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Bye Bye Bali Paradise, “Welcome” Sharia law.

Bye Bye Bali Paradise, “Welcome” Sharia law.
By Abu Bakar Bashir Bin Laden
Mar 8, 2006, 08:06

The proposed new Indonesian “anti-pornography” legislation has just been revealed in detail. As well as showing how the Indonesian Government’s fundamentalist Islamic minds work by token of putting and penalizing public displays of affection under an “anti-pornography” law, it illustrates just how anti-western and anti-anything-non-Islamic they now are. Forget the rumours that Bali might somehow be exempt from this law; why have it if some islands are exempt? Imagine then how Bali will likely shortly become when you read the following new proposed criminal acts and their respective jail terms;

1) Showing cleavage or bottoms or belly buttons – 2 months to 10 months in jail (Imagine what bathing suits foreign visitors will need to wear and what will happen to traditional Balinese dress, not forgetting the Kecak dance!)

2) Kissing in public – 1 year to 5 years in jail (Yup, that makes being romantic with your wife on your anniversary in the restaurant something to write home about, from a jail cell!)

3) Nudity – 2 months to 12 months in jail (So the Balinese who currently have nowhere to bath except in the river are to go smelly, and tourists best be careful with those hotel curtains!). Interpretation even extends to forbidding tight fitting clothes, so girls get ready to “enjoy’ charming Muslim dress and say good bye to the Balinese Ramayana dance!

4) Erotic dancing – 18 months to 7 years in jail (So the Balinese “Jogged” dance is history and so is modern western style dancing; bang goes the club scene!). Even making provocative movements such as girls bending over are to be outlawed.

5) Being in possession of a sexual aid such as a vibrator or ribbed condom – 3 years to 15 years in jail (Something for the weekend sir?!).

6) Being in possession of a “porno” film which we understand also means video footage in your camera of your wife in a bikini on the beach in Thailand – 8 months to 7 years in jail.

7) Having sex with someone of the same gender, or with a dead person or with an animal – 18m to 7 years in jail (Bye bye gays coming to Bali to spend their money there on holiday; lovely how they put these three acts in the same criminal code!). Of course the notion that “rear end” and oral sex with someone of the same gender is somehow more indecent than “rear end” and oral sex with someone of the opposite gender, the bastion of many Muslim courting couples around the world to preserve the girl’s virginity until they are married is absurd. Under this aspect of the proposed new law and Indonesian judges’ repeated extreme interpretations of criminal code mostly in order to supplement their salaries means no Balinese dare walk arm in arm, as they do right now, for fear of being prosecuted for homosexuality. Think about it, given recent court cases where no evidence is provided yet successful prosecutions effected (see: Christians boycott Indonesia), a photo of 2 people of the same gender walking along arm in arm will probably soon be evidence enough.

8) Masturbation is also to be outlawed, so everyone except Muslims (of course they never masturbate or maybe they can claim it is only a minor offence!), eunuchs and extreme obesity sufferers presumably need to find a daily ferry service to a neighboring country, buy a boat capable of making International waters, have their hands bound or report to jail immediately!

Denpasar Bali 2007?
We believe this proposed new law breaks the constitutional right of the Balinese and every Indonesian to freedom of religion and culture, as it is clearly an element of Islamic Sharia law being feigned as anti-pornography (suggest the wacky Indonesian Government look up the meaning) legislation. We believe the Balinese and other Indonesians would be within their legal right to hold a consensus vote amongst themselves as to whether they should notify Jakarta that they believe this proposal breaches their rights and if the Indonesian Government implements this law they will in effect be breaking the constitution and with it the right to expect the Balinese people to remain within this new unlawful administration and declare independence. We also believe the Balinese would, under such circumstances, be entitled to International and even UN protection. And let us face it, Bali as perhaps a protectorate of Australia would likely kill many ugly birds with a single stone and give the Balinese a worthwhile future. After all, what do they have to look forward to under their corrupt militant Muslim “dictators” in Jakarta?

Otherwise (prediction);
Hello first step to Sharia law in Bali.
Bye Bye Balinese Tourism.
Bye Bye Bali.
Indonesia will slide into a fundamental Islamic state, which is what the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah wanted all along and will indicate why the Indonesian Government never outlawed them.

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