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Indonesian nasty business as usual and getting worse.

Indonesian nasty business as usual and getting worse.
By St Christopher 2nd
Jun 29, 2007, 08:09

Anjing Kurap Indonesian Business Ethics
Where do we start concerning the latest round of news regarding just how nasty, corrupt, murderous and anti-western the Indonesian government, armed forces and authorities are? We know, it sounds like a broken record; “More state murders, more corruption, more hate – skip – more state murders, etc.” But the facts are the Indonesian Government, politicians, armed forces and authorities are just getting worse and worse. That foreign governments turn a blind eye and even sometimes support what goes on in return for massive bucks for their corporations that pillage Indonesia's mineral wealth free from open competition. Here then are a series of mini-articles about some of the latest affronts to humanity from Indonesia;

1) The President is corrupt, the corruption commissions refuses to investigate
Former Indonesian National Mandate Party head Amien Rais admitted receiving corruption slush money during the last presidential election and said President Yudhoyono (SBY) had too; the money coming from Indonesian beaurocrats and the USA Government. SBY and the USA both selectively deny this and the Indonesian President starts talking about suing people for defamation; so much for his earlier decree that insulting the president was no longer a crime, pah! The USA claimed they only funded parties, not individuals, but in a presidential election that is tantamount to the same thing and clearly just deflective spin from Uncle Sam. SBY faced with growing embarrassing proof he takes bungs, said the matter was a case for the KPK (Indonesian Corruption Commission) inferring they had been made aware of all the facts. However, there is no case number at the KPK against SBY and they are refusing to take a complaint against him (they say they will look at anything sent to them but refused to answer when made aware the facts of the matter were in the public domain already so they could make a judgment now as to whether they would investigate based on that data).

2) Christians are being denied the right to pray.
The Indonesian authorities have dramatically limited the number of church building permits to the point there is a net loss of churches in Indonesia due to more being burnt down by Islamic thugs than new ones being allowed to be built. This has meant that many Christians no longer have a church they can go and pray in, so they have to pray at home. Islamic militant thugs with the backing of the local authorities are claiming it is illegal for Christians to pray at home on the basis their home then legally becomes an unlicensed church! So Islamic vigilantes are sweeping areas to find Christians who pray at home to then “close” down these so called illegal churches! Chief Indonesian Islamic Militant thug and former head of the JI terrorist organization Bashir who has escaped justice with virtual impunity has said it is OK for Christians and other religions to exist but only if they do so under Islamic Sharia law. The Indonesian Government is clearly fearful of an increase in the number of educated Muslims seeking to covert to Christianity, while the western governments stand by plus Blair goes to have a chat with the Pope which is covered extensively by the media.

3) Nasty Made Pastika’s name is put forward for Bali’s next Governorship
The PDI-P (leader: Sukarno’s daughter Megawati) have put forward Made Pastika’s name as their candidate for the next governor of Bali. Pastika is loved by the western media for allowing foreign police to do his job for him and catch the Bali 2002 bombers, while taking all the credit despite only sitting on his backside. He is loathed by a large number of Balinese for his act of closing down traditional cock fights in Bali, previously a huge social event, when all he needed to do was ban betting at these events. Pastika also has been shown to have covered up the murder of foreign aid workers in Indonesia, has said something needs to be done about narcotics and child prostitution in Bali only after leaving his job as police chief of the island and having done nothing himself. He is therefore perfect in Indonesian terms; hated, falsely pious, lazy, ineffective and likely murderous, for the job.

4) Schapelle Corby saga – yet more reason to declare a mistrial and release her.
We have said before, our issue is not about whether Schapelle Corby is guilty or innocent of narcotics offences in Bali, unlike the scores of people screaming she is either guilty or innocent, we believe such a decision should be only made in a decent police investigation and court of law, which has not happened in Schapelle Corby’s case. First came news the evidence (drugs in her bag) was manhandled by airport workers, customs officers and police so as to make it inadmissible, but that did not stop the trial going ahead. Then came evidence the judges had violated Corby’s right to a presumption of innocence, with a clear statement to her lawyers that in their court they had to prove her innocence. Now comes another nail in the coffin for any claim to legitimacy the Balinese judiciary has regarding her case. People will remember that various defense evidence from Australia about narcotics rings abusing passenger luggage to move narcotics was ruled inadmissible and that video footage of Corby checking in while in Australia strangely did not exist.

News now of an inquiry carried out by British aviation expert Sir John Wheeler alleging that Sydney Airport baggage handlers do just what Corby said they do, plant narcotics in passenger bags in one airport and then remove them in another, the destination airport, to move drugs around Australia. Corby who had a connecting, not direct flight from Australia to Bali claimed that baggage handlers could well have planted the drugs in her bag and failed to remove them en route as per normal. Of course, once all the smiling goons in brown uniform (Balinese police) handled the drugs, and finger print evidence supporting Corby was destroyed. Now with this damning report by Sir John Wheeler, which resulted in a $200 (AUD) million upgrade in airport security in Australia puts the burden of proof even further into the prosecution’s court, yet the Indonesian judiciary is refusing to do this. What makes the matter sick as far as Australians are concerned is that the Australian authorities clearly tried to cover things up as they actually prosecuted airport worker whistleblower Allan Robert Kessing for breach of security and it was only public outrage that saved him from going to jail.

The fact is Corby clearly has not had a fair trial and should not only be immediately released but we say paid compensation by both the Indonesian and Australian authorities. As it happens, conversely, the Corby family’s share of proceeds from a book about Schapelle have been frozen by the Aussie Feds, of whom we say these people are not Australian, they are Indonesian and should be deported. Again, we do not claim Miss Corby is either innocent or guilty, just that she is entitled to justice and a clear miscarriage of justice has occurred both sides of the Timor Sea.

5) Proof indeed the Indonesian police actually operate, not close down narcotic rings.
This is not just a story about the fact the Indonesian police from the chief of police down are themselves the narcotics crooks of the nastiest archipelago on this planet, but that it takes an unlawful ex-judicial event to bring a police officer to justice. Recently the TNI proved they are still the real bosses of Indonesia in both military (pah), security [sic] and civil affairs when joint anti-narcotics raids by Army and Navy personnel were conducted on nightclubs in Jakarta; if the overall message is lost to anyone, what the hell are the armed forces doing conducting civilian policing duties? Why weren’t these raids conducted by Made Pastika’s narcotics police division? Of course the answers to that are, a) The police do not crack down on the narcotics businesses because they run them, b) The TNI still rule over the RI in every respect, c) the raids were conducted solely because of the bloody rivalry between the police and armed forces (all to do with money derived from illegal businesses).

Of course the police chiefs have no choice but to put a brave face on the “arrests” of several senior police officers by inferring they were involved and do not condone police officers who make a living from narcotics, by stating publicly these events prove that police officers can not get away with dealing in or taking narcotics. Of the police officers arrested recently, these include First Insp. Ahmad Reni of the Tangerang Police and Head of the Cisarua Police in Bogor, Adj. Sr. Comr. Jumantoro.

6) The Indonesian Military (TNI) is as murderous as ever
Although some unlawful actions by the TNI may draw praise, such as the attack by 20 army officers on a police office in West Sulawesi, wounding three police officers in anger over the police having taken a complaint from a fisherman that a TNI officer demanded extortion money from him! But what is intolerable comes in the form of news that Indonesian marines killed 5 civilians in East Java over land used by the locals to grow their vegetables which the local commander was claiming for TNI use. Apparently the locals who were upset at the fact the TNI wanted them to go without food, organized a protest outside the Marine base; the marines then came out and started shooting.

The Indonesian Marine Corps Commander Maj. Gen. Syafzen Noerdin then made matters worse by claiming the marines were only acting in self defense against a snarling group of machete waving locals and had fired warning shots into the ground which must has sprung up and killed the 5 that died plus many others injured; hmmmm, warning shots fired into the ground, not the air? But the evidence on the ground shows that the marines had chased unarmed women and children without good cause, had actually shot people in the head while they were pleading for their lives, including a 3 year old boy and a woman who was four months pregnant. Eye witnesses also pointed to the fact one woman who was shot dead was actually standing behind her house trying to avoid any involvement. Of course this all goes to show that the TNI are cowardly, murdering, human rights violating scum and still hold illegal sway over Indonesia.

7) Pot is legal in Indonesia when used in cooking, Gordon Ramsay come on down!
Indonesian Vice President and Golkar politician Jusuf Kalla claims that marijuana is illegal except when used in cooking, when it should be allowed! Of course the fact that the narcotics contained in marijuana are still released into the bloodstream when eaten seems to have escaped Kalla, or has it? So there you go, if you are caught with the ingredients of a joint in Bali / Indonesia, tell the police you are going home to make a Kalla Stew with it, that Jusuf said it was alright and totally legal, and the police will have to let you go! We would not count on it though; the police and judiciary in Bali ignore and interpret law as they chose.

Speaking of Bali drugs and cooking, Gordon Ramsay’s brother, Ronald you will all be no doubt aware is on trial in Bali for possessing heroin. Seems Bali hag and hack lawyer Erwin Siregar is up to his old alleged corruption and police collusion tricks as Ronald’s lawyer. Erwin has taken it upon himself to tell the media he is appealing for Gordon Ramsay to get in touch! He has been so diligent in his efforts too, stating "I have contacted his family, sent them emails, tried to call them and sent them facsimiles - but up until now, there has been no response whatsoever from the family"! Why is Siregar doing this? Is it because Erwin has formed some near-family bond with Ronald? Is it because Erwin believes it is his duty, not that of the British Foreign Office to get Gordon to come and see Ronald? We doubt it, it seems pretty clear the only reason Erwin Siregar could have for wanting Gordon to come on down is to take money from him as a bribe with commission (to himself) to pay the nasty corrupt police, prosecutors and judges of Bali to go easy on his brother.

Meanwhile, more drugs related news from the corrupt island capital comes in the form of yet another dumb foreigner or three being arrested for narcotics possession in what was clearly a determined effort by police to get a certain man. British born Australian DJ Nicholas Bernard Taylor, Belgian Jean Francois Brouck and owner of the villa where the bust occurred Andrea Baldini were each arrested in actual possession of narcotics, but police could not say immediately of course if they were to be charged presumably so as to allow for time to see if enough extortion money could be put on the table to make the problem go away. It transpired DJ Nick Taylor was also working illegally in Bali as he was there on a visitor’s visa yet was performing the Club 66 nightclub at Legian! What makes the whole thing even more typical of the way the Balinese police work came in the form of a statement by them that they had followed and watched Andrea Baldini for the past two weeks, which is a clear sign someone paid the bent cops of Bali to “get him”.

There you go, such is the nasty reality of Indonesia we ask you all once again not to go to Bali or Indonesia as a whole on holiday or for any other purpose, not to invest a single cent in their wretched country, not to buy anything made there and not even to donate a single cent to any so called Balinese or Indonesian charity as it will only likely do harm. Please, find somewhere else to do business and or take a vacation until the nasty Indonesian way of doing "business" ends.

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