Sunday 3 May 2009

Welcome to the new Bali BS - Important Notice

After a year of silence from one of my favorite reads, Bali BS (The Bali Broadcasting Service), in April 2009 I heard the bad news the operators of this anti-Indonesian BS site were to close due to health reasons; I suspect the Indonesian military, police or special services were going to murder them (health reason enough). So I, who shall be nameless for obvious safety reasons, decided to copy their site (with the original owners' permission and support of course) and have a go at the Javanese and foreign "Anjing Kurap" myself!

All of the blogs on this site after this message date and time wise are my own work! All the earlier blogs on this site before this message are an archive of the original Bali BS. I toyed with dropping a few of them but decided to keep them all to be fair to Bali BS, may they rest in peace.

For legal reasons, after consulting with my lawyer, I decided to drop the original Bali BS site and methodology of emailing out a BS Update. Instead I decided to move the site to this blog and allow people to "follow this blog" if they want to in order to get notifications of when any changes or additional blogs are made. Apparently this is the safest way for me to ensure those who want to know the other darker side of what goes on in Bali and Indonesia get notifications without the Indonesian authorities being able to claim such notifications come under their jurisdiction.

To follow this blog, to get any updates, all you need to do is a) have a Google account (if you do not, open one here), b) log into that account c) and then just go to the bottom of the green column you see to the right and click the "Follow" icon. Following this blog does mean you agree with the content, so you should not worry about falling foul of the Indonesian goon police. However, if you are at all nervous, you can just check in on a regular basis of course.

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Anonymous said...

so me just slip inside your blog. i cannot find out yet, if you real hate all indonesia matters, want to change something or just keep people away from bali. why not found a real honest bali comunity with moral, trust and social thinking. me coming soon to sanur, see changing this place for 15 years. not change for good. bali trust in dollar not in rice. how many percent from former land now belong to new guest from russia? anyway nice to read from u. hati-hati a friend