Friday, 1 January 2010

Indonesian prison deaths

According to the Indonesian directorate general of penitentiaries, Untung Sugiyono admitted on Thursday that an incredible 778 prisoners died in Indonesian jails in 2009; mostly from "illness" (disease). 509 of these died within their first 6 months of prison life!

Indonesian jails are infested with malaria, dengue, drug immune TB, HIV / AIDS. Indonesian jails are overfull, packed to the seams against people's basic human rights. Crime in Indonesian jails is endemic; you have to rent the space on the floor to place your matress from the cell boss. Homosexuality and sexual abuse is above the world average in Indonesia; their jails are even worse. Prison food is designed to be inedible, infested, contaminated with prison guards urinating and deficating on it; not that it is wholesome to start off with. So prisoners need to buy food as well. The UN representative for torture has stated that beatings, rapes and shootings are frequently carried out in Indonesian jails by police, including Bali.

The Indonesian justice [sic] system is one of the most corrupt in the world where the guilty of Indonesia imprison the innocent. Indonesian police can and do fabricate reasons to arrest people where they can imprison them for 90 days (60 days with a virtually automatic extension of 30 days) without charge; 90 days to extract a false confession from a person which the police are renowned for attempting.

Remember this when you go to Bali. Think of the poor souls your own governments have sold out on like common whores (the Bali Nine and Schapelle Corby for example). Remember drug dealers are the friends and sponsors of Bali's corrupt police; so called officers of the law who run and protect brothels. Remember drugs can be planted on you. Remember false criminal charges for just saying what you believe can be brought against you.

Is it worth taking such risks to go to Bali? Is it right to engratiate the Indonesian dogs of Bali with your tourist dollars? Remember who actually owns all the big hotels in Bali. When you go to Bali you afflict the Balinese and sell out to the devil.


Steve said...

Hello, I just got back from a month in Bali and had a nice trip until the last day. Looking to find a place to complain, I found your blog even though my story is nothing compared to your blog. My last day in a Legian hotel the staff, most probably, stole my computer from the locked room. Naturally I was getting the plane home in a few hours so could do nothing. I'm still looking for a place to badmouth this hotel. Send a note if you will, Steve in Italy

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

You seem to have a really bad experience in Bali.
Sad to say, my friend is one of the unlucky ones who happened to be planted with drugs on him while holidaying in Bali.

Care to share more on your understanding of Indonesian Police as I'm trying to help him now.