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The Indonesian State hates and kills Catholics, official.

Sulawesi Catholics Dominggus, Tibo & Marinus are alleged to have been beaten to death prior to their scheduled execution
The Indonesian State hates and kills Catholics, official.
By Martyrs Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and Dominggus Silva
Oct 3, 2006, 07:35

It seems clear from the Indonesian constitution of hate to the everyday practice of the Indonesian authorities that they despise Christians, currently Catholics, no doubt because of the association of Christianity coming from Europe. It was not so long ago that we reported churches being burnt to the ground in Indonesia, sometimes with the worshipers locked inside. Of the refusal of government ministers to grant new church building permits and brutal police action against Christians when they prayed in makeshift places of worship on the basis they could only pray in licensed / authorized churches, which of course they were prevented from building. Of young Indonesian Christian schoolgirls being beheaded by police tolerated Muslim gangs. Of suppression of the Christian Papuans who have the misfortune to be under Indonesian occupational rule. Even the Indonesian Constitution literally means religions other than Islam are tolerated, not recognized as such.

Now comes the news, despite pleas of clemency from the Pope, despite charges of foul play by the International human rights organizations of the state murder (execution) of three Sulawesi Catholic men Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and Dominggus Silva who were convicted under highly dubious circumstances of masterminding anti-Muslim violence when it seems clear they were involved but not the ring leaders as charged, were actually tortured to death by police officers while awaiting execution by firing squad anyway. Revelations of broken ribs and multiple gun shot wounds covered up by the immediate summary cremation of their bodies has done nothing to say the least of appeasing the Indonesian Government and its blood thirsty mafia butchers AKA police officers in the eyes of the international community. We also believe part of the problem for Catholics and other Christians in Indonesia are the large numbers of educated middle class Muslim families trying to move from Islam to Christianity to distance themselves from what has become too often a religion of blind hate and movement towards intolerant Sharia law in Indonesia.

It is not just that the Indonesian State stands charged with railroading three innocent (as charged) men to their deaths through the courts to appease the much favored Muslim community and the fact local police officers then appear to have shown their true colours and loyalties by torturing these individuals to death with the scheduled firing squad execution a feign. It is the fact that the Muslim population, which vastly outnumbers the Christian minority in Sulawesi and against which has inflicted many more murders, rapes and torture then their counterparts have their thugs get much lighter in the courts. It is a fact while 3 Catholic men were apparently sentenced to butchered by the Indonesian state, the maximum sentence handed down to any Muslim involved in the Sulawesi rioting has been 15 years imprisonment; which is subject to considerable reductions for appeals and good behavior of course.

Perhaps then people can now start sympathizing and stop criticizing Australian swimwear model Michelle Leslie for donning the symbol of Islamic oppression against women the hijab (Muslim head covering for women) and her claim in court to be Muslim. Once back in civilization, or near civilization we think at the moment under John Howard et all, Michelle justified wearing this garb in Bali a) to avoid being raped by male prison officers and b) to get a lighter sentence. Not once did we see any Aussie newspaper pick up on either of these points, but now hopefully the measure of difference between 15 years imprisonment (less many years remission after the media glare has gone) for Muslims Vs being bludgeoned to death by police officers for Christians may get Michelle some much deserved sympathy, praise and even respect. In fact, given the various ridiculous court sentences passed down over the last few years in Indonesia we can give you an idea of what a disproportionate “variations” exist for different segments of the people.

Suharto / military / police connected individuals are not just above the law, they are the law. Lower ranking officers might be picked upon in test cases for PR exercises in high profile cases, but any jail sentence quickly is remissioned into oblivion once the media gaze had gone or had perhaps been kept away. See cases such as Tommy Suharto and Adiguna Sutowo.

Muslims get much more preferential treatment in Indonesian courts than any of the other recognized religions, even in the case of Hindus in predominantly Hindu Bali. This is because the whole Indonesian system is based on religious inequality, despite what the politicians and judges, who are very much part of the system, claim so therefore have a duty to give preference to Muslims. It also helps to understand the militant elements that could threaten the powerful families’ control of Indonesia are Islamic extremists and that given the cowardly nature of the Indonesian Government and inability of the Indonesian military against any credible threat (such as was seen in Aceh), giving favoritism to Muslims in such matters is seen as a way of keeping a potential “cultural” revolution at bay while obviously just delaying and at the same time fueling it.

Any person outside the 4 recognized religions especially Jews and atheists get severely disproportionate punishment.

Foreigners connected with the Suharto / military / police garbage at the top of or in control of the pile in Indonesia definitely get tolerated much more, but are still foreigners and therefore should not throw stones in this particular greenhouse as such friendships are superficial and based solely on a money / PR needs basis.

Foreigners generally are non-Muslim money trees. Their social background does not entitle them to any "real" (equal) "justice" and they can afford to prove their innocence anyway by buying it. Although periodically foreigners must be taught a lesson to remind them that their lives, liberties and egos are always at stake in this murderous land, plus also periodically used as examples to show the International community that law enforcement works in Indonesia and just what a piece of work it really is!

If you are not Muslim and not Indonesian, you will never get anything approaching justice in Indonesia, so please do not spend or invest money there as it majoratively ends up in the pockets of the evil people who are above the law and would as soon see you suffer as look at you. When you visit Bali on holiday you may see smiling gracious Balinese, but understand where the money goes and understand life will never improve for the Balinese so many say they love until the regime changes.

And if you are Christian / Catholic, send money to the Christian groups in Indonesia, don’t go there and spend money which ends up in the hands of the people that abuse and murder them.

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