Sunday, 3 January 2010

Bali Terror Threats

If I can be accused (by the self-serving supporters of abuse in Bali) of talking bollocks, what then of the Bali Tourism Board's "well" timed New Year's Eve message; “The Governor of Bali Mr. Mangku Pastika wishes to share a message with all of us: ‘There is an indication of an attack to Bali tonight, but please don’t panic, but put your security system to full alert.”

I have some questions.
1) How come Pastika no longer calls himself Made Pastika like he used to?
2) How come Pastika's office denies he made this statement? Did someone make it all up or is Made Pastika mentally ill; he has been looking a little gaunt lately!
3) How come the Bali Tourism Board are now responsible for issuing terror threat warnings to the Australian Government, who repeated these warnings on their Smart [sic] Traveller web site?
4) Why would the governor of Bali issue terror warnings anyway, surely it should be the job of the Bali mafia police?
5) Isn't this 11th hour or rather 59th minute warning like Bali's tsunami warning system, a little too late to protect anyone?!
6) Where do you get one of these security systems the Bali Tourism Board speak of, so we can all turn them to full alert?
7) What confidence does this give you about the security in Bali if there is not so much as a credible warning system in place? The Australian authorities taking notice of a bunch of drunken hoteliers! The Balinese police being unaware of and predictably not responding to the threat?

Sounds like comedy central to me. Trouble is, it is your lives you entrust to these clowns when you go to Bali.

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