this lady, make no bones about it, deserves to be held as a heroine and what all Australians should aspire to be. Not least she and the prosecutor involved referred the case to the Australian Attorney General with the recommendation Islamic state murderer Mohammad Yunus Yosfiah be required to stand trial for war crimes according to the Geneva Convention. If only justice were that easy, but first this has to be approved by an English speaking government!

So the clock is ticking and two and a half months and a lot of bucks passed and still made. The various Australian authorities playing musical chairs with the Balibo verdict hoping it is not them individually that is left standing and either having to tell hostile Jakarta they want Yosfiah and one other extradited, or the rest of the world they have decided to let Indonesia get away with state murder. Of course there are three governments all involved with embarrassingly murdered citizens, there also is Britain and mini-Britain (New Zealand) who along with Australia have been at pains not to admit to or deal with this diplomatic time-bomb for years. While New Zealand and Australia are still quietly, yawn, evaluating their positions and options, events in good old Blighty have taken a turn for the better and also worst. Step up our next hero, British Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster, who raised the matter in the House of Commons with a demand for Britain to have Interpol place an arrest warrant against Yosfiah to force New Tory (or was it New Labour, hard to tell the difference these days) Foreign Office Minister Meg Munn to respond; clearly something she would rather not do!

Muffler: Will a freebie to Bali fix things? A good deal on pensions maybe? OK, front row seats at the next Labour conference in Jakarta?
Megg “Muffler” Munn as she is becoming known, for muffling the sounds of “Hang on, the British Foreign and Common-welt Office are not doing their job, they are supporting wholesale human rights abuse!” vis a vis Iraq, etc. Muffler Munn and her cowpokes keen to point out they have no mandate to interfere with the domestic policy of sovereign nations, are unable to judge other countries’ judicial rulings, yet are somehow unable to explain how it is British foreign officials including two peers no less went paratrooping into the Sudan demanding the Sudanese Government release dimwit teddy bear loving blasphemer Gillian Gibbons from a special luxury (privaledged) jail cell a few day early except to say “They can not discuss individual cases for privacy reasons under the Data Protection Act”, even though everything was in the public domain; a case where Ms Gibbons, no matter how naively, did insult Mohammed which is a criminal offence in the Sudan, but was given a very short sentence and was treated exceptionally well. Yet Muffler was not prepared to send the “troops” into Indonesia for anything so trivial as pre-meditated state murders (war crimes) against other British citizens. Of course she is not alone in all of this, there at Muffler’s side is British Foreign Secretary David Wright Miliband, grateful for and busy with the wall-to-wall media coverage of how Prince Harry of Afghanistan is a hero (Harry’s words that he missed nothing in Britain and considered killing people a chance to live normally left retort free by the media), but now was the time to bring him home as the Taliban hoards might all come out from hiding and attack him (why not leave him there and use his presence to bring lure large numbers of the Taliban into a trap?).

Megg Mutt (editor’s note: in the political “pedigree” sense of course) Mundane and David Whitewashing Milibung showing their true colours when it was pointed out the FCO (Foreign Covert Operations) actually did have a published (on their own website) mandate (legal duty) both to protect British citizens from serious crimes overseas and to intervene with foreign governments committing human rights abuse and / or serious miscarriages of justice. It was actually one Mark Austin, public enemy number one of the Balinese mafia police (you may recall they placed Mark’s name on Interpol’s watch list as a suspected terrorist) in order to get his home address then in Thailand to give to old chestnut and suspected transvestite Jack Daniels (Bali Discovery Whores) to try and murder him, who pointed this out to Muffler and the Dulux Kid when the FCO said they would rather not ask the Balinese police to stop acting like the murderous monkeys they are. How did Muffler and Persil react to this? Why, they removed the statement from the FCO web site of course! Unfortunately for New Blairite Labour / Tories Munn and Daz, regular Labour MP Dr Tony Wright, Chairman of the Public Administration Select Committee, and Liberal Democratic Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Moore MP made a complaint against the FCO on Mark Austin’s behalf with the UK’s Parliamentary Ombudsman no less; hmmm, no division of ranks in Labour there then! Unfortunate also for Munn and Miliband was the fact they left the FCO’s mandate on the recruitment pages of their web site thus quoted to and until, that is, the Parliamentary Ombudsman accepted this complaint against them and then it miraculously disappeared too, of course.

Anyway, Megg Munn having been confronted in the House of Commoners by those nasty liberals who want Britain to uphold the rule of law both at home and internationally, responded as only a Tory could; she agreed to meet with the families of the murdered Britons in private, of course, to discuss this terrible incident, 30 years of British cover-ups on! Recently declassified British government records adding hopefully to the list of things Megg has to discuss with the families of Indonesian state murdered British citizens Brian Peters and Malcolm Rennie, such as the fact Britain knew Indonesia planned to invade East Timor covertly a whole month before (oops) and that they told the Australian Government not to bother raising the issue of the murders at the time with Jakarta as it would be a waste of time; thus showing they knew it was murder all along and also they basically condoned the act, as in Peters and Rennie were both expendable pawns in the sick duplicitous British foreign policy game. Of course that was in the past and Britain funding Indonesian police directly (hmmm) with “soft loans”, BP and others being allowed to break sanctions to Burma and elsewhere by using Virgin Island subsidiaries, plus Tony Blair cancelling the UK’s Serious Crime Squad’s nearly completed investigation into corruption by BAE in Saudi Arabia, after the Arabian royal family told him to do it because they did not want to be exposed for what they are; these are all minor blips in an otherwise brilliant white current British foreign policy.

Do we think Megg is going to see the dead men’s families’ side of things; that justice has to be done, that Britain needs to file an arrest order with Interpol against the Indonesian TNI’s most decorated man and political leader? We bet no! We can almost hear the wobble from Mutt Munn now; Indonesia is a valuable ally of and trading partner with Britain; Indonesia is a fledgling democracy which needs our help and support (tear in eye); that was Old Indonesia, this is New Indonesia (a bit like New Labour of course); rocking their political boat right now could cause an Islamic revolution; many British jobs rely on a continued close relationship with Indonesia; Indonesia is a proud country and the shame of this has hurt them deeply already; President SBY has asked me to personally pass on his best wishes and official re-election T-shirts for you to wear on your way out to the press conference.

Of course the realities are slightly different than what Muffler is likely to tell them in an attempt to sweep yet another unfortunate (in the public domain) incident under the FCO carpet. The fact that Indonesia, if it had an Islamic revolution would do so because the people felt they had no other option, because the British, Americans and Australians saw to it in the 1960’s that no centre or left and no regional political parties were allowed. That Indonesia used to be a doting proxy colony of the English speaking axis of evil but that is changing; Russian military orders (causing Australia to spend yet more money on “defense”), Russian oil company contracts, massive Chinese civil engineering contracts, even arms deals with Israel, a country Indonesia say they do not recognize and want to see obliterated. Also too a statement that Indonesia wishes to share in Iran’s nuclear program! The thing is, the Indonesian rat is still a nasty rat but it has turned. Britain’s considerable corporate interests in the archipelago are at risk from competition! Gone is the red under the bed phobia which sparked the USA and allies into making the TNI their puppets and with it making Indonesia a pseudo colony. Gone are the sacrosanct corrupt deals solely benefiting major English speaking western corporations; the corruption is still very much there but now Indonesia has learned it can deal with the devils (China, Israel, Russia, France, whoever), so Britain is desperate for brownie points with murderous Indonesia; pulling up / upsetting Jakarta over Balibo would have the likely same effect as happened when they tried to pull Moscow up over Alexander Litvinenko.

The problem for Britain and its axis of English speaking evil partners can be best described by the old adage “You made your bed now lie in it”. In common with their nasty foreign policy elsewhere in the world while feigning decency, in 1965 Britain et all provided the Indonesian military with weapons, names of anyone center or left (Britain had massive intelligence from its time policing the area after WW2 and from Malaysia / Australia) and the green light (logistical support) for US favoured Suharto to remove democratically elected Sukarno from power in order to “save” Indonesia from communism. As with the US proxy war in former Soviet controlled Afghanistan, the western allies created a very nasty monster called present day Indonesia, without regional and / or central and left political parties; all that was and are allowed being right wing military (TNI) stooge parties like Golkar (Suharto et all), PDI (Megawati et all) and PD (Yudhoyono), plus Islamic parties such as the PPP (Muhammad Yunus Yosfiah), so now you know. Incidentally, Indonesia is not just undemocratic by fact it forbids certain political parties, it is also not a democracy because ultimately the TNI, who have their own constitution as protectors in all matters of the Republic, state the “government” is solely a civilian administration. So this monster created by paranoid and regional influence / massive natural reserves greedy western powers offers virtually no hope to its unfortunate citizens to this day. Therefore, should the house of cards collapse as it did in Iran for example, Indonesians have little else direction / option but to turn to fundamental Islamic leaders, as these are tolerated / exist already; vis a vis the fact Jemaah Islamiah has still not been banned by Jakarta.

In point of fact, the British Government is so keen to brown nose it with the murderous military and police of Indonesia, to get favours for favours, that it quietly provides what are called “soft loans” directly to these mafia in uniform, under the “War on (by) Terror” banner (editor’s note: Britain, Australia and the USA qualify under International law as terrorist states over their invasion of Iraq). Of course these de facto donations direct to the uniforms would otherwise be illegal! Never mind the fact the only actual anti-terrorist unit of the Indonesian police is Special Detachment 88 (Detasemen Khusus 88), or Delta 88, who do nothing expect arrest or sometimes bungle arrests when given the exact location of the West’s most wanted, courtesy of attendant AFP (Australian Federal Police) who work with and rely heavily upon the American CIA and their permanently parked surveillance satellite over Indonesia (BS Passim). White washed British Government payments to the Indonesian “Brimob” falsely described anti-terror (actually anti-independence) police, with their thousands of thug police officers, murdering people advocating separation from Jakarta as well as totally innocent civilians across the archipelago, hardly shows a British foreign policy able to take issue with Indonesia over a few “unfortunate” incidents involving their own citizens.

Truth is Britain is in such a piff poor economic state right now with billions of tax payer pounds poured into failed bank Northern Rock that political whores like Munn, Miliband, Blair and Brown are very nervous about any prospect of its major corporations BP, Shell, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, etc. being told their ever so slightly dodgily negotiated contracts are henceforth terminated for insulting the state murderers of Indonesia by calling them exactly what they are. Let us not forget the Arabian BAE Blair corruption fiasco and British citizens who “enjoyed” human rights abuse there, getting only lip service at home; Saudi Arabia very much the same “special friend” as Indonesia. The British Government right now very, very sensitive to the fact that city investors in Northern Rock shares, due to get next to nothing out of the bank’s nationialisation include pensions companies (with Labour’s private pensions “program”, to get the UK off the hook regarding already broken state pensions) and with so much pensions investment in BP, et all. Of course, if Britain and its foreign agenda friends had not created the Javanese Frankenstein in the beginning, their corporations likely still would be benefitting, albeit fairly from this region today but without the monster.

So then, Muffler Megg Munn, the mutt of the still somehow new (after 10 years) Labour party, is hardly “able” to do anything than her best to pacify the Balibo relatives. So let us hope the new Labour party of Australia might now show some class and application of the law for its own citizens regarding Indonesia. Or perhaps hitherto very quiet on this subject the New Zealand Government might like to see justice, not lip service and spin done. After all, the hate state of Indonesia is going from strength to strength and one day that hate, complete with a share of Iran’s nuclear program, may well explode into an Islamic state. Will never happen? Funny, that is what they said just six months before the US lackey Shah of Iran got his.

If you are Australian or New Zealander and have any humanity and decency, please lobby your respective governments to bring war crimes charges against Mohammad Yunus Yosfiah. If you are British, there is no point in lobbying either a Tory or New Tory (AKA Labour) government into acting; they absolutely will not. The only way Britain will change and for the better is for their Liberal Democrat party to be elected at the next general election, as this is the only large enough party in Britain (or perhaps England) who accepts British Foreign Policy is bent and will one day come back to haunt or worse the UK. If Megg Munn does not agree to instruct Interpol to issue an arrest warrant against Yosfiah, we say she is a mutt in every sense and anyone that votes for her party knowing of her failings has the same pedigree. Australia ditched goose step Howard and friends, if Munn and company do not deliver on Balibo, it is time for Brits to do the same to their little Nazis.

Until Balibo is given the justice it deserves, the best way to show Indonesia and in particular Yunus Yosfiah you do not personally support in anyway state murderers, is to boycott Indonesia (including Bali), boycott anything Indonesian at home and even boycott the corporations that ingratiate these Javanese street dogs. Please, tell the anti-westerner hate state of Indonesia and those that support them for a buck to go shove it where the sun does not shine, thank you.

Bali Tsunami Risk Heightened – Geophysics and Pirates

By Lori Dengler and Ted Bryant
Mar 1, 2008, 13:29

Indonesian tsunami warning buoy: "Whoever has the mobile, call Achmed and let him know it is getting choppy out here"
It would have perhaps been the total irony of the century; Mother Nature, furious at mankind’s pollution based destruction of the planet and the lip service, no agreement made, expense account creating its own massive carbon footprint Climate Change Summit, sending a massive tsunami to wipe the lot of them off the face of the planet. During this particular UN sponsored farce, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck 261 kilometres south-west of the Bali resort of Nusa Dua. Had the quake been of the same magnitude as the Aceh disaster on December 26th 2004 just “up the coast” and on the very same fault line, perhaps 15 or even 20 meter high waves would have wiped Nusa Dua off the map just 20 minutes later. Of course most of the buildings in southern Bali would have collapsed during the quake itself with the massive tsunamis that followed just sealing the fate of anyone in the area who was not killed by the collapsing structures around and above them.

Although it is wrong to wish the loss of any life, perhaps the Balinese Gods themselves would have wished for such a tsunami at such a time. After all the delegates were insulting Bali by token of the carefully orchestrated segregation of manicured Nusa Dua from the realities of Bali; illegal effluence tips, refuse landfill sites so unable to cope that neighbours dump rubbish on neighbours, some of the most bacterially infected waters in the region, etc. Plus of course Nusa Dua is basically owned through theft by the hated Javanese Suharto family, denying the Balinese their legal rights by preventing them from accessing their own public beaches, putting so little money into the Balinese people’s pockets so as to make Nusa Dua a virtual suburb of Jakarta. With all those thousands of Javanese and Sumatran police and army officers sent in to protect the delegates, because the Balinese police couldn’t protect anything past their own corrupt greed. What a perfect opportunity it would have been for the Balinese Gods to literally wash the figurative filth off their hallowed, desecrated island. But it was not to be, the 5.9-magnitude quake perhaps a reflection of once proud, noble and strong Bali’s more recent Jakarta inflicted pacifism.

But this near miss for 10,000 delegates unable to make any decisions past their drinks orders, the thousands of attendant press hacks glad too of their expense accounts, plus over 7,000 murderous Indonesian state thugs with uniforms and badges, should count as a very big warning for western tourists with enough bad taste to ingratiate Nusa Dua with their holiday dollars. You see, recent tectonic activity in the region has been on the increase and Bali is officially recognized by the UN sponsored scientific team set up to try and predict quakes to be on the “red” list; surprise then the UN put their delegates at such risk, hmmm!

Of course the Indonesian authorities and very, very nasty Balinese travel agents lie to try and make foreign wallets feel safe about coming to Bali by claiming that the new tsunami warning system with buoys around Indonesia will somehow save lives on Bali, “forgetting” to add that any warning from such a tsunami producing quake as devastated Aceh in 2004 would only give holidaymakers 10 minutes warning they did not need anyway, as the massive quake would be warning enough! The island’s nastiest and most crooked travel agent, Jack Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours even sinking so low as to pimp a mobile text warning system to his customers from which he would earn a commission. The notion someone half dead buried under the rubble of their hotel needing a text message to let them know they would be drowned 10 minutes hence is a very sick thing indeed; apparently unless you belong to PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), a fee based marketing corporation, let not the name fool you. Fact is, if you are unlucky enough to be in Southern Bali when a major quake hits a few miles offshore, your survival chances are next to zero, period. The reason these tsunami buoys are actually being placed around Indonesia is not to be able to give people on Bali enough time to get to higher ground, but to warn countries such as Australia, The Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc. of the massive killer waves coming their way in a few hours time, so they have time to clear their beach areas.

Past this, the fact is the Indonesian tsunami warning system is so flawed that residents of Aceh actually pulled down warning sirens last year. Why? The problem is that the Indonesian Tsunami Warning Bureau is incompetent to the extreme; they issue tsunami warnings anytime and every time there is an offshore earthquake reported irrespective of the magnitude, the depth (a very important factor) and / or the type of fault line; only certain types create the upward movement necessary to displace a large enough amount of water to create a tsunami. As a result, after multiple pathetically false alarms and a growing number of deaths through heart attacks and panic driven motoring accidents as terrified people raced to get to higher ground, many locals decided they would rather face a repeat tsunami risk then the Indonesian warning system! The Indonesian tsunami warning system was so piff poor, relying on some unqualified idiot issuing warnings solely based on earthquake occurence, and then only removing the warnings when it became clear no waves had hit the beaches! In fact, when tidal waves formed through tropical storms the Indonesian tsunami warning system failed to detect these with the result the waves made landfall and yes, killed people.

So how come these wonderful tsunami buoys did not detect these non-earthquake induced killer waves? Ah, here comes Indonesia’s next sorry admission; one if not more of these expensive tsunami buoys provided by the International community had been stolen! First came some pathetic wobble from Indonesia's marine technology research centre that an essential part of their buoy warning system had “gone missing” in the Sunda Straight; the supposedly tightly monitored waterway between Java and Sumatra. Then came a request from Australia to Indonesia to instruct their navy to help protect two such buoys they planned to place in International waters between the two nations from “pirates”. You see these “pirates” are in fact Indonesian fishermen who regularly flaunt the law and International boundaries to fish illegally in Australian waters. At the moment, denoting the modus operandi of all Indonesian government officers, the Indonesian Navy ignores fisherman going off to loot and pillage another sovereign nation’s assets. Not so of course for any unfortunate foreign fishing vessel they catch in Indonesian waters; vis a vis the time Indonesia’s most advanced warship was sent to shoot and destroy some Chinese fishing boats whose owners, Jakarta claims, had let their permits lapse.

So it is that one of the most corrupt and lawless countries in the world threatens the tsunami warning system which could save thousands of lives. Because law enforcement in Indonesia is nothing about upholding the law but making a dishonest buck, because everyone from the president down are virtually all thieving bar stewards, local Indonesian fishermen are sailing out to steal fish and “junk” metal they can sell at home. This is why Indonesia has one of the most accident prone railway networks in the world, because local vagrants remove nuts and bolts from rail sleepers to sell as junk metal; fact. Recently Indonesian fishermen pirates have removed automatic weather stations from Australian waters which later appeared for sale on an Asian black market! That is why Indonesia relies on some guy with a phone who pushes a button that sets off the tsunami alarms whenever someone calls him and says a quake was felt out to sea. A joke? Yes, a very nasty, sick one; the name of which is “Indonesia”.

Although the risk of a tsunami hitting Bali while you are on the island is remote, tsunamis can and will hit Bali sometime(s) in the future. Greedy Balinese travel agents spout off that the percentage risk to each person is less than being hit by a vehicle in their own country, but the fact is it is added risk; it does not replace the risks we all face in normal life. In any event, the fact the Indonesian government and tourism industry are prepared to lie to us while doing nothing about their own thieving fishermen are reasons enough to tell them to stick it. Please, show some class, wake up and smell the Java; boycott anything and everything Indonesian, including Bali, until the BS and worse stops.

Balinese Expatriates – where their next Indonesian caning is coming from!

By Inspector Spanky
Feb 29, 2008, 02:20

Indonesian girl to be caned: "Bali expats, its your turn next!"
It is very hard to feel sorry for the vast majority of foreign expatriates AKA expats living on Bali, the most derided expat community [sic] in the world, where even Jakarta’s expats, who are hardly the world’s winners, call resident foreigners in Bali every name under the sun and with good reason (just look at the Indonesian Expat Forum). Bali’s expats comprising of ex-cons, western criminals on the run, pedophiles, losers (think about it, Bali is hardly commerce central), hippies, drug abusers, spiritual “la-las” (them that hold Bali as a cultural paradise while the Balinese themselves suffer), de facto Nazis (those who like to bully and abuse the local population in other ways) and OK, the odd decent western island life seeker as well. But you have got to feel sorry for this generally tasteless, sordid and often downright nasty group of people recently, as they get theirs!

First the immigration authorities in Bali started “clamping down” on expats who basically abused holiday visas employing so called “visa runs” to illegally live on the island. Of course the immigration officers are very flexible when they clamp down as it is very profitable for them as individuals to do so; ching, ching! Of course this was previously the extremely corrupt and woefully inept police’s main tool of choice to extort money from foreigners living in Bali, but when the immigration officers moved in on their profit margins by securing special visa privaledges for many expats, the police had to move onto their second most profitable extortion method, narcotics, and expand it. So many of Bali’s expats are “dope-heads”, a testament to their IQ in a country where possession is no misdemeanor and being caught with too much can result in the death penalty. But unless someone, an aggrieved associate perhaps, substantially fingered them they could at least continue their spiritual enhancing habit in the secure knowledge the Balinese police are so bad at policing they were unlikely to get caught. Ah but then the cunning Bali POLDA (police) came up with a cunning plan to compensate for the fact their officers couldn’t catch a cold, they began to plant drugs on foreign expats in order to extort more money from them in lieu of lost earnings from visa busts; oh yes they did, the (former) Czech Consul for Bali even sent out a newsgroup warning about this.

Next came news that the hotel industry in Bali, which is basically controlled by Suharto’s family and close friends, decided that falling profitable western tourist figures against an increasing western owned villa business market share had gone far enough. Fortunately for these Javanese hoods, excuse us, business people was the fact foreigners could not legally own nor operate holiday villas in Bali, despite the fact they had stood by for years and saw a whole very, very nasty real estate industry build up telling these poor schleps they could! So then, easy enough; have the authorities clamp down on these illegal villa operations by insisting they become registered and legal when they could not, then the hotels would pick up the tourists who could no longer book into these foreign “owned” villas. Of course the authorities tried to do all of this under the feign of legitimacy but accounts of back “tax” demands amounting to more than each villa’s worth showed it was nothing to do with getting these properties legal, but rather giving foreign money trees' wallets a good self serving caning. As more and more foreigners were forced to realize they could not own property and / or run an accommodations business in Bali, despite the fact the authorities still allowed the nasty real estate masses to say they could, foreign owned villa after foreign owned villa were and still are being forced to close down.

Naturally the taxation officials and police are very flexible towards foreigners who “own” villas in Bali if they receive a “little” backhanded cash incentive to be so; the problem being there is much less profitable independent western traveler type tourism coming to the "paradise" island these days, so less cash in the villa owners’ pockets to be able to afford this flexibility. Ironically and thankfully this hotel industry and let us not forget Jack Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours (he collected the initial list of illegal foreign owned villas for the authorities) sponsored nasty, jealous act backfired on the Indonesian tourism industry. You see, villa loving westerners were quite rightly a little disgusted about what was going on and decided to give Bali a miss altogether. Some of these quite naturally so because villas and rooms owned and operated by hotel groups and the Javanese are simply not up to the standard of those which were being closed down by the nasty Balinese authorities. In fact the act has actually cost Bali’s hotels more then it gained them. Now most if not all of the so called large luxury resorts in Bali are having to offer “down to the bone” packages to Javanese and Asian guests, reducing further their standards and luster with discerning western tourists. OK, western red necks and camera clicking, breakfast table Marlboro smoking Asian package tourists think they have a good deal, but they are not earning the hotels much money and are actually further putting the fat wallets off!

As a side story we wonder just how many of the Bali expatriate cuckoo brigade, the ones that have been there so long they even have given themselves Balinese names, are really aware of what lies down the road for them! You see many of these foreign wannabe Balinese males married local girls and then bought land and houses in their wives’ names. Ooops! Unfortunately Indonesian law expressly forbids any foreigner having a claim to land title in Bali, which foreign men would have if they subsequently divorced their Balinese wives, so the way the authorities got around this problem was to forbid Indonesian women who had married a foreigner to be able to own land after the marriage. Of course western women marrying Indonesian men do not have this problem as they have no rights as women under Indonesia’s nasty Sharia based laws to anything if their husband divorces them. Some foreigners recently realizing this problem have gone to the extreme of renouncing their foreign citizenship in order to acquire Indonesian citizenship, whereby they can own land. Trouble still lurks though for those who changed their citizenship to Indonesian (you have to feel sorry for them) after they / their spouses illegally bought land. You see, the previous land owner thereby has a claim to get what they sold back, gratis, and the authorities still have such documented events to come and extort a buck or thousands from them over!

Anyway, on to the next financial (extortion) caning for the west’s finest [sic] residents on Bali; income tax! Oh dear, did no-one ever explain to them that Indonesia has some pretty draconian, of course, taxation laws? Item one; Any foreigner who is in Indonesia for a total of more then 2 months in any given 12 month period must, repeat must register for personal taxes whether or not they are actually liable to pay tax or not. Tax registration involves obtaining a “NPWP” tax number; if you fail to do this it could well mean imprisonment for a maximum of six years (that is a long time in some of the worst jails in the world) and a maximum fine of four times the total amount of tax due (or a very big extortion bung). Item two: Indonesia taxes people on their worldwide incomes, including income (interest) from overseas investments / deposit accounts and pensions. So even retired people in Bali have to do this and likely pay taxes, which is not what they expected or rather are used to, especially as NPWP requires monthly tax office reports on incomes and various other financial activities! Of course even the dumbest extorting clod in Indonesian uniform can work out foreigners that have nice things and eat out have to pay for this from somewhere, so it is going to increasingly get very hard to avoid.

So bad official news then for Bali’s expats, given expats in Jakarta likely are registered for tax, from Djoko Slamet Surjoputro the Director of tax services at the Directorate General for Taxation. According to Mr. Surjoputro only around one in five of those people in Indonesia liable to pay income tax (earnings above 1 million Rupiah per year) are registered for tax and are doing so. Like many taxation systems, Indonesia taxes higher earners a greater percentage then the lower paid. Oh dear, those expatriates on Bali who almost certainly all earn over 24,000 USD per year are liable at the maximum rate of 35% of their worldwide income. So when Mr. Surjoputro says his office plans to increase tax revenues by over 25% each year, given one big fish feeds more tax officials than many little ones, given certain Indonesians enjoy favorable unofficial status and exemptions, where oh where can Mr. Surjoputro and his army of beaurocrats known for their laziness easily find some dishonest top taxation rate dodgers? That’s right, Bali and its expats!

Oh dear, oh dear, it looks like foreigners stupid enough to have invested their money into Bali on the basis it is easy going and somehow not Indonesian are going to get yet another particularly painful wake up lesson soon that Bali is very much part of nasty Indonesia. If you intend to spend more than 2 months a year in Bali, get ready to pay income taxes there and to pay someone to report monthly accounts to the tax office for you. For the first time ever expatriates are going to have to secure and keep receipts, account for staff salaries, investment returns (onshore and offshore), assets and “perks” such as vehicle usage and provide this every 30 days or so to the Indonesian tax man! Come on Bali’s expats, tell us what you think, is Bali still a paradise?

Never mind, you can always pay some bungs and / or play the Indonesian game, if you can get away with it like some! With most of the Javanese owned hotels in Bali operating “twin book” systems (one set of accounts for the tax man, one real set of accounts for the directors) and overseas collection accounts, there is some hope for dishonest foreign expats yet. Just look at Jack Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours! We have documented proof he wholesale avoided and likely still avoids Indonesian income tax, and his dubious travel agent company cheats on sales taxes (BS passim). But then Jack has “friends” in the police force and elsewhere that might cost him a few thousand bucks a year and multiple betrayals (be careful about what you tell or get involved with Jack) to maintain, so you had better be prepared yourself to sink to his level (stab others in the back) if you want the same privaledges in Bali.

Or, an even better idea is see the writing on the wall and avoid Bali like the plague. If you want some tropical paradise where you can stay all year and pay nothing on your overseas income, go to your nearest Malaysian embassy and ask them about their five and ten year multi-entry “Second home visas”. Tell Indonesia and its greedy, corrupt, dishonest, nasty government to stick their over-rated islands where the sun does not shine.

H5N1 – The Mad Haters & Hatters of Indonesia

By Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Feb 27, 2008, 07:36

I, President SBY of Indonesia support the theory God gave us H5N1 to make a profit from.
For anyone who does not quite understand what the fear is with H5N1 Avian AKA chicken flu mutating to become a human pandemic (worldwide epidemic) is, let us explain. In the late 1910’s, a chicken flu virus migrated to become a human virus and killed an estimated 50 million to 100 million people worldwide, that was 5% of the world’s population died with and another 15% suffering horribly from it but surviving. H5N1, which is extremely unpleasant and basically causes victims to drown slowly in their own body fluids, has a much higher mortality ratio than that, and as there are around 6,650,000,000 humans on the planet right now; this means H5N1 with the potential to kill 3,000,000,000 people would make Spanish flu look like a common cold. Spanish flu is reckoned to have come from the battlegrounds of the first world war where chickens were kept for food by soldiers in their trenches; a sick chicken with deadly avian flu infected a sick soldier with a totally different human variant of flu, the two viruses merged and so was born Spanish Flu. Indonesia is at risk from making a human form of H5N1 because so many Indonesians live in close proximity to chickens. In fact, Indonesia has subsequently developed the most virulent form of H5N1 and by far suffered the most number of human deaths from it according to official statistics which are known to have been falsified downwards by Jakarta.

Drs Siti Fadilah Supari, Indonesian Health Minister, Liar, Fraud, Anti-Western Islamic Psychopath
Dr Siti Fadilah Supari, our first mad hater and hatter, is an anti-western Islamic extremist and nasty, greedy Javanese woman who also unfortunately happens to be the Indonesian Health Minister. In late 2006 she ordered that the World Health Organization (WHO) be denied any more samples of H5N1 taken from victims in Indonesia. Why? Because Dr Supari claimed the particularly deadly Indonesian variant of H5N1 belonged intellectually to Indonesia. Although we might quip that a virus has about the same intellect as Indonesian ministers, what she meant and went on to expand upon was that she wanted to make profit, money out of H5N1 and expected the WHO and foreign pharmaceutical companies to pay for it, big time. Dr Supari withheld the samples for “bargaining power” on the basis they ultimately were going to make western companies money and that was not fair to Indonesia or more likely her own personal corruption siphon. Lost on Dr Supari, who apparently bought her degree on eBay, were the facts a) anti-virals are the least profitable area of pharmaceutical work with much being done as a community service, b) any vaccine would be immediately made available by the WHO to every country and technically appropriate pharmaceutical companies in the world, c) foreign governments and aid agencies currently pour billions of dollars into Indonesia by way of vaccine programs for things such as measles and the very nasty drug resistant TB (Tuberculosis) which Indonesia is the third largest sufferer from and relies solely on other countries goodwill.

Several times this Islamic freak AKA Indonesian Health Minister has promised to resume samples to the WHO but each time reneged on her word; that’s right, Dr Siti Fadilah Supari is not just a mad hater and hatter, she is a liar and cheat as well. Dr Supari wants to make a buck out of other people’s misery and is quite prepared to play at God, risking billions of deaths worldwide from a disease her own mismanagement has allowed to spread and mutate to a highly dangerous level previously anyway; the Indonesian Government lied about having H5N1, lied about culling chickens, lied about preventing the transportation of chickens and lied about the number of human infections.

But it gets worse.

Dr Siti Fadilah Supari keen to make some money for herself from H5N1 and currently being daunted by the fact there is no foreign H5N1 money to rip off from her own ministry, decided to write a book about it called “It's Time for the World to Change: The Divine Hand Behind Avian Influenza.” Her book is not just designed to make her some money, it is designed to stir up anti-western hatred amongst Indonesians stupid enough to buy her literary garbage by telling lies about WHO virus sharing and vaccine production, plus expone her very warped conspiracy theories that the west intends to make a biological weapon out of Indonesian H5N1 to potentially use against Indonesia! So now you know where a lot of these murderous anti-western Islamicists get their hatred from; their own government.

But it gets worse.

Next up comes our second mad hater and hatter; a former low ranking Indonesian major who only made general after he left the army (hmmm) and it is clear was elected in a wholesale fraudulent election helped by Suharto / Golkar (who he now governs alongside) on the basis he pardoned Suharto of all crimes (which he did); that’s right, none other than Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of Indonesia. SBY as he is known is our second mad hater and hatter because he personally endorsed Dr Supari’s book and position over H5N1. Yes, the Indonesian president believes his country should make some bucks out of other people’s painful deaths, also God himself gave them this virus and that foreign governments want it to make a biological weapon! Shame the facts are different and any real degree holder would explain H5N1 is not an ideal subject for biological weapons, not least as it has not become human-to-human contaigent yet.

But it gets worse.

After International amazement, disgust and more hard to take (by the mentally impaired accused) ridicule flooded the media, SBY stated that he had withdrawn support for the book and had ordered Dr Supari to withdraw it from sale. Liar, liar, liar! First, the book started to disappear from shelves as anti-western idiots bought it and shops were not restocked because the book was undergoing some editorial changes, hmmm; not because it was being withdrawn. Did the anti-western element get deleted? No! Did the accusations about the WHO go? No! Did the falsehoods about how virus sharing and vaccine production / distribution go? No! Did the claim God had given it to Indonesia (certain Indonesians of course) to make profit from go? Why no! In fact it seems nothing seems to have been removed but some more text has been added, an introduction from SBY himself endorsing the author, book, statements and theories.

Enough is enough.

The world now has official proof of the extent of the anti-western hatred in the maligned minds of the rulers of the hate state of Indonesia. If you buy an Indonesian product, if you go to Indonesia and that includes Bali and spend some money there, you are not only putting yourself at risk of becoming one of the first victims of a human pandemic of H5N1 (in a country whose hospitals are not that good to say the least), you are endorsing the likes Dr Siti Fadilah Supari and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, you are putting money in their nasty pockets and you are increasing the risk of furthering a viral Armageddon. We must all boycott anything and everything Indonesian which means stopping our own governments and self-centered massive corporations from lining their pockets too. The risk from getting de facto sole award contracts for minerals, oil and gas by supporting the Jakarta hate regime has become too great. If H5N1 kills half your family and leaves you crippled against a backcloth of decimated worldwide healthcare and infrastructure, will your slightly discounted gold rings, copper pipes and cheap holidays to Bali be worth it to you then?

Boycott Bali.
Boycott Indonesia.
Support the legal right of Papuan and other peoples to Independence.
Tell you governments to stop funding the mad haters and hatters of Indonesia.

Bali International Conference Centre; rats, not mice

By Drs Sudarmaji
Feb 26, 2008, 07:08

Indonesian Anti-Corruption Delegation
MICE conferences and exhibitions are now the staple diet of Bali’s rat travel business which sees millions of dollars come into government and corporate travel agent pockets but next to nothing into Balinese pockets; most of these events are held at the “BICC”. The B.I.C.C. AKA Bali International Conference Centre is located in Nusa Dua, quite appropriately, in a very Balinese unfriendly ghetto area of land principally robbed from the locals by the Suharto regime using false / broken promises and well below market value compulsory purchase orders. Supported by and benefiting immensely from all this are the Suharto family owned / part-owned resort hotels, themselves on “stolen” land AKA Nusa Dua, such as the Laguna Resort and Spa, the InterContinental, the Four Seasons, Nikko Bali, Westin Nusa Dua, AmanNusa and Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, the BICC now is the focus of the rat pack Indonesian tourism industry to make a buck in the absence of many thousands of affluent western tourists who are boycotting Bali out of good taste and common sense.

Ironic then where independent western travelers vote with their air tickets to other destinations for Indonesia to reform its nasty ways that International governmental organizations like the UN should disgust their own staff and human rights organizations by holding very lucrative conferences at the Bali International Conference Centre, such as the immensely insulting Conferences for Climate Change and for Anti-Corruption. The climate change fiasco with polluting generators brought in, illegal effluence dumps near Nusa Dua hidden behind hoardings and the fact Indonesia is the world’s 3rd largest greenhouse gas polluter through illegal logging operations which are owned by or otherwise financially benefit senior politicians is well known. But for the UN to follow through with their anti-corruption conference in an area which is the corruption capital of Bali with master and host Indonesia one of if not the most corrupt countries in the world defies belief.

But it gets worse and should raise serious questions about the true mandate of the United Nations with any balanced person. At the start of the UN Anti-Corruption Conference the man the UN themself describe as the world’s greatest corruptor, Suharto, died and no doubt went straight to hell. Good news for the world and the conference delegates? Not really, you see Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono cancelled his place at the conference to attend an insulting (to humanity) state funeral for the man who is said to have stolen billions, been responsible for hundreds of thousands of state murders, and ruined the economy of Indonesia through corruption. Oh well, the conference was a week long shindig so “SBY” as he is known came the next day or day after right? No, no he did not. So here was a lucrative (for hotels owned by the world’s greatest corrupter’s family) UN anti-corruption conference allegedly held on Bali to support anti-corruption efforts [sic] there, yet whose president cancels to afford one of the most corrupt and evil men this region has ever seen a full state funeral, then avoids the conference thereafter out of grief or more like shame and to avoid the flack.

You see it gets worse and shows that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Indonesian “government” are actually just as corrupt as Suharto himself in that all the anti-corruption delegates at the BICC were forced to stand and observe a minute’s silence for Suharto by order of yes you’ve got it, SBY and the Indonesian Government. Delegates from around the world forced to honour the very man they had come to dishonour, while sleeping in beds owned by Suharto’s children and sipping drinks supplied by the murderous Indonesian military (TNI) owned local alcohol wholesaler (they supply all Nusa Dua hotels of course). Of course we could not expect anything better from mini-Suharto (SBY) as he clearly struck a deal with the "devil" promising criminal corruption charges would be dropped against his mentor if he was elected president; which he was and which did happen. What a joke? Yes, but a very sick joke and made worse by the fact it was all sponsored by the United Nations.

But it gets worse! These very, very profitable conferences are ultimately paid for by yes, you’ve got it, tax payers in the countries which sent delegates. Of course the ultimate insult that much of Suharto's billions came from extorting foreign tax payer's money poured into Indonesia by western governments will not be lost on many. What is more these delegates were further abused without their knowledge by the Indonesian government and Bali MICE brigade. First these conferences are misrepresented as “proof” that Bali is a safe place for normal tourists when all along the local highly ineffective Balinese police were pushed out of Nusa Dua so the Indonesian state police and army could protect these dear souls. Second, the delegates who typically made 3 round trip journeys each to their embassies in Jakarta and / or neighboring countries during the course of their respective conferences were abused statistically to falsely claim Bali’s tourism business was booming, not bombing as it really is. You see, every time each of these foreign delegates flew back into Bali even on a domestic flight from Jakarta the Indonesian Tourism Ministry and Bali Tourism Board counted these as foreign tourist arrivals! These falsified foreign arrival figures then used to try and make sheep out of foreign tourists, by attempting to fool them them into following the example and direction (to Bali) of the non-exitent sheep in front of them.

Yes sir, Bali International Corruption Central made some big bucks, useful faux PR and even managed to insult the foreigners they openly hate with these MICE events. We just hope that now, knowing the truth, foreign tourists with humanity and taste will continue to boycott the corrupt hate state of Indonesia (including Bali), not become unwitting sheep or worse lemmings at the hands of the wholesale dishonest Indonesian travel industry. Also that event organizers and / or even individual delegates will refuse to travel to Bali, sleep in a Suharto owned bed / hotel on stolen ground, drink a TNI supplied drink which profit pays for bullets, and sit in the BICC, the place which insulted the world on that infamous day on the 28th January 2008. Event organizers please, if you have any humanity, any decency, any class, take your conferences somewhere other than Bali. And delegates, if you are asked to attend a MICE event at the BICC or elsewhere in Indonesia, just say “No Bali way!” Do the world and Indonesians a favour; boycott Bali until the Republic of Indonesia respects human rights and international law.

Balinese Police – Bali the most lawless place on earth

By Ahmad Subarkah and Erwin Chahara
Feb 25, 2008, 06:15

Bali's chief crime scene detective: The murderer knew Heidi. Um, they did not take anything. Um, it was a lewd act gone wrong. Um, oh ask the AFP, I can not even find my own banana! The USA, Britain and Australia pour how many millions into Indonesian police training?! Well I never see any of it and I deny selling reporters Heidi's personal items.
Bali’s police have to be the largest criminal syndicate on the island, with the Golkar political party’s youth wing with their narcotics and prostitution rackets second, and the TNI (armed forces) with their illegal alcohol and protection rackets third. But even allowing for the fact Indonesians only join the police force in order to extort money from victims, confirmed by the fact they themselves have to pay large bungs (bribes) to be accepted into the ranks to the most hated government institution in Indonesia. But even allowing for the fact, because of truly endemic corruption, they receive less law enforcement training then western traffic wardens. But even allowing for the fact all of the resources poured into the Indonesian police by western governments in their so called “War on Terror” going to “Brimob” police units who ultimately suppress and murder civilians seeking a better life (independence), not hunt down terrorists; proven by the fact the Indonesian terrorist group JI / Jemaah Islamiah have not been outlawed by Jakarta. Even allowing for the fact the Balinese police are nothing more then lazy thieving crooks. You would have thought, given all the hashes and balls ups the Polda Bali have painfully emitted in recent years, such as man-handling the evidence in the Schapelle Corby case which destroyed the fingerprint evidence which likely would have proven her innocence or guilt, you would have thought that the Balinese police would have learnt some lessons, be able to conduct something resembling a credible police investigation! But oh no, the Heidi Murphy murder gives credence to the age old insult “You could teach monkeys to do a better job then that!”

Heidi Murphy, an apparently good hearted hippy Australian entrepreneur was savagely murdered in her bed, that we all know, but let us not forget the series of gaffs both investigative and reported by the Balinese police which show them for exactly what they are; useless, clueless, inhumane thugs in uniform; one of the main reasons why Bali is such an unsafe place and why the true extent of crime in Bali never, ever gets reported. It is not just the fact Indonesians fail to report crimes to the police because their officers will then use this to commit further crimes against them; vis a vis the old Indonesian expression “Report a stolen chicken, lose a cow”. Nor because the fact the Indonesian authorities and government lie wholesale about crime in their nation [sic] as it is bad for business, as illustrated by the police’s blurt that they were surprised Heidi Murphy did not employ security guards as most western expatriates do in Bali; some low crime rate paradise! But one of the main reasons crime in Bali does not get brought to the western public’s attention is because it is conducted by the police and other state run and / or sponsored organizations themselves. But if one silver lining can come from the frenzied murder of Heidi Murphy, it is a catalogue of events and statements which show us what a nasty and useless bunch of banana eaters the Balinese police truly are.

First of all came the police statement that whoever killed 34 year old Heidi must have known her because there was no sign of a break in. They even suggested the murder could have been because Heidi owed money, which was a particularly typical nasty falsehood as it transpired she was an exceptionally kind person and prompt payer of bills. Plus of course the fact that she was discovered by builders who could not gain access to Heidi’s villa in Canggu to do some work as arranged, so jumped over the wall and discovered her body was somehow lost to the police, that the murderer quite likely did the same thing. Second came the fact that after years and years of investigating crime scenes and being lambasted for lack of their basic policing discipline, the Balinese police somehow still have not cottoned onto the fact you isolate crime scenes until experts arrive to preserve evidence, not walk around touching and trampling over everything, chests puffed out, hands on hips, revolver covers open, making pathetic exclamations as they apparently did yet again. Then came the clear inference that the police had both missed vital clues and allowed reporters access to the crime scene, or had taken a bung from western reporters to gain access to evidence when the Sydney Morning Herald tastelessly reported in this case they had “discovered a journal of love poems, which was confiscated by police”.

Of course the dubious and highly insensitive actions of the Balinese mafia police and cream of western reporters [sic] was not disguised or made any better by token of the fact the SMH (Sydney Mutts & Hacks?) published one of poor Heidi’s private poems describing herself as being “stripped naked and waiting”; the day after she was murdered for all of her friends, acquaintances and family to read. SMH's classy [sic] Bali reporter Mark Forbes, who has declined to answer our questions regarding his alleged financial interests in Bali, defended himself in an email to us basically admitting it was his theory this might have been a sex game gone wrong; "My assistant there spotted the journal and pointed it out to police, they said they were not interested (I think their English reading skills were not great). They had talked about their theory on the murder and after she read out some of the contents to them they then decided it was relevant evidence."

Mark Forbes AKA Sherlock Holmes claims he did not pay the police to enter the crime scene and man handle material which might contain fingerprint evidence; “Unlike some, we never pay bribes (even in Indonesia).” but has thus far eluded to name the reporters who do! When asked by us about whether he or any other SMH staff were now disgusted at what they published, to us a wacko theory designed to be nothing more than false sensationalism targeted at a moronic audience, published words which really must have deeply hurt Heidi Murphy’s friends and relatives, he replied “I'm not disgusted with what we published, it was based on what the police were saying”; the operative word being “based”. We understand Heidi's mother was understandably made very much more distraught then she was already at news of her daughter’s death by the rancid comments being spewed out by western hacks. Mark Forbes’ colleague in Sydney Alex Tibbitts admitting he was “struggling to fit in quotes from Heidi's mother” to SMH’s valiant news coverage on her daughter’s death, although we can only wonder what comments she made to Alex as they appear not to have been published!

Shame then on the Balinese police and western gutter hack media for falsely pandering to allegations of some perverted sexual act claiming Heidi was naked (who does not sleep "eu naturel" in the tropics) and may have been gagged when she was murdered, as subsequently dismissed by the poor girl’s mother. At least SMH can pride themselves that they did not sink as low as the local Balinese press who described Heidi as a “bule”, a derogatory term used for a Caucasian; nice! What a disgusting nasty world we live in; no thanks to Bali’s boys in brown and callous reporters who possibly even probably would be in jail now if they got up to such acts in their own country.

Then we heard the Balinese dummy police tell the world that nothing was taken from Heidi Murphy’s villa and that no knives were missing from her kitchen, so the assailant had to have brought his own knife to kill her. Well, how many people reading this would know if one of their own kitchen knives went missing or not? So how would the Balinese police know if one of Heidi’s kitchen knives were missing or not? The answer is, they would not, the Balinese just showed yet again they open their jaws and fill in the empty hot air as it escapes their clueless mouths as they bungle along. Subsequent news then that someone had been caught in Java with Ms Murphy’s mobile phone and laptop computer shows the Balinese police wouldn’t have known whether anything had been stolen or not unless the robber had been kind enough to leave an IOU note; what utter imbeciles.

Surely though, the Indonesian police are to be congratulated for catching someone with Heidi’s electronic equipment? Eh, no, you see it was not the Indonesian police that actually caught the person. Yes, the Indonesian police arrested the man, one Nuryanto Din Sudar at a central Javanese bus station, but it was the Australian Federal Police assisted by the CIA with their permanently parked spy satellite over Indonesia that actually nailed the fellow. Oh yes, and if ever one story demanded another, this is just such a case.

Shortly after the Balinese police had destroyed the crime scene and created a PR nightmare (bad for business), news came that two AFP officers were to “assist” the Balinese police in hunting down those responsible for Heidi Murphy’s murder. Of course, drowning in failing self-esteem the Balinese police went on and on about how AFP officers were simply there to lend assistance if required and could not themselves lead the investigation, they somehow left out the realities of the case; without real (foreign) police officers to do their job for them yet again, the Bali plod had less than a snowball in hell’s chance of ever finding the murderer(s) in what ultimately seems a very simple case. What is perhaps interesting is hapless Nuryanto Din Sudar was caught exactly the same way Bali’s bombers were caught and with it the complicity of western governments in aiding and abetting wholesale human rights abuse in Indonesia.

You see, once the AFP officers had found the crime scene to be damaged beyond repair with western reporter and Balinese police fingerprints plus boot marks everywhere, they had only to establish that Heidi’s mobile phone was missing to realize this was likely, in fact, to be a robbery gone wrong by stupid Indonesian thieves that did not know mobile phone signals can be pinpointed, although not by Indonesian police, that’s for sure. Although the murderer apparently sold Heidi’s phone afterwards, he made the mistake of calling his accomplice from it. When the AFP got the dummy Bali plod, who thought nothing was missing (duh) to contact the phone company, they were able to come up with the number the murderer called on Heidi's phone. In the same way the Bali bombers (Amrozi Bin Nurhasyim, Ali Ghufron AKA “Mukhlas” and Imam Samudra) were caught; the AFP obtained the accomplice’s mobile phone number, had the phone company report which land transmitter it last used (giving a vague geographical area), passed this all to the CIA who then monitored around that area using their satellite for this mobile’s specific signal and Bingo! Having pinpointed where this mobile was to within a few centimeters the CIA were able to talk the two AFP officers in to the person carrying that phone for the Indonesian police to arrest and claim all the glory for.

But “Hold on!” you say, “If the CIA and AFP can nab someone as easily as this, how come our governments are pouring money and resources into the Indo police, especially the so-called anti-terrorist police in Indonesia? What is the point? Where is all the money going?” Ah, but there is the nasty other truth about all of this. Western governments know crime is endemic in Indonesia. They know the Indonesian police are inept at best through corruption, at worst a large and direct part of the crime problem. They (the USA, Britain, Australia and maybe others) provide so called “soft loans” (loans that fund arms / training and likely will never be paid back) and other covert / dishonest funding to these crooks, because this loophole permits them to feed the corrupt state of Indonesia in return for favours for their armament mining and oil companies, plus of course ensure western friendly Indonesia remains an ally. Actually, the money they pour in gets stolen or worse, used by the very nasty Indonesian “Brimob” anti-terrorist (lies) police to hunt down and murder regional separatists seeking nothing but their legal rights, and with them innocent civilians. So the story of Heidi Murphy actually opens up a greater murder story and with it reason to keep away from Indonesia and do something about the duplicitous politicians back home who fund state murder overseas because they can currently get away with it.

Most westerners do not realize Heidi is just the tip of the iceberg though. As reported by the Jakarta Post in that same week an Australian and a Philippino tourist were murdered in Ubud. As reported nowhere, numerous Indonesians and Balinese were murdered that week in Bali at the hands of the police, the local mafia (Golkar youth party), local vigilantes appointed by the police to enforce the law [sic] in villages, the odd hit by a business or love rival (normally involving an off duty police officer to perform the assassination – the same week Heidi was murdered an improvised hand grenade was thrown at a car in Bali), and even the odd TNI murder; well, they murder civilians in large numbers elsewhere in Indonesia so do not believe Bali is somehow exempt. Truly, what a cesspit Bali actually is; unless you are an uncaring holidaymaker enjoying some smiling Balinese subservience and lucky enough not to become yet another victim. Just because your own governments and self serving media (we wonder how many western reporters have villas or other financial interests in Bali) put your safety at risk and make fools out of you by pandering to Indonesia’s Freudian need to be held as a real democratic country with low crime rate and effective police, these lies do not mean you have to ignore the facts and make fools and possible victims of yourselves.

We said earlier that Heidi Murphy’s murder was probably a simple crime, nothing too taxing for a decent, honest, diligent police officer, if only you could find one in Bali. And it seems this is true with news then Heidi was apparently the victim of an attempted roadside robbery, just yards away from her home a few weeks before. Shame the Balinese mafia police couldn’t have asked a few questions before coming up with their theories of lewd acts gone wrong, etc. Seems the roadside robbers would have been able to seen where poor Heidi ran to for shelter, her home. Of course because the Balinese police do nothing except contribute to crime, these men probably went on with impunity and perhaps the occasional police bribe to commit yet more crime, even Heidi’s murder.

So we all should be sorry for Heidi and her family but at the same time grateful her death was not in vain, that we can tell the story of how the Balinese police make Bali such a nasty, dangerous place to be. In the hope others will stay away from the island until a real government is in place which exercises the only option to turn around a wholly corrupt constabulary along with the judicial filth that supports them; replace the lot of them. After all, how can anyone ever enforce the law if they originally paid an illegal bribe in order to join the force in order to extort money from victims? That should be a problem alone for the Balinese / Indonesians, not decent everyday people like Heidi Murphy. Let us all learn a lesson; stay away from Bali, boycott anything and everything Indonesian until Bali’s police officers are all where they belong; behind bars, not in them.