Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Indonesia's break up - Australia gives it 20 years

At last Australia appears to be turning the corner of doting supporter of and accomplice in the illegal Indonesian state to one which realizes the break up of its neighbour is inevitable, within 20 years.

Unlike the Australian defence white papers of the past, the previous one being just ten short years ago, 2008's "Defending Australia in the Asia Pacific Century: Force 2030" makes four critical points regarding Indonesia. First, it no longer sees Indonesia as a military threat. Second, it openly debates the break up of Indonesia. Third, it predicts an increased Australian military role in "stabilisation", humanitarian and peace-keeping operations, like those in East Timor and the Solomon Islands. Forth, it discusses the potential for Indonesia to fragment either as a result of developing democratic transformation or from anarchy, revolution, Islamic militancy.

Clear then, Australia does not believe Indonesia, or what would be left of it, could be a major threat to western "civilization" one way or another. If Indonesia remains intact, which is unlikely given increasing discontent amongst its impoverished population forced to watch the world of plenty, it will continue to be a poor third world nation whose bloody military are stretched to their limits with the role of containing self-determination ambitions. If Indonesian Islamic Extremists come to power as is possible given the introduction of Sharia Law (AKA Anti-Pornography Law) and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's alignment with the radical Islamic Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera), then clearly Australia believes this would be the final straw for many Indonesians who would likely take to the streets in a popular uprising. If Indonesian democracy matures, then international legal rights such as self-determination will likely see all but Java and Southern Sumatra remain of the RI.

It is not announced in the political sense as Australia still tows the Jakarta line, officially supporting a "Unified Indonesia", though quite how unified the Papuans and others feel is another matter. It is simply part of the facts of strategic planning, which is a far more credible crystal ball then the rhetoric of any politician or federal officer. It is a fact a Unified Indonesia has three main beneficiaries; Jakarta, the USA and "Great" Britain. Australia would stand to clean up in a break-up of the RI, not least because of its strategic position, its expertise and fortunately, its willingness to put right previous wrongs, vis-a-vis peacekeepers in East Timor. OK, on that subject, East Timor is no paradise right now but why? Look closely and you will see the hand of Jakarta; another reason for wanting to see the back of Java as a substantial political centre.

I say "Bring it on, let's give it as many little legal pushes here and there as we can!". Let us boycott anything and everything Indonesian for starters. Wake up and smell the Java; who do you think you are financially supporting when you buy questionnably made or sourced Indonesian products? Whose pockets are you lining when you go on holiday to Bali; the Balinese slaves on minimum wage? If you claim to love the Balinese, help give them their island back. Hopefully then one day all the Australian and other "bule" foreign idiots who have sunk their life savings into properties they can never own (under Indonesian law) or even stay in their villas legally for any amount of time, hopefully Bali will gain independence from its historical adversary, vile Jakarta, and do what is right for the western money trees who are currently being ripped off.

Come on, think about it; making the world a better place, giving the regions of Indonesia their legal rights, telling Uncle Sam and its patsy British lapdog to go and stick it where to sun does not shine all in one foul stroke! Don't "Buy Buy Indonesia" say "Bye Bye, Good Ridance Indonesia"!


Anonymous said...

yea theyre trying to made us another iran, the radical muslims in indonesia. the goverments too dumb and too corrupt. were basically fuckedup. im an indonesian and a muslim, were deeply sorry if we had any wrong doings to you personally and to other foreign citizens. indonesias fuckedup, not all indonesians. wish us luck mate

Anonymous said...

Because Indonesia is the only hell in Earth, like Saudi Arabia. I inspire East Timor for independecne and to my insult against INdonesia! Anti-porn law and their sexual morality is an inspiration to me to insult grieviously the Indonesian people, especially the pro-RUU-APP/pro-anti-porn law people. people